Quilt Qwazy Queens are Here!

It’s a blog hop day…and National Quilting Day, how fun is that?  Of course, I think every day should be National Quilting Day, don’t you? With the current schedule (I work two jobs), I didn’t have time to make something new for today so I thought I’d take a minute to show you some of my favorite work I’ve done and introduce myself.   My love of quilting started at a young age.  I can remember  trying to sew scraps together after reading the Little House on the Prairie books and I loved the idea of making something beautiful out of the leftover bits.  In fact, I love it so much that my scrap baskets have gotten out of control.  So, my quilting word of the year is “Scrap.” My goal is to make a dent in the scrap bag(s),….and boxes…..and drawers this year.  I haven’t given up buying new fabric but I am trying to slow way down in my acquisition of new yardage.  (We’ll see how that goes!)
My favorite projects and one the things I love the most about quilting is the opportunity to show my love of people in a tangible way.  I like to think that a quilt is a hug you can wrap around someone when they need it most.  Every day, someone is facing their toughest day and while a quilt won’t fix it, I like to think that it can bring a small measure of comfort.
For years, I’ve made quilts for a local program that facilitates the intake of children taken from difficult situations.  Imagine my feelings when life surprised me with a second daughter who came with a Project Linus blanket.  For years, I’d made quilts for kids who would share a bit of history with the daughter who was heading for my life! Here’s a sampling of some of the quilts I’ve made and donated. (These are some of the most recent…my computer has been being “remodeled” and I didn’t have access to most of my older photos.)
 Two year ago, I found out that this same daughter’s heart surgeries were merely palliative and that she will need a transplant eventually.  Just after that, I was asked by a dear cousin if I would consider making quilts for the donor program.  These quilts are taken to the hospital and used to give a small touch of warmth and comfort to otherwise sterile hospital rooms.  Afterwards, the quilts are given to the donor’s family.  His mother had made them for years and, with her health failing, she was unable to continue.  I like to think of this as “paying it forward” in a small way.  Someday, if we are lucky, someone will bravely choose to give our daughter another chance at life in the midst of their tragedy.  I like knowing that I am extending even the smallest measure of comfort to families in their darkest hours.
If you’d like to join in making quilts for the donor program, feel free to leave me a comment saying that and I’ll be in touch.  The need is great.  It is my fervent hope to someday live in a world where children are safe and organs are grown in labs but in the meantime, I send my little quilts into the world to give a hug on my behalf.
And, speaking of hug quilts, this is one of my favorites…

The Autograph Quilt, living up to the name.

 I made this quilt when one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met lost three limbs to a rare blood disease issue.  She continues to be one of the kindest and most encouraging people I’ve ever met and her quilt, covered with loving words and good wishes, gets regular use.
So, in honor of National Quilting Day, Marian has secured an extra gift for everyone who visits the hop!  The Fat Quarter Shop has offered a 10% off discount with the code seamstobe316.  There are also other great prizes up for grabs!  Just leave  a comment on each blog then hop over to Seams to be Sew to enter the rafflecopter.  There’s a different giveaway daily so stick around and see what everyone is up to!
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for letting me share my quilting passion with you.  Here’s a list of the rest of the hop.  I hope you’ll have as much fun hopping as I do and that you get some good quality quilting time in for National Quilting Day!
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Have a Quilt Qwazy Queen kind of day!





115 responses to “Quilt Qwazy Queens are Here!

  1. Thanks for letting us take a glimpse into your quilting life and your beautiful quilts! Making donor quilts is such a great thing to do, I also make charity quilts.

  2. I’m not much of a quilter but do make some for a particular charity that I support. I can understand your need to pay it forward.

  3. You are so loving! I enjoyed reading about you and your daughter.

  4. Want me to take a photo of the dragon quilt for you? Still my favorite present ever. ^_^

  5. So many amazing quilts! Wonderful!

  6. Great Quilts. You are so right about a quilt being like a hug. When I went to the hospital with pneumonia, I wrapped myself in my favorite quilt and used it in the hospital. A bit of home during a week long stay!

  7. What an incredible story! Thanks for sharing your creativity and generosity!

  8. Happy National Quilting Day! Great way to pay it forward.

  9. What a wonderful post! I, too, enjoy giving quilts to those who can use a hug. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Patty D from NC

    Lovely post. Have a wonderful national quilting day.

  11. Your story and quilts are so inspirational!

  12. What a wonderful thing you are doing to spread love and comfort and to pay it forward!

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  14. Their is so much wonder in this post, the wonderful things your doing with donations of quilts, those who inspire you, and then your daughter. It is my fervent hope that she gets the heart that she needs and that your beautiful quilts will also inspire others to also choose to donate. Thank you for participating today, I never would have learned this about you otherwise.

  15. I love your story of donating your beautiful quilts. I have made a few quilts for donation and I love the thought that a child will love my quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ohhhhh a sac story, but so inspirational! You’ve done wonderful things with your quilts!!!!

