DIY Block of the Month – March

Ok, we have the belated March block of the month and it is “Fox and Geese.” This was an interesting one because there are so many different blocks with this name. I used two colors on my block but you could use more if you’d like.

Cutting – I’ve been slowly moving away from the 7/8″ cut for 1/2 square triangles and using my Easy Angle ruler to cut my triangles. It allows me to cut my strip at, for instance, 3.5″ instead of 3-7/8″ and I can cut squares and triangles off the same strip. Less cutting instead of more cutting works for me! If you don’t have an Easy Angle or the Omnigrid equivelent, I’ve put the other measurements in paranthesis. If you do have an Easy Angle, or want to see how it works, check out this tutorial.

From your background fabric, you will need to cut the following four 3.5″ squares ten 1/2-square triangles from your 3.5 in strip (or cut five 3-7/8″ squares and cut in half on the diagonal) From your print or prints cut six triangles from your 3.5″ strip (or three 3-7/8″ squares cut in half on the diagona) one 6-7/8″ square cut once on the diagonal (no use cutting a strip if I only need one square!)

Here’s a look at my cut pieces all lines up and ready to go…

All cut and ready to sew!

Step one is to sew a background triangle to each of the print triangles to make squares like these. Trim off the dog ears, if you are using the Easy Angle ruler, you will only have half as many dog ears to trim!

Next, using two triangle squares and two background squares, sew your pieces into a four patch block, like this one….

Make two of these four-patch blocks and set them aside.

Now, take your remaining two triangle squares and put each of them together with two background triangles, like this…

Be careful that you are using a scant quarter-inch seam on your blocks, a generous quarter-inch will give you trouble when you are constructing these units.

Now you can lay your block pieces out, like this….

Sew your large triangles to the triangles that you pieced together and, voila!, your construction is now just a matter of putting together four square units into a four-patch block!

Here’s a photo of my finished block, pressed and ready to join the rest….

Completed Fox and Geese block!

Now, I’m off to get kids to school…with any luck I’ll be posting April’s block early next week. Happy quilting!

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