Project Quilting Challenge #3

As I mentioned last time,  my word for the year is Scrap. And I had a wonderful time playing in my scrap bag for the last challenge.   When this week’s theme of “thread” was announced I had a series of ideas.   I was almost settled on a pieced spool with am embedded heart but found I didn’t want to cut squares. ..I wanted to play!   So out came the string bin and pretty soon, with a little bit of white fabric and two strips from my scrap drawers and,  here you have “Variegated.”


Now,  just so you know,  I’m not sponsored by Aurifil (although I’d love to be. ..hint, hint) but I adore their thread!
So I decided to make a little quilt for my sewing room. Again,  it was all from what I had in the scrap bins except for the white fabric.  I’m linking this post  up to Persimmon Dreams. Be sure to check out the entries on Sunday and vote!
Happy quilting,

Nuts about…..SCRAPS! And TWO Giveaways!

stbs-Nuts About

When Marian over at Seams to Be Sew set up the Nuts about you blog hop, I wanted to do squirrels…I really wanted to do squirrels.  Because Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts has the cutest squirrels and every time I saw the nuts in the blog hop button…well, you know how it is.  But there wasn’t really time for squirrels and my theme of the year is, well, scraps not squirrels.  I am, however, very, very, very nuts about scraps!  I have a really hard time throwing out a scrap and have the best intentions of using them all someday.

It was the Little House books that sparked some of my love of scraps.  My mom sewed and I remember being so intrigued with the idea of making something from “the scrapbag” like Laura and Mary did.    So, when you save every scrap you end up with a scrapbag, and another, and another.  Thanks to Bonnie Hunter, I’ve been able to get my scraps more organized but there are a lot of them (and then there’s that irresistible “free table” at guild meetings.) So a while back  I decided to start with the triangle drawer.  Which looked at lot like this…


I decided to make wonky star blocks with the smaller triangles (most left from cutting mitered joins of 2.5″ strips from bindings.)  I cut 2″ light backgrounds from the 2″ strip drawer and added random center squares.  I built my little stars a few at a time and eventually had enough for a small quilt.  Then, I rummaged in the lovely finds from the “free” table to find a piece of red that yielded just enough squares for setting and a piece that kept calling out to be the border.  The selvage made me smile.


I used a bit of black that was in my stash and a piece that was just the right shade for a binding.  I put together a “franken-batt” from leftover strips of batting.  I just butt pieces up to one another on the cut side and use a large zig-zag stitch.  I named them “Franken-batts” because they are patchworked all over with big stitches like, well, Frankenstein’s monster.  It takes a bit of time but you basically have a free batting!


Backing came from a leftover piece of flannel.  I intended to piece the backing but was running out of time.

So, with all that build-up, I hope you like my little quilt.  I love it and I love that I made it entirely out of what was lying around.


It’s not the best shot and I may try to add one in the morning if I can.  Here’s a close-up of some of the blocks which finish at 4″


So, there you have it. One quilt made almost entirely out of pieces that some may have pitched!  Now, I’ve decided to switch gears with those small triangles and I’m working on Wild & Goosey blocks to use the rest of them.  The W&G block just uses more triangles per block and I’m fighting the tide here as each new project adds triangles!

Now, I thought long and hard about pulling a bag of scraps for a prize but not everyone is as nuts about them as I am and I thought fat quarters might be more fun (and meant I didn’t have to decide what to part with!)  But mine is not the only giveaway.  We have wonderful sponsors for this hop,

Displaying FatQuarterShop.png

Fat Quarter Shopanypattern_clr_300dpi

Click here to enter a rafflecopter giveaway for a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop or a pattern from Anypattern.  There will be prizes for each day of the hop so come check out the great quilters playing along each day!  For a bit of an extra prize, leave me a comment to win this set of fat quarters that might show up  in your own scrappy quilt.


Now, hop over to the rest of today’s bloggers.  You’re going to love what you find!  My deepest thanks to Marian for setting all this up and for our sponsors for being so generous!  I love being a part of these hops!

Happy quilting!