  17. Donating your quilts is wonderful and shows your love for your daughter and others.

  18. Giving quilts to children helped you receive the gift of a daughter. Giving quilts to transplant patients may one day help your daughter receive the gift of a heart. Prayers for that to happen.

  19. You are an inspiring person, this is a heart warming story. In fact most of the posts today have been inspiring. They and you make me want to be more a giving person. And by God’s grace I will be. I will be keeping your daughter and you’re helping others in my prayers. I following you not so I can keep up with your and yours.

  20. Thank you for your inspirational story. It brightened my day.

  21. Very inspirational. I struggle to finish the charity quilts for guild, and you you have turned out so many. Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

  22. I am only a beginning quilter, but my goal is to be able to make charity quilts.

  23. It was nice getting to know you better. I admire your work to comfort others. I’m wishing the best for your daughter.

  24. The quilts are great and getting to know all about you and your quilting journey.

  25. What a wonderful read. I find that quilters are very generous with their time, loving words and caring. Warm prayers and thoughts to your daughter!!

  26. I love the generosity of heart and hands found with quilthers!

  27. What an inspiration you are! Your quilts are beautiful and I’m sure they have touched the hearts of so many. Thank you for sharing your story.

  28. Wow, what a story. You are an inspiration. Good luck in all your endeavors.

  29. I encourage everyone to fill out their donor cards. I’m a living donor – my left kidney is keeping someone off dialysis!!!!

  30. Great story, thank you for sharing. Everyone should be cuddled with quilts…

  31. wow what an inspiring story. you are such a lovely and generous lady. thank you for sharing and inspiring us.

  32. Wonderful reason to quilt. Touching lives with fabric is the best medicine for our soul as well as others!

  33. Beautiful story!! I have made quilts as hugs, it feels amazing to share the love and comfort!

  34. Thank you for sharing your story. Quilters are so generous with their time and talent and you are doing wonderful work.

  35. This is my favorite quote from you today: ” I like to think that a quilt is a hug you can wrap around someone when they need it most.” Amen, sister!

  36. Beautiful story! I will be praying for your daughter! I help a friend at another church locally to piece prayer quilts for those going through difficult times. Paying It Forward is valuable no matter what the reason.

  37. Three cheers to you for being such a caring and giving person. I’m now retired and have more fabric than I can ever use so my plan is to start making donation quilts. Good luck to your daughter .

  38. My heart is touched – what a wonderful generous person you are! I’ll be praying for your daughter as well.

  39. carolyn montgomery

    thank you for sharing, i donate quilts to chikdren’s fundraisers here in tx.

  40. Sarah@123quilt

    I think you are amazing for donating so many quilts. Thank you for sharing your kindness with the world.

  41. Lately, I have been thinking of making charity quilts as I have so much fabric. Hope all goes well for your Daughter. Sending both of you a hug.

  42. It is lovely that you can make so many charity quilts. I have donated fabric but have not had time to do a whole quilt!

  43. Such a beautiful story! I worked in a pediatric Emergency Dept and saw how amazing the gift of a quilt could be for a child and family who faced an unplanned stay in the hospital! The quilt program for donors sounds amazing- I will be keeping that in mind when I have a bit more time to devote to it.

  44. Thanks for the inspiration.

  45. Beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing

  46. Thanks for sharing your special quilt story with us.

  47. I admire your generosity. I wish the best for your daughter.

  48. This is such an awesome way to gift quilts to people who will love them. Thank you.

  49. Great story, thanks for sharing.

  50. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration just when others need it. Blessings.

  51. Quilting Tangent

    Wonderful story..

  52. What a lovely heart-warming story you had to tell. My thoughts and prayers go with your daughter. When looking at the pics of quilts you shared with us, I think I see a definite lavender/purple theme. 🙂

  53. You’ve made and donated so man beautiful quilts.

  54. Thanks for sharing your creativity and generosity! You are an inspiration to us all.

  55. Thanks for telling that inspirational story! The autograph quilt is really a masterpiece!

  56. These are beautiful!

  57. God Bless You for all you do and all you share!!

  58. Please let me know how to get involved in donating quilts

  59. Another wonderful story, two stories really, to add to today’s tender thoughts. I so loved reading about your experiences and the wonderful work you and your daughter are doing, as well as the paying it forward idea. Thank you for all you do, and for sharing it today.

  60. I, too, would love to sew for Project Linus; unfortunately, there is no drop off point near Washington DC . . . maybe someone out there in blogland would consider starting a local chapter?? lynnstck(at)yahoo.com

  61. We have 10 grandchildren who all live some distance from us. I have made them each a baby quilt, and this fall I finished the 10 twin sized quilt. It is my way of saying I love you to them.

  62. You are so generous with your gift of quilting, but then so many quilter’s are. I can see why you love your signature quilt so much, with so much love wrapped up in it. I loved reading your story.

  63. What a wonderful post you wrote. It gave me reason to pause and think of my blessings and how important it is to pass a bit on to others in need.

