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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we’re having a very low- key hang out day for Mother’s Day. I’m getting to spend time with two of my favorite humans (aka my daughters. )

This is us from the Sisters Quilt Show.

We’ve done masks, had a fabulous breakfast, my younger one painted our toenails, and we’re hanging out watching Lucifer and The Office. I have a feeling that years from now, this is going to be my most requested Mother’s Day plan!

Of course, it’s also a tough day as it’s my first without my mom. I miss her every day.

My mom watching the sunset when she saw the green flash for the first time.

The girls also brought me flowers, something their dad did every year. I miss my husband every moment of the day but I’m grateful for the company and support of my girls and all our friends and family.

I’m working away on my scrub caps and finished four more yesterday. This brings my total to 36. I send them to work with my daughter and I’ve been delighted with the photos of nurses wearing them. My most recent used some Star Wars fabric I bought and some donated by Windham. I love that black with gold flecks!

Windham Fabrics donated the black fabric with the cool gold flecks!

Of course, the sewing room progress has been almost non-existent. I keep thinking I’ll do some organizing but I can almost always sew until the thought passes! I plan to get more done this week. I did play some with my scraps and am nearly done with my scrap vortex blocks. My goal this week is to baste the next cat bed…I mean quilt… and start on some memorial blocks.

Well, back to relaxing for us. I made this little collage of the furbabies to give you a smile. Griffie turned 17 this week. (He’s still asking about driver’s ed… lol, But, seriously, he’s doing ok for a senior kitty.)

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

Teeny-Tiny Bits of Progress and Kitty Capers

So. weekends… what a concept! With the two job gig, it’s been six years since I had weekends so I’m really enjoying this “two days to do what you want” concept. Today I worked a bit more on the sewing room. Now, I’m totally not doing the stash and dash method of cleaning. I’m sorting, pitching, trimming scraps and making slow but steady progress. This room did not get this way overnight and it’s not going to get better overnight.

This, and one reusable grocery bag sorted and put away was my accomplishment today.

I don’t know if you can see it but this was piled HIGH with bits and pieces. It is in that very back corner by the book case on the right.

I also found a lovely remnant of Kona and cut a bunch of 1″ strips to make mask ties and ran them through the serger.

After which, I saw that my LQS had gotten in elastic which I promptly called and paid for (adding a couple of yards of batiks just because it’s good to show our quilt shops some love. )

I saw this little paw poking out from a chair as I was working on the room… I’m not even sure how he fit!

And now about the kitty krew last night…oh my goodness! It was like a comedy of errors.

When I went to bed I smelled poop…. and sure enough Mr. Jack (who tends to get cling-ons) had left an accidental gift on my pillow. Which necessitated the removal of the fuzzy robe which usually lays on my pillow which in turn usually holds the Gizmo who sleeps on my pillow. Well, tough beans, tonight Gizmo will have to make do with a flannel pillowcase.

Except a fresh pillowcase was apparently not up to Gizmo’s high standards and he could not be convinced to settle in to sleep. I even tried putting my own fuzzy robe on the pillow for him but no go.

I told him unequivocally that the laundry service in this hotel is closed at night and went to sleep. He apparently plotted his revenge for the laundry comment by walking me up several times pawing at the blankets. That’s his code for, “I’m cold, I need to get under the covers. ” But every time I lifted the covers, he walked away. In between rounds of this, Winnie decided to take out her frustrations on Jack for causing this uproar and depriving her of her favorite place to pad (the elbow of my robe with my arm in it) by pouncing on him while he was sleeping.

Milo and I were very much on team, “Can’t we all just go to sleep?” But we were outvoted by the drama-cat contingent. Eventually, I found myself wide awake at 5:45 but I got over it and managed to snooze until after 7. Which is quite the sleeping in experience for me! Needless to say, all bedding and robes are freshly laundered and I’m hoping tonight is a good bit quieter!

I hope you are well and safe and your bed- fellows are well- behaved!

And Sew It Begins…

Yep,  it’s officially started!  Yesterday we began the tiniest tip of the iceberg in the storage space which will become the “Space of all fabric storage. ”  Today,  a friend hauled away the second large item taking up coveted garage space and now we are ready to tackle this project.   I started by cleaning out the bin in the foreground.  Lots of odd bits of lace and trims used to fill this one up and almost all are charity-shop bound… when we can donate things again.