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Project Quilting Challenge Two

Well, better late to the game than not at all! Despite my best intentions, I missed the first challenge but here’s my entry for the second. The theme is seasons and the rules included applique (see Persimmon Dreams for all the details). I stepped well out of my comfort zone, dove into my scraps (my quilting word of the year is Scrap) and here’s my little entry.

I’m calling it “Midsommer by Moonlight” and I have to admit that I’m rather pleased with it. Every piece came right from my scrap pile. I started with the idea of a daytime garden but the scraps that came to hand all said night. The greens for grass and florals and brights are my grass and flowers turning their faces up to the moon and stars. The moon is just a freehand circle of raw-edge flannel that I appliqued with free motion quilting.
So, there it is. little entry. I’m linking it up and going to bed. While I don’t expect it to win or anything, I’m actually really excited to have tried something new and pleased with the outcome. (Not to mention that I used my scraps! )
Linking up to Project Quilting, challenge 2.
Happy quilting!

Cutting It Up at the Beach

Back in September,  I got notice that I had to use some of my time share points or lose them so I booked us into the beach for the Martin Luther King Day weekend. After all,  a holiday weekend shouldn’t have too many conflicts,  right?


Except Winter Formal which turned out to be scheduled this weekend.  Luckily,  it’s only about 1.5 hours to the resort so my husband and I came down Friday and went back Saturday so I could see the getting ready. Then we picked our youngest daughter and friend up from the dance and brought the two girls to the beach! 

Where,  I must say,  we’ve had a lovely,  slow-paced time.  I read an entire book (more on that later), made use of the hot tub,  walked on the beach,  watched a movie and,  of course,  did a little something quilt related!



My quilt word for the year is Scrap and my goal is to cut up and use a bunch of my lovely scraps.  But when I was looking for a quicker something to work on,  I decided on the two bundles of pieces I picked up at guild. 


I’m quite in love with both bundles and plan to do a pair of quilts for our charity group.   I decided to go with 3.5″ strips and plan to try this setup again but with Kona White for the contrast rail.


Don’t expect  to see it right away,  it’s going to be a leader/ender project tucked between two other leader/ender projects.   However,  this is a start! Now it’s packing up and home to finish my friend’s curtain/duvet set so I can cross something of my list!
Happy quilting, 

French Seams


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’ve sewn for just about 80% of my life now.  When I was 13, my mom shipped me off the to the Singer Sewing School during the summer because she, “Didn’t have the patience to teach one more daughter how to sew!”  (Note:  I only have one sister….lol.)  I think what she really meant was she didn’t have the patience to teach me how to sew and I was not a patient kid, I can tell you that!

I was, however, in love with fabric and the romance of creating with it and I still am.  Right now I’m working on some curtain panels for a friend and a duvet cover for her daughter’s room.  After much thought, I decided that French seams were the way to go and while it doesn’t speed the process, it does give a lovely look, doesn’t it?  And, speaking of lovely things, the interwebs are bursting with fun new projects!  Sew Fresh Quilts will be hosting a sew along of her new “Ugly Christmas Sweater” pattern.

Jennifer at Sewhooked is hosting “My Favorite Things”  but you have to set your calendar for this one…the pattern is free the first day of the month!

And, Marian at Seams to Be Sew has a fun line up of blog hops that the lovely Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring (I’m sew excited!) and the first one is…..wait for it, drumroll please….



So, what are you nuts about?  I’ve got several…my family, friends, my cats (I have six), fabric, books…I think I have to narrow my focus, don’t you?

Anyway, sew much fun but I’m running on rather too little sleep so I must be good and put the computer away!  Tomorrow is  a new day and lots of time to play with fabric tomorrow evening!

Happy quilting!






Happy New Year!

There’s a lovely New Year’s tradition in Scotland that includes cleaning your house and paying off your debts by New Year’s Eve.  Now, I don’t have a clean house and there are some debts but I decided I could and would pay off a debt on the blog.  I owe three winners some fat quarters and I feel like I owe my blog friends a quick explanation of my going missing so long.

