Project Quilting 10.3

Project Quilting is beginning to remind me of am English class I took in college. We read three short stories each week and had a paper to write on our choice of stories.

Even though I would devour the stories, it would take me until lunch time the day the essays were due to crystallize my thoughts. (I aced the class, by the way… to each their own process. )

For the “bigger than a breadbox” challenge, I conceived and rejected a whole lot of ideas and finally settled on something I needed that was actually shaped like a bread box…a new sewing machine cover!

I already had a cover for one machine so it was high time I made another. (Machines can get so jealous. )

Here’s the first cover and I wanted them to match…sort of.

Many thanks to Kim and Trish for another fun challenge. My cover meets the challenge requirements at 10 x 18 inches and 8″ deep.

Linking this up and rushing to squeeze in some quilting time before work. Snow seems to have evaded us so no snow days looming ahead for me this week. I’m also working on my project for

I started with this

A pile of leftover geese and I’m excited to show you what I’ve come up with!

Happy quilting!


One response to “Project Quilting 10.3

  1. Awesome! i love your comparison of a sewing machine cover and a breadbox! It looks fabulous 🙂

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