Christmas in July (Then and Now) Blog Hop

So very much fun is going on in my sewing room! I’ve been sew excited to get into cutting up scraps of Christmas fabrics for this hop! One of my quilter life goals is to have a bed- sized Christmas quilt for every bed in the house. You see, we get the Christmas china out on the 1st of December and I’d love to give each bed in the house a holiday facelift at the same time!

So, of course I wanted to play along with Carol from Just let me quilt with the Christmas in July (then and now) blog hop. I adore Carol and love playing along!

I have lots of Christmas fabric and have to admit that cutting it all into little squares was daunting but….then…

Ever since I saw the Accuquilt electric demonstrated at a quilt show a couple years ago, I’ve been eyeing them up. But…the cost…sigh. Then Accuquilt had a sale… but the cost…sigh. I’ve been holding onto my birthday money from last August. But…the cost. Then, they had an even better sale and my oldest offered to pay the difference for this year’s birthday gift…..SOLD! And I have to tell you, it’s awesome! I cut hundreds of squares using the 2.5″ strip die and cut my flying geese units with the die included with the machine. Oh my goodness… what fun! All those odd bits and shapes left from other projects are now a box of bright and cheery 2.5″ squares. Or, a pile under the cat… depending on what I need at the moment. (And, ok, all my scraps is huge overstatement…I wonder how many hours it will take to tame the scrap pile?)

Gizmo bedding down on the squares.

I have a lot of “then” in my project! The red polar bear fabric is leftover from my daughter’s first trip to the nutcracker when she was four. The selvedge was marked 2003! The gingerbread men are at least a decade old! The “now” for me is my current favorite sashing option… lots of little scrappy squares. I only managed a quadrant of my piece but I love this idea of using squares as sashing. After using it with my Halloween quilt, I was excited to try it again!

I love how all those prints play together! And speaking of playing together, there’s a terrific lineup for this hop! To see what all the other bloggers are playing with, check out our line up! Thanks again, Carol!

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Chair Wars (and a little organizing)

I noticed that there is a little conflict brewing among the furry co-workers. I call it Chair Wars. There is a chair next to the table I use in the home office that was a gift from my mom. While I work away at my computer, I often glance over to enjoy the sight of a furry cutie lounging nearby. Like this…

Gizmo in full “wheels up” pose!

Or this..

Milo in repose aka “resting moose”

Slowly, it dawned on me that whichever cat claimed the chair first would “camp” there for the day…the winner of Chair Wars.

Then, one day, this happened..

“Ummm… dude, I’m on the chair. “
“So am I, we can share.”
“See, we share… it’s fine.”

At this point, I truly believed we had reached some new level of brotherly kitty love. I stepped away for a moment and came back to this…

Yes, the winner of round 486 of Chair Wars is Milo da Moose!

I’ve also discovered that if I leave my own chair within a 30 minute window of quitting time, I return to this..

I’d love to say he’s trying to help with my work/life balance but I’m pretty sure he’s motivated by wanting to go out on his leash. I tell him often during the day that I can’t go out now, I’m working! I finish about four days of every five working on a stool… he’s too cute to move!

So, in actual fabric news, I took my fabric storage from this

To this

The actual impetus was cat-related…Winnie had gone MIA in retaliation for a trip to the vet (she’s fine, thanks.) I thought she was hiding in the storage area upstairs but instead she had donned her invisibility cloak and hidden in my bedroom. I’m working on a couple of commission pieces right now and found some fun soon-to-be scrub cap fabrics in the cleaning up. My current count is 51caps and 79 face masks. With Oregon requiring then now, I need to get a few more done.

The last few weeks were rough. Father’s Day followed the next week by our anniversary and then the 4th of July. By a combination of work schedules and migraines, and the ever-present Covid, I hung out with the fur for the day after a trip to the farmers market for flowers for Phil and a visit to his grave. Turns out that Max is totally not bothered by fireworks.

We walked for nearly an hour enjoying the sparkle of the neighborhood and remembering better days.

Max napping while fireworks roared.

Today, I started on a garden project. More on that next time. According to my tomatoes, I may not have a black thumb after all!

Happy quilting!


Stitching Sunshine (with cats)

Today’s my day on the Stitching Sunshine blog hop and I’m seriously in need of some brightness. I’m not going to lie, Father’s Day was rough and our wedding anniversary is Saturday so lots sorrow going on here. And the perfect way to combat it…. with some stitching!

I don’t create alone, though. I have a full staff of furry design assistants.

They make sure cutting is safe and accurate…
Ensure mandatory rest breaks are taken.
And supervise their dog-brother (although I see them shaking their heads about him. )

Despite their help, I managed to piece this little quilt. The sunflower center was a free block on line at and the free- form letters were from the book “Word Play” quilts.

Photographing it was another thing all together…

And after many choruses of, “Griff, get off the quilt for just a minute” there is this…

My plan is to scallop the edges and bind it in white to make it look like a postage stamp.

