Sew Much Fun!

The planets aligned and I had the whole weekend off!  What’s a two-job quilter to do?  Well, there’s only one real answer!



I sewed, of course!  Well, ok, I did actually cook and press some shirts and shop, too, but let’s just stick to the truly important stuff!  This is my first dog for the Dog Gone Cute Quilt along.  I’m way behind as the instructions are already up for several blocks but check it out at Sew Fresh Quilts. Isn’t he adorable?  He’s the first of twelve blocks for a Christmas gift and I just love him!  Now that I have one done, I expect the others to be slightly easier.  I did find that printing out my cutting directions and having them nearby as I sewed was a help. This little guy has a friend nearly done and then on to the rest!   Oh, and be sure to read the block sizes…I went right by the “larger block” size and spent several minutes trying to figure out how that top row could possibly end up 12.5 inches when the block actually measures about 18×12!  Suddenly it all made sense.

I’ve also started on my Halloween project…which may have to be content to be a top at the rate I’m going.  I started with this fun basket of fabrics that I won at my guild a couple of years ago.


I added a few fabrics from the free table this month and a couple of fat quarters that had been hanging around.  I’m pretty sure I know where I’m going with these but so far, I’m just here

Actually, the stack is twice this high, now!

Actually, the stack is twice this high, now!

I do love those 2″ strips!  I have two quilting projects that need to get done as well.  One donor quilt and one for a friend (she made an adorable top for her husband.)  I’m starting to feel the “oh no, how will I get it all done?” panic setting in so I thought I’d make a list of projects with set-in-stone due dates and, when I got to 7, I decided to take another approach.  So, I’m working on the dogs, the beginning of Halloween, a pattern test and a mini in the kitchen and quilting two quilts upstairs.  That way, I can move between projects and get in my exercise with all the stairs!

Isn’t that a great problem to have to be surrounded by so much quilty fun?  I do love it!

Happy quilting,


The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

I’ve been dying to share this story with you all (and I have a ton of other exciting news) but it’s been super busy. So, here goes…

A friend posted a Row by Row from a shop in Colorado that she wanted and so I asked my eldest if the shop was anywhere nearby. Well, it took a while with her busy schedule but she squeaked in on the last day of the Row by Row. She called me after she left the shop and said, “Well, I got your row pattern and I’m not sure how it happened but I left with a stash, rotary cutter and a mat!”

Sarah's new stash!

Sarah’s new stash!

All I could think to say was, “Well, you know that verse about ‘raise a child up in the way she should go and when she is old she will not depart from it!'”  I can remember Sarah at 1-year-old knocking my Bernina off the table in her attempts to push fabric through it like I did.  At three, I was teaching her cousin to sew and, to keep her occupied, I gave her a stack of 2″ squares to line up on my flannel wall.  When I surprised her with the squares sewn together, she told me that the “yellow was supposed to be in front!”  She had a yellow square in the top left corner and one in the bottom right that was one square in from the edge.  I was so surprised to realize that she was “designing” not just putting squares in rows! (She got over her disappointment when I turned the piece over and assured her the yellow was still “in front.”) The finished little quilt still hangs in my kitchen today.

All my girls learned  to quilt and the two oldest even took classes at the Sisters Quilt Show but Sarah’s hectic high school, college, and critical care new grad program kept her from pursuing very many hobbies other than working, sleeping and studying.

Now that she’s a fully fledged nurse, her schedule has finally opened up a little and she’s back to quilting.  She’s a natural for the “slow quilting” movement as she prefers to hand piece.  The funniest thing for me was that her purchase included one fabric I had just bought (the minions) and one that was remarkably similar to one I had just bought and used.

Sarah's black and white

Sarah’s black and white


I’m almost sure this print is related to hers!

So, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and I’m so excited that she’s quilting again.  We always joke that we share a brain but now we can share our quilting adventures again!

Happy quilting,


Sew Much Excitement!

Sew many fun things are happening right now and some of them are in my very own sewing room!  First, have you seen the adorable dog quilt along at Sew Fresh Quilts?