I’ve also cleaned out the drawer in my sewing table and my cutting table. Most of the result is a mess on my table but quite a lot has been put away or has not made the keep-it cut. Some other items in the storage space were re- homed to my neighbor’s kiddos. All in all, perhaps the equivalent of two large storage totes so far. Oh, and I threw out the old broken cutting mat that went to my table an old and horribly ruined rug. I think I may be begging space in the neighbor’s trash cans by Thursday if we can keep up the momentum. It’s going to be a long haul, this room, but it will be so worth it in the end. I’m going to reward myself with some cutting of scraps and “just for fun sewing ” after each bit of sorting. A girl needs something to look forward to!

Hoping you are safe and well.


Happy Easter and the Great Sewing Room Caper!

OK, I totally planned to post this on Monday….and the accountant called. (Now, disclaimer here, I’ve been watching a lot of RuPaul’s Drag Race so the language may be a little sassier than usual!) Well, friends, just let me tell you that the news was 3 times worse than I had expected! Yep, I could buy a top of the line computerized brand new long arm machine with what Uncle Sam considers his due. Turns out, taking depreciation on the rental house all those years was not the best option! However, I also got hard hit because the tenant left the house looking like a crack den and on top of that the cess pool system was failing. Anyway, it knocked me for a loop this week. However, years ago, I heard Rita Cunningham say, “If money can fix it, you don’t have a problem.” And she’s right. Losing my husband, especially because the people who were supposed to care for him failed to give him a chance by following proper procedures…that’s a problem. The people worrying about loved ones with COVID…that’s a problem. The healthcare workers on the front lines having to worry about if they’ll have PPE…that’s a problem. This is sucky but, hey, it’s not really a problem. (It does mean that the used long arm I was hoping to buy in a year or so is not likely but, hey, you never know!)

So, I promised some super realism as I launch in the remodel of the sewing room. (If you’re super organized and can’t handle a creative mess, you may need to look away now.) Here’s my sewing room in all it’s messy glory!

At the top of the stairs.

Looking to the right (the room is shaped like a “T”)

The center of the “T” this is the main machine are and looks towards the TV.

To the right of the machine…yep, the elliptical is pretty much a quilt holder.

The view from where I sew…the cat is pretty much a fixture.

Yep, scary, right? Daunting, hell yes! But, it’s an awesome, large and airy space. It also holds a very dark secret…each wall has a storage space hidden in it. And, they’re pretty full. This is a BIG project. Like really, really, really big! (Like Michelle Visage’s cleavage big!) But, it’s time to dive in and we have a plan. First, we’re going to clean out one of the storage areas and scrub and paint the floor boards. Then we’ll be working on getting rid of much of the contents of the storage as possible (not the fabric, silly!) I’m thinking the best bet will be weekly pictures. Unless, of course we make some extra special headway. I have to admit that I’m starting to enjoy the process of pitching things. It’s very freeing.

I’m also loving using up some of my stash with these scrub caps and the photos my daughter’s co-workers are sending me of them wearing their new caps. I’m so grateful to be able to help and support them in some small way. My cap count hit 20 yesterday and I had a moment of inspiration on how to speed the process along. I’ll let you know if it works.

Also, have you seen this awesome graphic? I’m hoping to find out the name of the artist so I can buy a small print for my sewing room. (I know I could just print it but I’d rather support the artist.) Who knew that sewing was about to become the new superpower?!

It’s Easter today. Another “first without” for our family and, of course, here we are isolated in our homes. I’m making a traditional dinner and filling the Easter baskets for my girl’s annual hunt. It won’t be everything that Easter usually is but it’s still Easter and spring is still filling my life with little snips of beauty. I hope your day is filled with hope and love and companionship across the airwaves, the video chats or the blogs. Deep breaths, my friends, hope is still out there. Or, as I saw it stated so eloquently, “This too shall pass…it may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass!”

Happy Easter,


I’m a Winner! (And other news.)

OK, so I’ve been a lousy correspondent lately and, now that we all live in different countries with our own street addresses, it was hard to know what to say. But I’m over it! I’m working away on projects at home and it’s time to share them. Also, I had a tremendous stroke of luck and won one of the grand prize packages from Project Quilting! (It came on the heels of having a panic attack the day before when driving so it was a lovely timing for a positive surprise. ) I feel like I win every time I participate in Project Quilting because it pushes me to get a little creative with a deadline. Here’s a cool picture Kim did of my projects.

