My UFO’s

For 2014, I’m doing my Country Threads Game list a little differently.  My life changes dramatically during summer months when I have daycare kids all day versus the school year when I have more time to myself so, I’m making the list with alternates for busy months.  You’ll notice that not all of them have alternates yet, I’m having a bout of Quilter’s block…similar to writer’s block but you just can’t remember what’s in your UFO pile!

1. Baby Quilt – Toy Story and/or Jamestown Landing

2. QuiltBaby clothes quilt and/or

3. Carol Doak Mystery from 2013 and/or

4.  Car Quilt and/or Quilt Berry Mystery

5.Sarah’s Graduation Quilt and /or

6. Hand quilted baby quilt and/or Finish blue/yellow BOM top

7.  Quilt Mountain quilt and/or

8. Holiday Lane re-make and/or quilt Christmas Top

9.  T-shirt Quilt and/or finish piecing jungle baskets

10. Kona Project

11. Sewing Machine Covers and/or Finish one BOM top

12. Jamestown Landing and/or Quilt Last Year’s Quiltville Mystery.

2013 List

I didn’t get my UFO inventory done in January so it’s at the top of the February list. My idea is to make a photo list…let’s see how long it takes me to get this done…lol.  In the meantime, here’s my numbered list from the Country Threads game I’m playing along with

    1. Memory Quilt
    2. Quilt Without End – Finished
    3. Baby Quilt Three
    4. Chloe’s Dinosaurs – Finished January 29th  (I’ll replace it with the Yellow Fish Quilt.)
    5. Cole’s Quilt (almost done!)  Finished January 15
    6. Boo-ti-ful Kitties Finished 2/28/13
    7. Jamestown Landing
    8. Easy Street

top finished 4/29/13

  1. Sarah’s Graduation Quilt
  2. Hand quilted baby quilt
  3. Dresden Wall hanging – used in center of Christmas quilt
  4. Holiday Lane repeat

One response to “My UFO’s

  1. I would love to see your Dresden Wall Hanging. I love Dresden’s.

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