Sew Fresh Quilts
I’m part of the blog hop after the sew-along and I’m so excited to be part of this one!  Aren’t those little faces adorable!  I’ve got my fabrics and I’m ready to get going.
Now, I happen to win a Boo-tiful basket of Halloween fabrics and I’ve got a fun idea for the

Halloween Haunts 2015

I know, I know, I have more ideas than time but, really whooooo can resist a Halloween Hop?

Also, are you following along with the EQ7 Row Along?  The designs are great and the EQ tutorials are wonderful!
EQ Seasons Row Along
There are terrific designs, fun, free patterns, great tutorials and great prizes!  I even won one…a $25 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificate!
In and among all this, I’m doing my second mini swap on Instagram.  Today I made a mad dash for just the right blue but no joy.  Sigh, guess I’ll just have to find another shop tomorrow…life it so hard!
I’ve got a great story to share but it will have to wait until tomorrow.
Happy quilting!

A Little Saturday Fun

I had most of Saturday off (I only worked that night for a few hours) and I used it well!   I made a trip to our Saturday Market for fresh corn, pickled asparagus,  apples,  peaches and lemon curd…yum!


I also managed to finish and trim this little baby quilt this week.


I saw the quilt on pintrest and decided to give it a shot.   It’s just a modified rail fence using squares for two rails and a strip for the third.   I managed to find the designer through the very knowledgeable Quiltville Facebook group.  I’ll post the link when I show the finish. ..this post is via phone so adding links is tougher! 

Today is actually Monday so happy Labor Day!  I have the daytime free but am working tonight but I plan to have some bonding time worth my sewing machine!

Happy quitting!

“The Drosten’s Curse” Will Thrill Doctor Who Fans!


“The Drosten’s Curse” Will Thrill Doctor Who Fans!

The golf course at the Fetch Brothers’ Golf Course has a wicked sand trap…an unnaturally wicked sand trap. Junior Receptionist Byrony knows something is wrong but she can’t quite put her finger on it. When an odd man in a hat and voluminous scarf appears, Byrony’s boring job becomes the adventure of a lifetime…or possibly several lifetimes. Add a few aliens, an ancient, angry life form and some disappearing golfers and you’ve got a recipe for an excellent adventure in time and space!

A.L. Kennedy brings Doctor Who vividly to life on the page. True to the series, “The Drosten’s Curse” takes the reader on an epic save-the-world adventure packed with fun, fantasy and thrills. Whovians will enjoy this fast-paced romp with an unusual cast and yet another creature lurking in the depths of our familiar world. The plot twists and turns in quite a satisfying manner and keeps the reader’s attention.

This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own.

The Annual Insomnia

I consider myself very lucky that insomnia is not one of my problems. I have it about one night a year and it always puts me in awe of how people with chronic insomnia function at all!  I sometimes struggle to want to sleep (so much sewing I’d rather do) and, depending on the state of my thyroid, I often have to swim up to awake from 2,000 leagues below.  Actual sleeping, though, I’m usually quite good at.  Except last night.  Last night my anxieties and worries chased one another in circles like caffeine-driven hamsters on squeaky wheels.  When my phone beeped a text at 6-something this morning.  I was actually a little thankful for the excuse to run away from my squeaky wheels and chat with my oldest as she finished her night shift and drove home.  Afterward, I contemplated a return to bed but instead opted for a strong cup of tea and some sewing time!


My youngest has been wanting a bow-tie quilt for, well, ever and I bought the purple for the background a few years ago.  I’ve been collecting greens and now we’re officially started.  I struggled with what size to cut the smaller square…the larger ones are 3.5″ and the smaller are 2.5.  I think it makes a touch “chunkier” bow tie but we tried both and she liked this one best.  So, off we go on a bow tie adventure..13 blocks made and, well, a lot to go!

Happy quilting,


The Best of Birthdays

Oh, my…where in the world has August gone?  Summer is always busy for me with my dear OPC”s (Other People’s Children) all day.  We’ve had lots of fun this summer but I’m ready to get back into the school routine.