Special thanks to Carla at Creatin in the Sticks for putting this together and herding her own set of Cats….I mean bloggers! Be sure to visit her blog for a terrific giveaway.

And, just in case anyone had any doubts, my nephew sent me this crazy cat lady mug…Milo approved!

Here’s the full line up for today!

Wednesday, June 24th


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Happy quilting!


Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop

Hi everyone,

There’s fun to be had this week on the

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My day is Wednesday, so you can be assured I’m rushing to get my design done… lol. After all, why break with tradition? I like to say it’s always the Festival of the Last Minute at my house!

Happy quilting!


Micro Goals

I think I could be onto something. I set some teeny tiny goals and I think I met them all!

I moved the totes to the sewing room (by proxy… thanks, darling daughter!)

I picked out, cut out and made three scrub caps (one more than goal) with one more nearly finish. That brings my total to 50!

I did clean most of the table which prompted a sudden interest in the television.

Gizmo shares my fondness for the BBC!

I did not figure out the next machine quilting project but that’s ok. It can rise to the top of next/ this week’s list. I did swoop in and pick up an auction item at Mr. Domestic’s fund raiser…Tula! I just love Tula! And Mr. Domestic! If you have time, there’s a great zoom meeting tomorrow at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild featuring the Sara from the Social Justice Sewing Academy. Saturday, there’s a mask making summit hosted by Just Wanna Quilt and yours truly is on the panel. I’d love to have you tune in!

This week’s micro goals…

1. Finish cap #51

2. Decide on next fabric

3. Cut four caps.

4. Finish 3 caps.

5. Continue the War on Weeds that is happening in my back yard and research a cheap trellis.

6. Decide on next machine quilting project.

So, do you have any micro goals this week?

Happy quilting,


This and that… fabric things

Well, May was not my month, folks. A lot of sorrow from Memorial Day (my husband’s first as a resident in a national cemetary.)

And, honestly, the world situation is wearing me down. So, I took advantage of my company’s employee assistance program and started teleconferencing with a therapist.

I also broke down and put this little guy back on anti-anxiety meds. I can’t handle the out-of-the-box issues and we’ve ruled out health issues

I’m also trying to take him out first thing every morning on his “wheesh” so we can interrupt his morning mission to retrace every step the night shift cat took the night before. I figure the result is a bit like a morning workout… I’m hoping it will center his thoughts elsewhere and help with his stress level.

As for my stress level, we all know what helps…fabric!

From the Just Wanna Quilt Inventory Project

I can’t wait to decide on an inventory theme. I’m thinking florals in brights…. I’ll keep you posted. I have a plan for the rainbow charms… should be a quick one.

I’ve finished 47 scrub caps so far and now it’s time to cut out more. Cutting patterns has never been my favourite part if the process. You?

I’ve been saying for weeks it’s time to baste the next quilt. I miss machine quilting! I did finish my row for the row along but that will have to wait!

I’ve had a few masks to make, too. I’ve been keeping friends and neighbors supplied. These two were numbers 74 and 75.

And, I really need to stop browsing online…. that’s how these pretties landed at my house.

Let’s just say this… the combo of sad and fabric on sale is bad! Lol

I am really feeling pretty low energy right now. So, for this week, I’m going to micro-goal. I find when I’m overwhelmed, it helps. Here’s my sewing goals this week.

1. Decide on the next scrub caps and cut them out.

2. Clean off sewing table one.

3. Move empty totes upstairs.

4. Finish two caps.

5. Choose and find backing for next quilting project.

That’s it. The goals for this week. Let’s see how it goes. If you’re overwhelmed right now, too, maybe we could micro-goal together?

Happy quilting,



I was born in the early 60’s.  I grew up with images of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy.  I was raised to value humans.   All humans.  I was raised to believe that color shouldn’t matter.  Race shouldn’t matter.  That we are all the same.  All equal.  That the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement had helped put us on a path to equality for all.  

I was raised to believe that the only important thing about a person was how they treated other people.  That power came with responsibility.  That it was our duty to help people.  That we were making a better world.  

I’m appalled at what I’m seeing.  I can’t understand how it can be that in 2020, parents have to coach their children on not just how to speak with police but how to survive an encounter with the police.  I’m heartsick that there are people who have to feel unsafe going out for a walk…not because of their location but because of their skin tone.  

I’m a white woman.  I don’t know first hand what my friends of color have lived with.  But I do know my friends.  And when they speak out about what their experience has been…I empathize with them.  And I weep for them.  And I want to make the world better for them and for all of us.

So, yes, if you were wondering, I agree that #blacklivesmatter. And, if you’re on Instagram and you want to support a fundraiser with items of interest to us quilty people, check out @mrdauctionhouse for a wealth of quilt goodies.

Also, as the sibling of a retired officer, I want to say that I weep for the good officers who are committed to their communities and find themselves in the crossfire.

Stay safe friends. Help where you can. Love as much as possible. Be the best human you can be. God willing, we will all make it through 2020 into a better version of ourselves.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we’re having a very low- key hang out day for Mother’s Day. I’m getting to spend time with two of my favorite humans (aka my daughters. )

This is us from the Sisters Quilt Show.

