OMG Quilt Con!

So, I planned a trip to California for my mom’s 86th birthday. Then, I got a text from my niece with a link to the Quilt Con site and the question, “Are you going to this while you’re here?”  Gasp!  I had no idea they were the same weekend!  So, on Friday (a free day in our schedule)  Mom and I drove up to Pasadena and hit Quilt Con!  Now, we only hit the vendor mall and some of the display areas but it was so much fun!  I wasn’t sure how I’d like it as I don’t really think of myself as a modern quilter.  I always say there are only three categories in a quilt show…how, wow, and why?  And Quilt Con was so much WOW!

These are just a few of the dozens of shots I took.  I apologize to the makers that I didn’t think to photo the info cards, too.  There was so much to see!  A gallery of quilts in the hallway was just full of amazing pieces.  I’ll have to do another post of more of our favorites….there was, of course, some shopping.

I visited the Northcott booth and thanked them for their support of the Christmas Carol Row Along, checked out Moda’s booth and found an adorable black and white cat charm pack at Missouri Star.  It was fun to hear stories of how Missouri Star’s success has impacted their town.  Before MSQC started, their post office was slated for closing…now it is handling thousands of packages every week.  It’s great to see how one quilter’s dream has improved so many lives!



There’s a photo of my quilt con shopping (well, the little blue section in the lower right is to make a block for Michael Miller’s block drive but the rest is just fun!)

On another note, there is slow progress on the great takeover of the third floor.  The futon and desk made an exit and now the two sewing tables are set up in the former seating area.


This is probably the cleanest my table’s been in years!  More photos will be coming soon but now I have to head to work!

Happy quilting!


Project Quilting – A Stitch in Time

OK…full disclosure here, I could not make the theme of this week “A Stitch in Time…” fit my personal time restrictions.  I worked a 28 hour week at my part-time job and it’s been hectic as all get-out at the full-time job.  I had a hard time with the whole time thing…time and I are having a tough time working out our relationship at the moment!  However, I did make….drumroll, please… a coaster!  In this case, it’s “A stitch in time saves my furniture.”  In further keeping with the saving part, the bits are left over from my Small, Smaller, Smallest project.  So, my little stitch in time also saves a few bits that might have languished in the scrap heap.  I usually bind these with fabric rolled from the back but this time I tried the pillow method (with mixed results…there’s a significant bow to the bottom.)



So, that’s mine for the week.  I challenged myself to do all the challenges this year and while I’m not exactly thrilled with this week’s offering, at least I can say I did something and, for me, that’s the whole point of the exercise.

Happy quilting!


Small, Smaller, Smallest!

Whew, talk about coming in under the wire! I had a whole other plan but couldn’t get it to work… let’s just say shamrock vs blob and blob won! So, I decided to make a mini of a quilt I’ve really been into lately.

I first saw this on Pinterest with no link to the pattern so I just winged it. (I’ve since found out the pattern is Dublin by Penny Rose.) First, I made a baby charity quilt for guild

This was 2″ strips.

Then, I upsized to 3.5″ strips to use some fun fabrics I brought home from guild

This was a first for me in that I decided to let one of our guild long arm quilters finish this one.

I’ve got the partner to this one in progress

All the blocks are done for the second top.

And so, in the spirit of Small, Smaller, Smallest, I pulled out my 1.5″ strip drawer and made a tiny version to hang in my sewing room.

Here’s a photo of it next to a block from the other one.

Now, a very big thank you to Carol from Just Let Me Quilt for putting this all together! Please check out today’s other quilters… and drop in later this week… I’ve got fun Quilt Con photos to share!

March 7

. That’s me!

Small, Smaller, Smallest Starts Today

Today the Small, Smaller, Smallest Blog Hop starts organized by the wonderful Carol at Just Let Me Quilt. (I am frantically trying to finish my project for my day on the 7th…thank goodness it is little!) Be sure to hop over and see today’s offerings…this is a great group and I know you’ll have fun!
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Project Quilting and a Few Blocks

Monday was a school holiday and thank goodness it was because I needed a quick project before I went out of town.

The challenge was yellow which was easy for me as my quilt room is swimming in yellow fabric. I have a stack of small finishes I have made for Project Quilting that are waiting to hang so I decided on a pillow for my sewing space remodel.