You can check out the prize list in this post. I did follow proper procedures including wiping my box down and letting it sit for a certain amount of time. Then, I video chatted a couple of my quilting buddies to open my prize package! I also got to go to Kim Giddy’s site and pick three patterns. Oh. My. Goodness. So very many fun patterns! I ended up choosing the Santa Mug (we had those when I was growing up) and the Orginal Ugly Christmas Sweater as well as the Land of Magic pattern. I can see I’m going back for the Labrador and sending the link to adorable bulldog pattern to some friends! There are also two fun patterns from Marcia at Crafty Quilting and Sewing…thank goodness I have plenty of fabric!

In other sewing news, I’m sewing masks, just like the rest of the world and, more recently, scrub caps. I’m using Rob Appell’s pattern and tutorial from youtube and have completed 13 so far. I’m sending them to work with my older daughter (a critical care nurse working on the front lines of this pandemic) for her co-workers. Several of them have offered to pay and I’m not willing to take any money. I’m having fun going through my fabrics searching for fun things to use. The first three were from a vintage-y sailor fabric, then I found a skeleton fabric which my daughter assures me is “not too dark” and will be loved. I made two with chili peppers yesterday, too. At a request from the nurses, we’ll be adding buttons to these for ease of hooking face mask loops on. The bonus for me is think of all the fabric I’m using up and can justify replacing later! 😉

I’ve put a count on the little whiteboard in my sewing room so I can tally my finishes. As of yesterday, my shelter in place finish list is

3 quilts

13 scrub caps

32 masks.

I’m back to working forty hours a week for school as of last Monday but have been furloughed along with all my candy store co-workers. My youngest is on voluntary leave from her jobs as she has a severe health issue which makes her more vulnerable and my oldest is working in the ICU. But, I’m loving the 30 second commute and working from home…yay Yoga Pants as work attire! On April 13th, Oregon schools will re-open as distance learning and I can tell you it’s a lot like flying a plane as you build it! Kudos to everyone in education who is working so hard right now and a to the parents who are partnering with them.

There’s another benefit to working from home..the kitties are thrilled! (One is sitting on me as I type this.)

I have another finish I’d like to end with. I made this for my niece and didn’t ever share it here (at least I think I didn’t.)

You might recall that before I lost my husband and mom in September, I was on a “no buy” kick. Ummm…well, let’s just suffice it to say that it was sad and lonely in an ICU room late at night and there was the internet…and Riley Blake’s national parks panels. This is the first new complete “start to finish” finish for me after Phil died and I’d not shared it because it was winging it’s way to California. And then life got busy and well…here it is. I used Bonnie Hunter’s free pattern for the blocks in the borders. I got super lucky because I added the white border and then decided on the blocks and they fit with only minor alterations! I bet I couldn’t pull that off again if I tried! This is the first of many as I also bought Yellowstone, Zion, and more. At the time, I thought Phil would get better and I’d make them for quick Christmas gifts. Sigh.

Now, like many people, I tried to lay in important supplies for the coming crisis…we bought staples and thread. Yep, I have plenty of fabric but I’m glad I added to the thread stock. I’m running through it fast! There may be another thread order in my immediate future. Also in my immediate future is a deep clean of the sewing room. My younger daughter is on a mission to declutter our space and, well, how can I say no?

I’ll be writing more soon. Tomorrow, I’m going to post about my sewing room. If you’re a fan of those makeover shows…well, let’s just say I have loads of potential!

Hoping you and those you love are well and safe.

Happy quilting!


Project Quilting 11.6

And here it is in better lighting!

With a little extra time, I decided to tackle a slightly larger project this time. I had ten Dr. Suess book images and asked my dear friend, Jennifer, for the use of two of hers. My finished quilt is about 40×60 making it a nice toddler size. My husband always said I should work ahead of the need and make baby quilts to have at the ready. I wonder where this one will end up?

As usual, the quilting of this was well supervised.

We had a rotation of fur staff in evidence. Gizmo and Milo even teamed up at one point! I loved working with these fun, bright and vibrant colors. Tomorrow, I’ll try to post a better picture.

