My UFO’s -Under Reconstruction

It’s 2018 and I’ve not updated this page since 2014…ack!  I’m going a new direction with this….I’m going to list all my UFO’s (eventually) and update as they are finished with photos.

1. Baby Quilt – to hand quilt.

2. Carol Doak Mystery from 2013

3.  Car Quilt

4. Sarah’s Graduation Quilt

5. Hand quilted baby quilt

6.  Blue/yellow BOM top

7.  Quilt Mountain quilt

8. Holiday Lane re-make and/or quilt Christmas Top

9.  T-shirt Quilt and/or finish piecing jungle baskets

10. Dublin Paths – purple/yellow/green

11. Sewing Machine Covers

12. Jamestown Landing

13. Dublin paths top for guild charity

14. Castle pattern test

15. POD 1

16. Baby quilts (need three so far for 2018)

17. Raffle quilt for 2018

18. String quilt (1)

19. Scrap Vortex

20. Fireplace Santa Quilt

21. Eagle Lone Star

22. Twist and turn donor quilt kit.



One response to “My UFO’s -Under Reconstruction

  1. I would love to see your Dresden Wall Hanging. I love Dresden’s.

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