The Goat Major (No, Seriously!)

We started our day with an uphill hike to the citadelle to see the changing of the guard.   To our delight and amusement the regiment boasts, “The Royal Goat” and his regimental counterpart,  “The Goat Major.” The Goat had gold painted horns and his predecessor was a gift from the Queen of England.   Well,  he is goat #11. After three, they imported a Mrs. Goat with goat 4 so the current goats are born and bred in Canada. “Goat Major” is an actual rank in the military. This particular breed of goat was a gift to Queen Victoria from the King of Iran…so perhaps you could consider this a regifting? Apparently,  this breed of goat will fight to the death to protect their young and thus were felt to be an appropriate gift for the much-decorated regiment. The buildings are dotted with the names of battles where regimental honors were earned. This also happens to be where Roosevelt and Churchill meet twice during WWII. 

The view was stunning, too! So,  there’s my story du jour…hope your day had a fun story or two as well! 

Happy quilting! 


No Quilts but lots of Inspiration 

I’m missing fabric and quilty things so far this trip but there were a lot of quilt inspirations in yesterday’s sightseeing. ..

And,  we made a few new friends

Yep,  that’s my mom with Iron Man…hmmm, “iron man”…could that be quilt related? 

Happy quilting! 



Whew!  The whole school year has gone by in a blur and I’m on summer break!   After just a couple days,  I hopped a plane and headed out for another “ladies trip” with my mom and sister. This time we’re traveling close to my mom’s roots in the Quebec province of Canada. I flew to San Diego first and, since it was free with my room,  tried this

Yep,  that’s me on a paddle board.   It was fun, and scary and my feet were almost cramping with my efforts to hold on with the soles of my feet!  Just as I was congratulating myself on staying dry,  I fell in!  Luckily,  this nice gentleman kayaking nearby held my board while I climbed back on. 

We headed to Montréal first,  and after 5 fun days,  we are in Quebec City. 

I’m taking a ton of pictures but there’s only so much I can write on my phone. My mom’s been a trouper.  She’s 84 and doing great keeping up with all the walking. 

Here we all are in one of my selfie attempts

I’m still figuring out how to angle the phone so I don’t have 47 chins!

I’ve not seen a fabric store yet this trip. ..the one in Montreal wasn’t open by the time I figured out where it was.  However,  I’m still hoping! 

I’ll be back home in about 10 days and then I intend to bond with my neglected sewing room! 

Happy quilting! 


Opposites Attract Blog Hop


Can I just say that sometimes, just sometimes, I get  a little discombobulated?  Well, somewhere along the line I got the idea that I was at the end of this hop, not the beginning.  My ideas were percolating along nicely.  I was planning on a small piece to add to the little quilts I did during the Project Quilting challenge.  I never have really worked in two colors before….30, yes, lots of the same color in different fabric, yes, but not two actual, factual colors.

I also didn’t really think too much about it because I was knee-deep in designing my row for the row-along in September. (It’s done, by the way, but I can’t show you yet.)  So, after getting home from a rather long day (we had graduation at my little school this evening and I was doing work stuff from the wee hours to the much later hours), I was cruising my favorite blogs when I discovered that my day was tomorrow…not in a week or two but tomorrow!  Well, it was time for the gloves to come off and the sewing to begin!

I’ll get a better picture in the morning and, obviously, we are only at the top stage but here’s my little mini – and my first, two color quilt!

And here it is in daylight!

I thought I would be taking a picture on the grass but, well, Oregon was being Oregon (much to the dismay of two naughty kitties who would not come in last night) and it looked like this today

I love how “punched up” the red looks next to the white and the crisp contrast…of course, I could add a blue border and be ready for the 4th!  Again, my apologies for being so under-prepared for this one…I’ll make it up on the next one!

Do hop over to my fellow bloggers and see what the more together bloggers have done…I’m sure it will be awesome.  I’m going to set some time aside to finish this little one and will post it before the hop ends. Be sure to leave a comment at each blog then hop over to and enter to win a Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate! Thank you to the intrepid Marian for corralling all of us (especially me) and making all this fun happen!  (And, of course, to the Fat Quarter Shop…I mean, seriously, can you even look at their site without drooling?)  So, go forth and hop…come back and see my finished project and maybe, just maybe, I’ll add a little something new to it!

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Oh, and happy quilting!




Memorial Day

Just taking a moment to wish you a peaceful Memorial Day. Our little town celebrates with a ceremony at our historic cemetery.  Bagpipes,  wreaths,  a band and memories.   A salute for those who served and a comfort to those who remember.   May your day be blessed.


A Finish!!!

It’s a finish!   Ok, it’s a pretty simple lap quilt for a friend who had surgery…and it’s two months late. …but it’s a finish (did I mention I’m pretty excited to have a finish? )


I’m also very excited to have a whole day off for Mother’s Day. I didn’t ask for it but I’m enjoying it!   I’m not really counting but today is my first day off from both jobs since March 27. So far,  I’m making the most of it.  I took my younger daughter to work,  did beginner yoga with my older daughter (thank you, Youtube), my wonderful husband made breakfast and we’re heading off to walk the bluffs for a bit. 

We’ve got people coming for dinner tonight but I’m hoping to sneak in some travel planning and quilting time.  I’m also hard at work planning my “The Road Home” row. I’ve got so many ideas!
I also had my quilters tea just recently so here’s my Sunday Stash update. ..our theme was Woodland Creatures. Aren’t these so cute? 


