A Little Romance and PQ 10.4

Imagine my surprise when my husband gave me one of those “pink” shopping bags and wished me a happy Valentine’s Day…. then imagine my joy when I saw that the contents were this

Three yards of pink Kona cotton! After years of avoiding solids, I’m quite in love with Kona. They’re a beautiful weight and the range of colors is great!

But pink is my all- time favorite and, this one sent right into active duty with minimal fabric petting time. What did I make? You’ll see, because Thursday is my day on the Show Your Wings Blog Hop. It’s also the kickoff to my mom’s 87th birthday weekend.

With all that going on, I needed to get my Project Quilting pixels in a row quick! Since my goal this year is to sail through the year in the USS Frankenbatt (focusing on UFO’s, Stash and Scraps), I returned to my scraps for inspiration. I’ll admit that pixels left me with more ideas than time but this 15×17 mini was some seriously good therapy time after a hectic day. It will be a fun addition to the sewing room wall.

Just a little spool of scrappy pixel thread. Not fancy, but finished.

If you’re going to be hopping round the interwebs, check out my fellow flyers on the

and come back Thursday to see what I made from this flock of leftover geese.

I’m pretty excited about it!

February 18

3 responses to “A Little Romance and PQ 10.4

  1. I love how your ideas always come together in a fun and fabulous way.

  2. i love the pixel spools! Spools are my favorite 🙂 Great work

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