One of the high points of August for me was a visit from my Sarah for my birthday this month.  I had the best birthday I have had in a long time!  My girls arranged for me to have a wonderful day and they made dinner (and cleaned up!)  My younger one was the leading force in organizing my gift…I’m all signed up for Bonnie Hunter’s online class…woo hoo! My husband took me for a ride in the country with the top down while the dinner prep was on.  All in all, it was a terrific weekend!

The birthday table!

The birthday table!

A trip to Powell's!

A trip to Powell’s!

All our girls together again!

All our girls together again!

There’s been a little quilty fun along the way, too, although not nearly enough for me!  Honestly, I’d quilt ten hours a day if I could those pesky things like working just eat into my time!  I did manage to finish my mini for the Dog Days Swap hosted by Jennifer at The Quilted Cat.


My partner sent me an adorable quilt and such great goodies that it deserves it’s own post.  I’m signed up for another dog themed blog hop and a Halloween hop and a Christmas mini exchange coming up so look forward to some fun projects. I’m finally starting on a long-awaited bow tie quilt for my younger daughter.  I’m using a consistent purple background and multiple greens.  She’s requested a piano key border so I’m busy trying to figure out how many six-inch blocks I’ll need so I don’t end up with two quilts worth (I’ve done that before on the Quilt Without End blocks!)  My goal is to cut and sew a few of these each day and then play with layouts.


The other excitement around here is…we have a new addition!  Meet Milo (aka “the moose.”)


At last weigh-in, Milo weighs 8 pounds 6 ounces at only 5 months old!  Our vet believes he will top out in the 16-18 pound range. Isn’t he adorable?  Unfortunately, our cat Jack is feeling quite displaced but they are all starting to get along better.

I also finished this charity quilt made from blocks from the Heartstring Project.  I need to do a blog post on just what I’m doing with these quilts so look for that soon.


Oh, and I’ve read some really, really good books…so reviews are coming!  Stay tuned and happy quilting!




August Goal Setting


Ack!  It’s August already!   Where has this summer gone?   Well,  I decided to take a goal-setting short cut and recycle my goal from June.   This fabric got as far as being cut out for a shirt but no further.  Now,  I know from my garment-making days that this pattern should only take me about 2.5 hours but I have a “new to me” serger.  The last time I worked on it,  I took an hour to get it threaded!   I am determined,  however,  too master this thing so. …back on the list for August is a shirt for my husband.   Do you know the best thing about making men’s cotton shirts?  Scraps! 
Happy quilting,
Oh,  and I’m linking this up over at Fiber of All Sorts. 

When Deadlines Loom…


So what do you do when you’re already behind?   Add some hand applique!  It was just what the little quilt wanted,  though,  and I’m loving the outcome!


It’s not bordered yet,  just pinned to another quilt but I do like the red!
Happy quilting!

“Legend” is an Epic Story of Heroism

wpid-20150721_120245.jpgRoy Benavidez had every excuse to fail in life because the deck was stacked against him. Instead, through the intervention of a few caring family members and friends, Roy became one of the many unsung heroes of the Vietnam War. Now, Eric Blehm, who painted such an amazing portrait of Adam Brown in Fearless, takes his readers into the Vietnam jungle. On May 2, 1968, a twelve-man Special Forces team found themselves outgunned, outmanned and in the gravest of danger.

This account of Roy Benavidez’ actions reads more intensely than any Hollywood action script. Prepare yourself for an intense, exciting, well-researched account of one truly harrowing incident. By focusing our view of Vietnam on this one man and one mission, Blehm helps bring a deeper understanding of the experience of thousands of Vietnam Veterans. In addition, Blehm recounts the long battle to get Roy the recognition for his actions. The efforts of one home town paper editor became a national story.

Blehm has proven himself to be an excellent military historian and “Legend” takes the reader on an epic mission with men who show the true nature of the hero.

This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own.