Project Quilting 10.2

Well, this one was tough… which surprised me. It took me until Friday to come up with a plan. I tried pulling all the red, white and blue scraps from the current scrap bag but nothing happened. My brain remained as blank as the look the cats give me when I tell them they’ll have to move off my project!

On the plus side, when I dumped the bag of scraps out, I could see signs of progress. It is exciting to see an end in sight. Maybe 10 more blocks? We’ll see soon! I decide to omit blue from my project except for a tiny bit in one of the prints and remembered buying these in Houston.

It didn’t take much to round up some red 2.5 inch strips to make more squares and I also had a 5″ square pack of Patrick Loose Lipstick prints. I cut several of those into 2.5 inch squares to add to the mix. There was and audition for borders…

And the winner was the one on the right. With only a third of a yard, I used almost every inch of it!

I looked through my batting scraps and found an existing frankenbatt that was just right. (Notice how small the pieces I save are… some are 2″ or so. )

I wrestled with Milo over who was in charge of this project.

I tried quilting concentric hearts on this one since I liked the look of spirals on my last one. I also used a bunch of leftover binding pieces to bind my quilt… everything but the white and the 5″ pieces were scrap. I finished after dark so I’ll try to get a better photo in the morning… here’s my Scrap Happy Heart!

Happy quilting!  Be sure to check out everyone’s creation over at PersimmonPersimmon Dreams Dreams!


5 responses to “Project Quilting 10.2

  1. It’s so beautiful and creative. You are definitely an amazing quilter.

  2. What a sweet little quilt. And from your photo, I think Milo might have won a round of who owns the quilt…

  3. love your heart quilt

  4. it’s adorable! Great work!

  5. Lovely quilt! And happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

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