Happy Easter and the Great Sewing Room Caper!

OK, I totally planned to post this on Monday….and the accountant called. (Now, disclaimer here, I’ve been watching a lot of RuPaul’s Drag Race so the language may be a little sassier than usual!) Well, friends, just let me tell you that the news was 3 times worse than I had expected! Yep, I could buy a top of the line computerized brand new long arm machine with what Uncle Sam considers his due. Turns out, taking depreciation on the rental house all those years was not the best option! However, I also got hard hit because the tenant left the house looking like a crack den and on top of that the cess pool system was failing. Anyway, it knocked me for a loop this week. However, years ago, I heard Rita Cunningham say, “If money can fix it, you don’t have a problem.” And she’s right. Losing my husband, especially because the people who were supposed to care for him failed to give him a chance by following proper procedures…that’s a problem. The people worrying about loved ones with COVID…that’s a problem. The healthcare workers on the front lines having to worry about if they’ll have PPE…that’s a problem. This is sucky but, hey, it’s not really a problem. (It does mean that the used long arm I was hoping to buy in a year or so is not likely but, hey, you never know!)

So, I promised some super realism as I launch in the remodel of the sewing room. (If you’re super organized and can’t handle a creative mess, you may need to look away now.) Here’s my sewing room in all it’s messy glory!

At the top of the stairs.

Looking to the right (the room is shaped like a “T”)

The center of the “T” this is the main machine are and looks towards the TV.

To the right of the machine…yep, the elliptical is pretty much a quilt holder.

The view from where I sew…the cat is pretty much a fixture.

Yep, scary, right? Daunting, hell yes! But, it’s an awesome, large and airy space. It also holds a very dark secret…each wall has a storage space hidden in it. And, they’re pretty full. This is a BIG project. Like really, really, really big! (Like Michelle Visage’s cleavage big!) But, it’s time to dive in and we have a plan. First, we’re going to clean out one of the storage areas and scrub and paint the floor boards. Then we’ll be working on getting rid of much of the contents of the storage as possible (not the fabric, silly!) I’m thinking the best bet will be weekly pictures. Unless, of course we make some extra special headway. I have to admit that I’m starting to enjoy the process of pitching things. It’s very freeing.

I’m also loving using up some of my stash with these scrub caps and the photos my daughter’s co-workers are sending me of them wearing their new caps. I’m so grateful to be able to help and support them in some small way. My cap count hit 20 yesterday and I had a moment of inspiration on how to speed the process along. I’ll let you know if it works.

Also, have you seen this awesome graphic? I’m hoping to find out the name of the artist so I can buy a small print for my sewing room. (I know I could just print it but I’d rather support the artist.) Who knew that sewing was about to become the new superpower?!

It’s Easter today. Another “first without” for our family and, of course, here we are isolated in our homes. I’m making a traditional dinner and filling the Easter baskets for my girl’s annual hunt. It won’t be everything that Easter usually is but it’s still Easter and spring is still filling my life with little snips of beauty. I hope your day is filled with hope and love and companionship across the airwaves, the video chats or the blogs. Deep breaths, my friends, hope is still out there. Or, as I saw it stated so eloquently, “This too shall pass…it may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass!”

Happy Easter,


One response to “Happy Easter and the Great Sewing Room Caper!

  1. Hi Beth! Wow, that is a project and a half but what a wonderful space. I look forward to seeing your weekly updates. It is rather freeing throwing out stuff. We have begun doing some of that ourselves. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I’d love to support that artist as well. Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

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