We’ve done masks, had a fabulous breakfast, my younger one painted our toenails, and we’re hanging out watching Lucifer and The Office. I have a feeling that years from now, this is going to be my most requested Mother’s Day plan!

Of course, it’s also a tough day as it’s my first without my mom. I miss her every day.

My mom watching the sunset when she saw the green flash for the first time.

The girls also brought me flowers, something their dad did every year. I miss my husband every moment of the day but I’m grateful for the company and support of my girls and all our friends and family.

I’m working away on my scrub caps and finished four more yesterday. This brings my total to 36. I send them to work with my daughter and I’ve been delighted with the photos of nurses wearing them. My most recent used some Star Wars fabric I bought and some donated by Windham. I love that black with gold flecks!

Windham Fabrics donated the black fabric with the cool gold flecks!

Of course, the sewing room progress has been almost non-existent. I keep thinking I’ll do some organizing but I can almost always sew until the thought passes! I plan to get more done this week. I did play some with my scraps and am nearly done with my scrap vortex blocks. My goal this week is to baste the next cat bed…I mean quilt… and start on some memorial blocks.

Well, back to relaxing for us. I made this little collage of the furbabies to give you a smile. Griffie turned 17 this week. (He’s still asking about driver’s ed… lol, But, seriously, he’s doing ok for a senior kitty.)

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

Teeny-Tiny Bits of Progress and Kitty Capers

So. weekends… what a concept! With the two job gig, it’s been six years since I had weekends so I’m really enjoying this “two days to do what you want” concept. Today I worked a bit more on the sewing room. Now, I’m totally not doing the stash and dash method of cleaning. I’m sorting, pitching, trimming scraps and making slow but steady progress. This room did not get this way overnight and it’s not going to get better overnight.

This, and one reusable grocery bag sorted and put away was my accomplishment today.

I don’t know if you can see it but this was piled HIGH with bits and pieces. It is in that very back corner by the book case on the right.

I also found a lovely remnant of Kona and cut a bunch of 1″ strips to make mask ties and ran them through the serger.

After which, I saw that my LQS had gotten in elastic which I promptly called and paid for (adding a couple of yards of batiks just because it’s good to show our quilt shops some love. )

I saw this little paw poking out from a chair as I was working on the room… I’m not even sure how he fit!

And now about the kitty krew last night…oh my goodness! It was like a comedy of errors.

When I went to bed I smelled poop…. and sure enough Mr. Jack (who tends to get cling-ons) had left an accidental gift on my pillow. Which necessitated the removal of the fuzzy robe which usually lays on my pillow which in turn usually holds the Gizmo who sleeps on my pillow. Well, tough beans, tonight Gizmo will have to make do with a flannel pillowcase.

Except a fresh pillowcase was apparently not up to Gizmo’s high standards and he could not be convinced to settle in to sleep. I even tried putting my own fuzzy robe on the pillow for him but no go.

I told him unequivocally that the laundry service in this hotel is closed at night and went to sleep. He apparently plotted his revenge for the laundry comment by walking me up several times pawing at the blankets. That’s his code for, “I’m cold, I need to get under the covers. ” But every time I lifted the covers, he walked away. In between rounds of this, Winnie decided to take out her frustrations on Jack for causing this uproar and depriving her of her favorite place to pad (the elbow of my robe with my arm in it) by pouncing on him while he was sleeping.

Milo and I were very much on team, “Can’t we all just go to sleep?” But we were outvoted by the drama-cat contingent. Eventually, I found myself wide awake at 5:45 but I got over it and managed to snooze until after 7. Which is quite the sleeping in experience for me! Needless to say, all bedding and robes are freshly laundered and I’m hoping tonight is a good bit quieter!

I hope you are well and safe and your bed- fellows are well- behaved!

And Sew It Begins…

Yep,  it’s officially started!  Yesterday we began the tiniest tip of the iceberg in the storage space which will become the “Space of all fabric storage. ”  Today,  a friend hauled away the second large item taking up coveted garage space and now we are ready to tackle this project.   I started by cleaning out the bin in the foreground.  Lots of odd bits of lace and trims used to fill this one up and almost all are charity-shop bound… when we can donate things again.

I’ve also cleaned out the drawer in my sewing table and my cutting table. Most of the result is a mess on my table but quite a lot has been put away or has not made the keep-it cut. Some other items in the storage space were re- homed to my neighbor’s kiddos. All in all, perhaps the equivalent of two large storage totes so far. Oh, and I threw out the old broken cutting mat that went to my table an old and horribly ruined rug. I think I may be begging space in the neighbor’s trash cans by Thursday if we can keep up the momentum. It’s going to be a long haul, this room, but it will be so worth it in the end. I’m going to reward myself with some cutting of scraps and “just for fun sewing ” after each bit of sorting. A girl needs something to look forward to!

Hoping you are safe and well.