“Through the Eyes of a Child” Project Quilting Challenge

OK, this was a tough challenge for me.  My childhood isn’t a very appealing place.  There was a lot of loss and bullying and, well, let’s just say that I really like being an adult instead!

I was having trouble getting  inspired and even searched “kid’s art” hoping that it wouldn’t turn up anything weird!  I finally found inspiration literally right down the hall at work in this piece that was hanging on a wall.


I loved the bright colors, the graphic design and knew I’d found my piece.  It was a super busy week, again, and I was looking forward to my Saturday off.  (This is the first full day off I was scheduled for since January 15th.)  Unfortunately, a co-worker was out and I did end up working for about 5 hours.   Before I got called in, I began to improvise my piece.  I started with a couple 1.5 inch strips  and a piece of standard letter-sized paper.


Blues seemed to be calling me so I trolled the scrap bag.  I put the scrap bag on the table and Gizmo began pulling pieces out like crazy.  He’s definitely a quilter’s cat and he loves a pile of scraps almost as much as I do!


Here’s the beginning of my layout.  It would have been nice to grid this out for paper piecing but I’m working on my improve piecing and so I just “winged” it.

And, I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with my little quilt.  It was only when I was putting the borders on that I realized the quilt looks a little like a hashtag.  I’ve not gotten around to naming it.  Any thoughts?


I hope you’re enjoying the Project Quilting Challenge series.   I’m loving it! Be sure to hop over to Persimmon Dreams and see all the entries.

Happy quilting!



2 responses to ““Through the Eyes of a Child” Project Quilting Challenge

  1. I love it – but I can’t think of a name, I’m afraid. 🙂

  2. What is wrong with Hashtag. It’s sorta a hashtag to the artwork you were inspired by, right?

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