  64. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  65. May all the good you have sewn into your quilts return to you and your family tenfold and may all your daughter’s needs be met. Thank you for sharing your story … ❤ Pat

  66. This is a great and truly inspirational story. Thanks for sharing.

  67. Teatime Creations

    What a wonderful story of sharing your gifts. I love that you consider a quilt as a hug wrapping someone in love when they need it. And you stitch beautiful quilts.

  68. Teatime Creations

    What a wonderful story of sharing your creations. I love that you consider a quilt as a much needed hug. Healing thoughts for your daughter.

  69. Such a wonderful post about your beautiful quilts and the way you got involved in donating them. Thank you for sharing!

  70. Thank you for sharing your story! Your donor quilts are wonderful.

  71. Darlington Delights

    Such a giving heart! kmcassie@gmail.com

  72. What a touching story. Quilters are a generous group and we get back smiles for our gestures. What a lovely gift..

  73. I admire you and your generous donations of the beautiful quilts you sew. Bless you dear. Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping.

  74. Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas!

  75. What a heart warming story and amazing and generous donations that you have given. Thank you for sharing and also hopping!

  76. Carol Hofstetter

    What a wonderful story you have shared. I work two jobs also. Perhaps one day I can be as fruitful as you are in producing quilts for charity.

  77. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts. I too make quilts for a rehab center that helped my seriously ill daughter. Pay back for the care..

  78. Thank you for sharing your quilts and story. I too donate quilts.

  79. Your quilting journey is so inspiring

  80. Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful quilts with us.

  81. Celia McCollum

    We have been on the other side of the donor program. We lost a daughter and donated her organs. I hope it happens for you daughter. Let me know how I could help.

  82. Celia McCollum

    We have been on the other side of the donor program. Let me know how to get involved.

  83. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story.

  84. What a sweet, generous soul you have to share your quilts with those who are in need! Bless you!

  85. What a wonderful gift your quilts are to each of those families. I will be praying for your daughter!

  86. Bless you for all that you do to bring comfort to others! I’m praying for your dear daughter.

  87. Lovely quilts and such a wonderful idea to give to the donor’s families. Lately I have made a quilt for a domestic violence shelter in my area, and one to go to an orphanage in Ethiopia with a church group heading there this month. I hope that by giving quilts to these different organizations they know that people care and and that there is more kindness and hope in the world. Many positive thoughts and prayers going out to your daughter and your charity quilting endeavors

  88. Making quilts for others is truly one of the joys of quilting! Hope for the best for your daughter.

  89. Thank your for sharing your story! Beautiful! Blessings to you too…for what you do for others! I have made & donated baby quilts, and Lap Quilts to a nursing home…with my Best Friend 🙂

  90. What beautiful quilts. You make us quilt we s proud with all that you do. I pray your daughter has a full revovery. She can be proud of her mother and her work.

  91. Beautiful quilts and many prayers for your family.

  92. What a beautiful post. Giving just makes our hearts happy. Your quilts are beautiful and I have enjoyed hopping with you throughout the years.

  93. Your quilts are beautiful. I am positive your recipients enjoy them so much. What a great gesture. Thank you for the inspiration.

  94. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!a

  95. Nice my daughter and my self have been doing project linus for 7 years now…..And last year my grandson matt whose 8 started helping too……..ty for sharing your quilts very nice.. happyness04431@yahoo.com

  96. Beautiful job on the quilts you and your daughter make. I love the autograph quilt. What do you use on the writing that doesn’t wash out. My sister is going through breast cancer treatment, I would like to make something like that for her. Sending prayers to that cute little daughter of yours.

  97. Karen in Breezy Point

    Lovely post–thanks for the inspiration!

  98. Thank you for sharing! Most of my charity work is with my local quilt guild. A few times, that means I get to make the quilt, I have made 3 Quilts of Valor, but then someone else made the next project. I enjoy making pillowcases for the local Children’s Hospital, I buy and use fabric that I would not otherwise.

  99. Thank you for all that you do. Recently our community lost 2 beautiful young women, and their families so graciously donated their organs. Thanks again.

  100. Claire Sutherland

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful work x

  101. Your quilting brings a warmth that isn’t just wrapping. Every day is quilt day, every meal’s a picnic. Yours is a lovely story.

  102. This blog hop is sew much fun because I get to find out about bloggers I have never visited before! Thanks.

  103. What a special journey you are taking with your quilts. I can only imagine how much comfort a quilt can bring to a donor’s family. I really love the autograph quilt. Prayers to your family as travel through the journey of your daughter’s health issues.

  104. You have donated some beautiful quilts. I’m sure they are much appreciated.

  105. Beautiful quilts and such an admirable choice to donate them. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and yours. mtmom57@gmail.com

  106. Beautiful!

  107. Prayers for you and your daughter. Thank you for being a blessing to others!

  108. Thank you for sharing from the heart. I’m digging into my scraps too, in earnest trying to reduce, recycle and well turn ’em into something:)
    I’ll be more than happy to be a donor of blocks, fabric and threads.

  109. Really enjoyed reading your wonderful story.

  110. What an inspiration you are! I love making quilts to donate, but am not anywhere near you in productivity. Thanks for sharing your story.

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