Stringing Myself Along….

One of my goals this year was to sew every day and, I must admit, I’ve done pretty well. My mom came to visit through winter break so I decided to do a little hand applique. I managed to get a face on the second nutcracker in my Christmas Carol row along quilt. (The bells were my row. ) I also started trying to sew my way through a lovely bag of strings and bits. So far, I’ve got 22 9″ blocks so far and the bag looks just as full!!!

I even used a few of those scraps in my project quilting challenge quilt. The next two nights are “two job” nights (that’s when I leave for work by 7 am and get home around 10:30 pm) so I’ll be lucky to sew a couple strips each night. I’m really curious to see how many blocks are hiding in this bag….22 we’re sure of, maybe 3 times that? I can’t wait to see!

Happy quilting,


Oh, and I almost forgot… here’s the look I get when I suggest Gizmo needs to move so I can trim something.

One response to “Stringing Myself Along….

  1. Love the nutcracker blocks! I too am a big fan of string blocks!

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