So, you may remember that I got a new job at the end of September and, like all new jobs, there is a learning curve.  This curve was even steeper because my position should have started in the first week of August so I was a newbie and already 6 weeks behind!  I was putting in as much time as possible to get caught up and then we had not one but two people at the candy shop out on medical issues!  To give you an idea, I worked over 220 hours at my “part-time” job in just less than 8 weeks.  That’s an average of about 25 hours a week on top of a full-time job.  All I can say is that I’m so thankful that I’ve stayed well all that time and that I love both my jobs!

Not much sewing going on in all that but I did manage (after Christmas) to quilt this donor quilt.


I’ve promised a story about these quilts and I will tell it, but not tonight. These blocks are courtesy of Sue at the Heartstrings project and are for a cause very dear to my heart.

As for my winner/fat quarter debt, I did use Mr. Random to choose my winners and here they are:

I’ll be contacting each winner tonight via email.  Starting off the new year with fabric sounds good to me!  In fact, I made a run by my favorite thrift store today and came home with these…


Twelve yards all together for $12.18.  Not bad!  I also spotted this lovely thing and my cousin bought it and will give it a good home.


I’ve never seen chimney sweep blocks put together that way as alternates to the star block and I just love it! Anyone happen to know the name of that star block?

Now, on to the New Year.  I’ve decided that there is definitely a theme for this year’s quilting and it is scrap!  I’ve, well, ahem, acquired rather a generous amount of scraps (here’s a peek at the tip of the iceberg – truly just the tip)

and it is time for these lovelies to get in the groove and get sewn into something lovely!  That being said, I’ve decided to join the 2016 Finish Along hosted by a variety of bloggers (see more here) and so I am posting my Quarter 1 Finish Along goals. I’m only choosing three four  five to start with…if I can get one  or two done each month, I’ll be a happy girl.  I also have my “guilt” UFO’s I want to get done this year – things that have been with me way too long, you know how it is.  (And if you are one of those super organized people who don’t know, well, just use your imagination.)

So, to start off my year there is…

  1. Nuts about you….for the blog hop of the same  name
  2. Blue charity quilt for my guild…all pieced needs basting, quilting and binding
  3. Baste and quilt one existing top…I haven’t decided which one yet but I have at least a dozen to choose from
  4. Finish shirt for my husband
  5. Start next year’s ornaments.

Ok, that enough to get me started.  I wouldn’t want to over-goal or anything…because I’ve been known to do that!

I’m linking up to the 2016 Finish Along as soon as the linky party opens on the 7th.  Want to play along?

2016 Finish-A-Long

Who knows, now that the shop will cut back to less hours, I might even finish one before the linky party!

Happy quilting and a very Happy New Year to you!



Happy Thanksgiving


Enjoying Thanksgiving at my brother’s house. …he got all our Martha Stewart genes for the family!

Wishing everyone a day of peace and gratitude.


Christmas in My Heart

Ok, I have to admit it, I’m double-dipping here and I hope no one minds.  I recently entered my first two mini exchanges on Instagram and decided to let my #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear2015 project do double duty as my Christmas in my Heart project.  Why?  Well, funny you should ask…

As soon as I began thinking of a Christmas mini, I began thinking of “Silent Night” as a theme.  Life is chronically hectic right now for me and just thinking of a starry night, snow and quiet was enough to make me smile.  I searched around for that “just right” blue…not too dark, not too solid and started trying out patterns.  I may have printed two or three different paper-piecing patterns before I came on this one by Jennifer from Sewhooked (here’s a link to the free pattern on Craftsy.) So, I had a house that fit my vision and away I went!  I added a free-pieced Christmas Star and, of course, a bunch of snow on the ground.  While I pieced this, I was reminded of one of my mom’s stories.  My mom grew up on farms outside of Joliet, Montana.  She has told me many times about still, frozen winter nights and the wail of the train whistle across the open spaces.  “It was the loneliest sound I ever heard,” my mom will say.  So, unseen in my little Christmas quilt is the echo of those faraway trains and the immense comfort of being tucked up safe and warm in the cold.

My wish for you this Christmas Season is the warmth of friends, family, traditions and stories…the kind of stories that bind us to our history with gossamer threads of imagination.