I tried spiral quilting which I’m planning to use on the scrap vortex quilt. Here’s a quick peek at the other blocks I’ve been scattering yellows in

Working with a limited palette makes this one a little different. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks!

In the meantime, I’m in San Diego for my mom’s birthday and tomorrow we plan to head to Quilt Con!

More photos will follow!


Project Quilting 9.3

This was another crazy week but I didn’t want to miss a challenge. Originally, I was thinking of another direction but I ended up being inspired by something that happened at school. Two of our students sang a duet for our assembly and it was beautiful to see the student who was the more experienced performer help the other student enter the spotlight.

I think it’s easy in life to hide our light because it’s scary to take the risk. So, I quilted this little reminder for my bulletin board.

I’m still trying to get the hang of Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts’ organic wavy line quilting so I thought I’d try it in the diagonal.

So, that’s my little entry. It’s frustrating not to have more time to work on an entry but I’m still grateful for the opportunity to push myself to do something and try to think outside the the box.

Happy quilting!

Put a Little Love in Your Quilt Hop! It’s here!

heart image

It’s here, it’s here and I’m, well, running a little late (well, kind of early since my post is going live early but, well, it’s complicated.)  Without boring you with details, my weekend had work, a trip with my husband to the ER (don’t worry, he’s fine), more work and a bit of quilting marathon!  But, before I show you my project…check out the schedule…

February 5
I’m always honored to be in the lineup with these terrific quilters!  Thank you to Carol at Just Let Me Quilt for putting all this together!  So,  this year, when I thought about hearts I remembered a log cabin sampler class I designed and taught 22 years ago.  The center was still languishing in a drawer so I decided to finish it!  First off, I didn’t want another wall hanging and the center was 47×47 so I added borders, and a twisted ribbon border, and more borders and quilted it with an allover random assortment of loops and hearts. (I quilt on my regular Bernina…yes, even the big ones but that’s another story.)  So, here it is (not bound but so much closer to finished!)…
A special thank you to two very tall staff members at school who held this up for me!
I’m in the process of cleaning (gasp!) and sorting (double gasp!) my sewing room and I’m pretty sure I still have the instructions for the center medallion which includes a whole bunch of log cabin variations.  If there is an interest, I’d be happy to post them on the blog when I find them and/or maybe a log cabin heart quilt along?  Let me know in the comments and be sure to hop over to Just Let Me Quilt and enter for a sew cute fabric prize that’s up for grabs!
Happy quilting!

Project Quilting 9.2….Triangles

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Project Quilting? Although I must admit that this week’s theme of triangles left me with so many ideas that it was hard to pick just one. In the end, I decided to continue my Oregon theme with a few “tree-angles.” Oregon, in the part I live in, is full of beautiful trees. So, here are my little tree-angles finished just under the wire!

And now to get back to cleaning tomorrow 🙂

Happy quilting!

Project Quilting 9.1


This is being written on my phone so this will be a short post. The first Project Quilting season 9 challenge was Hometown Pride. Well, Oregon City has a lot of fun attributes but the one that comes first is that Oregon City is the end of the Oregon Trail. (There’s a town up the Columbia that tries to dispute that but that’s a long story. )

So, despite my efforts to point my brain in a different direction… wagon trains it is. A single wagon parked for the night under the stars beneath the shelter of a tall tree. I imagine a family bunked down inside, tired of the long walk and delighted to think of the new life they will start in this new place.

Linking up to Dreams. Challenge 1… done! Are you playing along?


Oh, I love New Years! I love the resolutions, the planning, the wide open expanse of days in which I can conquer my lists! And then life happens…. So, I’m taking a new approach this year. I’m tracking my finishes and only worrying about the projects on the immediate horizon. My UFO list is over 60 projects so we won’t go there. Here’s what’s right in front of me for the first quarter of the year… not in order of importance. 1. Scrap Vortex… nearly pieced, just one more row. 2. Baby quilts… several babies are on the horizon for the year. 3. Dublin path quilt for my daughter. 4. Dublin path charity top. 5. A pattern test I’ve made no progress on so far. 6. A heart quilt project. 7. Project Quilting challenges…I love these and find them very energizing! 8. And the biggest project on the list is the rearranging of my sewing room! So, that’s the start of my list… (Ok, so I’ve over-goaled already but I do love my traditions!) Happy New Year!