I’m a Winner! (And other news.)

OK, so I’ve been a lousy correspondent lately and, now that we all live in different countries with our own street addresses, it was hard to know what to say. But I’m over it! I’m working away on projects at home and it’s time to share them. Also, I had a tremendous stroke of luck and won one of the grand prize packages from Project Quilting! (It came on the heels of having a panic attack the day before when driving so it was a lovely timing for a positive surprise. ) I feel like I win every time I participate in Project Quilting because it pushes me to get a little creative with a deadline. Here’s a cool picture Kim did of my projects.

You can check out the prize list in this post. I did follow proper procedures including wiping my box down and letting it sit for a certain amount of time. Then, I video chatted a couple of my quilting buddies to open my prize package! I also got to go to Kim Giddy’s site and pick three patterns. Oh. My. Goodness. So very many fun patterns! I ended up choosing the Santa Mug (we had those when I was growing up) and the Orginal Ugly Christmas Sweater as well as the Land of Magic pattern. I can see I’m going back for the Labrador and sending the link to adorable bulldog pattern to some friends! There are also two fun patterns from Marcia at Crafty Quilting and Sewing…thank goodness I have plenty of fabric!

In other sewing news, I’m sewing masks, just like the rest of the world and, more recently, scrub caps. I’m using Rob Appell’s pattern and tutorial from youtube and have completed 13 so far. I’m sending them to work with my older daughter (a critical care nurse working on the front lines of this pandemic) for her co-workers. Several of them have offered to pay and I’m not willing to take any money. I’m having fun going through my fabrics searching for fun things to use. The first three were from a vintage-y sailor fabric, then I found a skeleton fabric which my daughter assures me is “not too dark” and will be loved. I made two with chili peppers yesterday, too. At a request from the nurses, we’ll be adding buttons to these for ease of hooking face mask loops on. The bonus for me is think of all the fabric I’m using up and can justify replacing later! 😉

I’ve put a count on the little whiteboard in my sewing room so I can tally my finishes. As of yesterday, my shelter in place finish list is

3 quilts

13 scrub caps

32 masks.

I’m back to working forty hours a week for school as of last Monday but have been furloughed along with all my candy store co-workers. My youngest is on voluntary leave from her jobs as she has a severe health issue which makes her more vulnerable and my oldest is working in the ICU. But, I’m loving the 30 second commute and working from home…yay Yoga Pants as work attire! On April 13th, Oregon schools will re-open as distance learning and I can tell you it’s a lot like flying a plane as you build it! Kudos to everyone in education who is working so hard right now and a to the parents who are partnering with them.

There’s another benefit to working from home..the kitties are thrilled! (One is sitting on me as I type this.)

I have another finish I’d like to end with. I made this for my niece and didn’t ever share it here (at least I think I didn’t.)

You might recall that before I lost my husband and mom in September, I was on a “no buy” kick. Ummm…well, let’s just suffice it to say that it was sad and lonely in an ICU room late at night and there was the internet…and Riley Blake’s national parks panels. This is the first new complete “start to finish” finish for me after Phil died and I’d not shared it because it was winging it’s way to California. And then life got busy and well…here it is. I used Bonnie Hunter’s free pattern for the blocks in the borders. I got super lucky because I added the white border and then decided on the blocks and they fit with only minor alterations! I bet I couldn’t pull that off again if I tried! This is the first of many as I also bought Yellowstone, Zion, and more. At the time, I thought Phil would get better and I’d make them for quick Christmas gifts. Sigh.

Now, like many people, I tried to lay in important supplies for the coming crisis…we bought staples and thread. Yep, I have plenty of fabric but I’m glad I added to the thread stock. I’m running through it fast! There may be another thread order in my immediate future. Also in my immediate future is a deep clean of the sewing room. My younger daughter is on a mission to declutter our space and, well, how can I say no?

I’ll be writing more soon. Tomorrow, I’m going to post about my sewing room. If you’re a fan of those makeover shows…well, let’s just say I have loads of potential!

Hoping you and those you love are well and safe.

Happy quilting!


3 responses to “I’m a Winner! (And other news.)

  1. I’m sorry to hear about you loss. Please pray our nation repents & turns to Jesus, before it’s too late. We are in perilous times. Praying for all of us. Anita

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  2. Linda Badurek

    I’m so glad you won that big prize! You deserve it! I’ve been so impressed with your amazingly positive attitude and your keep going-ness! What wonderful things you are making for those on the front lines! Stay well! Stay happy! We love you! Linda


  3. Hi Beth! I’m so glad to see an update from you. Thank you to your daughter for being on the front lines. My niece is a nurse and her facility FINALLY allows her to wear the fabric masks. Only because they are out of the other ones. So we sewed like crazy this weekend and got her a bunch to use and for her coworkers. {{Hugs}} I look forward to seeing your sewing room! ~smile~ Roseanne

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