As usual, I’m so grateful for the work that goes into Project Quilting. I love this annual incentive to stretch myself creatively. Tomorrow, I’m back to mask making. Check out #makeamillionmasksaday for more info.

Good night and stay well.


Making Us Laugh Blog Hop

Joan at Moosestash Quilting is hosting the Make Us Laugh Blog Hop. The goal was to make something to make us smile and, after much thought, it became apparent that my process and my helpers are about the funniest thing about my quilting.

So, I thought I’d share my “Quilt Tail” about my helpers.

The quilt I decided to finish for the hop was a string quilt designed to evoke, if not laughter, certainly smiles and a sense of being loved for a friend battling cancer. Simple string blocks and allover quilting. Piece of cake, right?

Sounds like it but let me tell you how it went.

Me: I have tonight off. I can baste this quilt.

Gizmo:  Let me help! 

Me: Ummmm…. that doesn’t actually help.

Gizmo: Purr, purr.

Me: Pets cat until bedtime when cat hops up and saunters to bed.

Me another night: Uses stealth skills and gets quilt basted with only minor adorable interruption.

Me: Tonight, I’ll get this quilted.

Milo: I’ll throw myself in front of the machine and protect the quilt from incessant needling!

Me: Milo, you’ll have to move.

Milo:  No move.

Me: Sigh.

Next attempt… distraction.

Daughter is convinced to hold cat…. about 5 minutes of quilting accomplished. However, daughter must work. Open window and sunshine…. nearly 30 minutes… hallelujah!

I’m convinced this is a solution until this happens.

Milo is back with Griffie for reinforcement.

Then Jack decides to join in. Notice he is laying on my hand!

Despite their “help,” I continue to quilt in fits and starts. Sometimes I can get the cat arranged just right… sometimes not.

And, finally, we’re done quilting, trimming and can see how it’s looking.

I believe it passed inspection! Tomorrow, we bind, wash and get in the mail.

So, my project isn’t funny but my helpers sure are! I hope you enjoyed them and I hope we made you smile. It’s a scary time, my friends but I hope you are safe and keeping your chin up. Virtual hugs…. cause that’s the safe kind!

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Project Quilting 11.5

This weeks project prompt was “give it away.” Realistically, about 90% of my quilting is in this category. Gifts, donations, or raffle quilts. I was having a tough time coming up with something quick to do and my daughter suggested a make a set of coasters like the ones I had made for my mom. Tulips, she said. With batiks for the flowers but the borders didn’t have to be batik. I quickly realized that I had not only a project but someone to gift them to. I used a foundation to piece my 2.5″ tulip blocks, machine quilted them and then pulled the back around and hand-stitched it down to create the binding. Two of the four are finished. I’ve toyed with the idea of more sets to go in our school bazaar next year. We’ll have to see. They are the perfect size for hand-stitching during my breaks and lunches at Job 2 at the candy store.

Thanks, as always, to Kim at Persimmon Dreams for all the fun and inspiration!

Happy quilting,


Project Quilting 11.4

This week’s prompt was the Birds in the Air block.   I took a little poetic license and made butterflies instead.

I intended to use all the piecing lines but, being short on time, only did this one block with the correct configuration of triangles.

If you look very carefully, you can see the pairs of background triangles pieced together. I did take a liberty and rotate a triangle, too. I’m quite pleased with my little piece which finished about 18×18.

Happy quilting!


Color it Red Blog Hop!

It’s time for the Color it Red Blog hop courtesy of Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt. As you may have heard me say before, I’m trying to revitalize my attempt to finish some UFO’s and I had the PERFECT one languishing in a cupboard for this one.

I had the blocks made already so the hardest part of all of this was finding the directions for the setting plan on my computer. This is from the wonderful Carol Doak and this ran as a mystery quilt for her online group in….wait for it….2012/13! Ok, and if you are wondering, nope, it doesn’t even come close to being my oldest UFO. (Not by a long shot…just sayin’.)

So, shout outs to two wonderful Carol’s…one who inspired me to make these blocks and one who inspired me to finish the top!

Now, I seem to be in a red and white theme here with my first three Project Quilting Challenges being red and white, too. But, tomorrow and Thursday I’m making my Project Quilting 11.4 project and I have a whole new color theme in mind…stay tuned. And, while you’re at it, check out these other fabulous bloggers….I really am excited to be in the company of such talented people!

Happy quilting,


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