Project Quilting 11.6

And here it is in better lighting!

With a little extra time, I decided to tackle a slightly larger project this time. I had ten Dr. Suess book images and asked my dear friend, Jennifer, for the use of two of hers. My finished quilt is about 40×60 making it a nice toddler size. My husband always said I should work ahead of the need and make baby quilts to have at the ready. I wonder where this one will end up?

As usual, the quilting of this was well supervised.

We had a rotation of fur staff in evidence. Gizmo and Milo even teamed up at one point! I loved working with these fun, bright and vibrant colors. Tomorrow, I’ll try to post a better picture.

As usual, I’m so grateful for the work that goes into Project Quilting. I love this annual incentive to stretch myself creatively. Tomorrow, I’m back to mask making. Check out #makeamillionmasksaday for more info.

Good night and stay well.


7 responses to “Project Quilting 11.6

  1. Beth your Dr. Seuss quilt is wonderful. Good luck with the mask making. Such a kind, much needed project. 😷 Carol

  2. That looks beautiful. I couldn’t get to the #makeamillionmasksaday to get more information. I’d like to make masks here, too. Website?

  3. I found it, and it’s pretty easy. If you have an old mask with the metal on it, you could remove that and place in the holes for the fabric mask. Making one per day and then cleaning them daily would make sense to me.

  4. Hi Beth! This is just fabulous. I love the use of these Dr. Seuss blocks in this way. It’s very, very cute. Some baby will be very lucky. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. love your supervisor… well I could and would if I was there. Please give that adorable kitty some loves from me

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! You won the Grand Prize Package 1 for Project QUILTING! Please check your email and get back to me! 😉

  7. That quilt turned out so great! I love all the kitty help we get, too. Kitties are such help for the quilt to go together.

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