So,  before I go,  I’d just like to say Happy Mother’s Day to ask the women out there.  Even if you’re not technically someone’s mom,  odds are that you are nurturing someone in your life and that,  in my mind,  is the essence of mothering.
Happy quilting!

My First Guest Post!

Recently,  I had the opportunity to guest blog over at
Luckily,  some words from a friend had an essay brewing.   Please hop over and check it out and I’ll be back with a new post here shortly!

Happy quilting!

Sunday Stash

I’ll admit it,  I’m actually trying to curtail my purchasing practices (and hoping not to cause an economic crisis) but I couldn’t resist this sweet print at my LQS.


Isn’t that the cutest?  I’m thinking new makeup bag.   Although it would make an adorable baby quilt feature print,  or. ..oh,  all the creative thoughts spinning in my brain!
I’ve had a busy week of of both jobs.  My mom came to visit and I recruited her to help with some much needed scrap sorting.


Of course, we had first class kitty assistance!

We also did a trip up the Gorge to the Maryhill Museum.


We visited the Stonehenge-inspired war memorial.


We did the tulip fields in all their muddy glory.


And then,  my body caught hold of an awful bug that put me out of commission for two days and made us miss our trip to Seattle!
Mom went home on Saturday and my dear friend took point on Easter dinner. We had a wonderful,  relaxing day that could have only been better if we had all our girls here (two are out of state and my dear niece was home sick. ) But there was much fun and laughter and I got to wear my new jacket. ..I couldn’t resist this


It’s even called “Cathedral Windows.”

So,  from my house to yours, a very Happy Easter!  And,  of course, happy quilting! 
Linking up to Sunday Stash. ..if it’s not past time!

Project Quilting – Monkey Wrench and Flying Geese

This is just a quick post from my phone at a very late hour.  This most recent challenge was to use a monkey wrench block plus flying geese. The monkey wrench block reminds me of the box kites you sometimes see at the beach.  When I was small,  my brother and I would use rags from mom’s “rag bag” to make tails.  It was such a joy to see those tails flapping in the breeze that held our kites aloft!


Updated photo


It’s late and I’ll try to post a better photo tomorrow.  I think I might add more quilting to make the  string stand out better.
I like my little quilt,  though,  and I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to play along with project quilting!  My kitty advisor,  however,  is ready for bed!


Happy quilting!

Quilt Qwazy Queens are Here!

It’s a blog hop day…and National Quilting Day, how fun is that?  Of course, I think every day should be National Quilting Day, don’t you? With the current schedule (I work two jobs), I didn’t have time to make something new for today so I thought I’d take a minute to show you some of my favorite work I’ve done and introduce myself.   My love of quilting started at a young age.  I can remember  trying to sew scraps together after reading the Little House on the Prairie books and I loved the idea of making something beautiful out of the leftover bits.  In fact, I love it so much that my scrap baskets have gotten out of control.  So, my quilting word of the year is “Scrap.” My goal is to make a dent in the scrap bag(s),….and boxes…..and drawers this year.  I haven’t given up buying new fabric but I am trying to slow way down in my acquisition of new yardage.  (We’ll see how that goes!)
My favorite projects and one the things I love the most about quilting is the opportunity to show my love of people in a tangible way.  I like to think that a quilt is a hug you can wrap around someone when they need it most.  Every day, someone is facing their toughest day and while a quilt won’t fix it, I like to think that it can bring a small measure of comfort.
For years, I’ve made quilts for a local program that facilitates the intake of children taken from difficult situations.  Imagine my feelings when life surprised me with a second daughter who came with a Project Linus blanket.  For years, I’d made quilts for kids who would share a bit of history with the daughter who was heading for my life! Here’s a sampling of some of the quilts I’ve made and donated. (These are some of the most recent…my computer has been being “remodeled” and I didn’t have access to most of my older photos.)
 Two year ago, I found out that this same daughter’s heart surgeries were merely palliative and that she will need a transplant eventually.  Just after that, I was asked by a dear cousin if I would consider making quilts for the donor program.  These quilts are taken to the hospital and used to give a small touch of warmth and comfort to otherwise sterile hospital rooms.  Afterwards, the quilts are given to the donor’s family.  His mother had made them for years and, with her health failing, she was unable to continue.  I like to think of this as “paying it forward” in a small way.  Someday, if we are lucky, someone will bravely choose to give our daughter another chance at life in the midst of their tragedy.  I like knowing that I am extending even the smallest measure of comfort to families in their darkest hours.
If you’d like to join in making quilts for the donor program, feel free to leave me a comment saying that and I’ll be in touch.  The need is great.  It is my fervent hope to someday live in a world where children are safe and organs are grown in labs but in the meantime, I send my little quilts into the world to give a hug on my behalf.
And, speaking of hug quilts, this is one of my favorites…

The Autograph Quilt, living up to the name.

 I made this quilt when one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met lost three limbs to a rare blood disease issue.  She continues to be one of the kindest and most encouraging people I’ve ever met and her quilt, covered with loving words and good wishes, gets regular use.
So, in honor of National Quilting Day, Marian has secured an extra gift for everyone who visits the hop!  The Fat Quarter Shop has offered a 10% off discount with the code seamstobe316.  There are also other great prizes up for grabs!  Just leave  a comment on each blog then hop over to Seams to be Sew to enter the rafflecopter.  There’s a different giveaway daily so stick around and see what everyone is up to!
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for letting me share my quilting passion with you.  Here’s a list of the rest of the hop.  I hope you’ll have as much fun hopping as I do and that you get some good quality quilting time in for National Quilting Day!
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Have a Quilt Qwazy Queen kind of day!