And, in celebration of the season, I’ve got a little giveaway gift.  I’ve yet to meet a quilter who didn’t enjoy a few more fat quarters so here’s a trio to give away.

Actual colors could vary depending on if this is the set I already sent to my partner or not!

Actual colors could vary depending on if this is the set I already sent to my partner or not!

Just leave a comment, and, yes, I’ll ship internationally (although I don’t guarantee that it will arrive for Christmas.)  I’d love to hear some of your Christmas or Holiday stories but any comment will do.  Enjoy the rest of the hop and may all the blessings of the season be yours!

Happy quilting!


P.S. Please don’t spill the beans to my instagram partner…I don’t think her package has arrived yet!

Oh, and there’s a great giveaway from the Fat Quarter soon as I can get the codes to work, I’ll let you know.  The giveaway is the same on all our blogs today so you only have to enter once!  Special thanks to FQS and Seams to Be Sew for all the fun! (I’m pretty sure you can hop over to Seams to Be Sew and enter, too.)




Christmas in My Heart Starts on November 12th!

Christmas is coming, goose is getting fat…please put a penny in the old man’s hat….


How can you resist?

Do you remember that one?  It’s one of my favorites to sing around the house.  And Marian from Seams to be Sew has put together another of my favorites…a blog hop!  Here’s the schedule (I’m on the 17th) just so you can start planning to hop along!

Thursday, November 12
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Friday, November 13
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Monday, November 16
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Thursday, November 19
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Sponsored By The Fat Quarter Shop

A Trunk Full of Quilts


Soma over at Whims and Fancy’s is hosting a linky party trunk show so I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and show you some of my favorite quilts.  This is going to be a photo-heavy post so I’ll keep the words to a minimum…

The Cowboy Quilt

The Cowboy Quilt

2009 Band Raffle Quilt

2009 Band Raffle Quilt

CMQ - Also known as

CMQ – Also known as “Memories for Amy”

Winnie checks out my workmanship! (The Laughing Dog memory of my dog, Spot.)

Winnie checks out my workmanship! (The Laughing Dog Quilt…in memory of my dog, Spot.)

Spot, 2004

Spot, 2004

The Promisory Table Runner - formerly known as MQ4 (or was it three?) (A batik IOU)

The Promisory Table Runner – formerly known as MQ4 (or was it three?) (A batik IOU)

A reminder to hangs in my kitchen.

A reminder to myself…it hangs in my kitchen.

And another thought in solids...this was for the Kona Blog Hop.

And another thought in solids…this was for the Kona Blog Hop.

When tragedy struck a very sweet friend, I made this quilt. When her friends added their love and thoughts in fabric pen...the quilt became a group gift!

When tragedy struck a very sweet friend, I made this quilt. When her friends added their love and thoughts in fabric pen…the quilt became a group gift!

Boo Kitties for the Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop

Boo Kitties for the Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop

A quilt for my brother...I do love a sawtooth star!

A quilt for my brother…I do love a sawtooth star!

Sarah's graduation from nursing school quilt...complete with her new initials and her grad date.

Sarah’s graduation from nursing school quilt…complete with her new initials and her grad date.

Sunbonnet Sue for my mom for her 75th from a pattern from Keepsake Quilting.

Sunbonnet Sue for my mom for her 75th from a pattern from Keepsake Quilting.

The Ladies Do...celebrating some of the trips my mom and sister and I have taken...

The Ladies Do…celebrating some of the trips my mom and sister and I have taken…

Yellow Fish Rule...I need to tell this story...but not in this post.

Yellow Fish Rule…I need to tell this story…but not in this post.

Stamp Blog Hop

Stamp Blog Hop

Quilt without End...I made two of these and still find batik pieces hiding in my sewing room!

Quilt without End…I made two of these and still find batik pieces hiding in my sewing room!


And, as my last photo, in honor of Veteran’s Day tomorrow…the quilt I made for my husband who is a Vietnam Veteran.  Thanks for joining me for my trip down memory lane.  These are just a fraction of the quilts of the last few years but I’ve really enjoyed sharing them with you!

Happy quilting!