Project Quilting – Monkey Wrench and Flying Geese

This is just a quick post from my phone at a very late hour.  This most recent challenge was to use a monkey wrench block plus flying geese. The monkey wrench block reminds me of the box kites you sometimes see at the beach.  When I was small,  my brother and I would use rags from mom’s “rag bag” to make tails.  It was such a joy to see those tails flapping in the breeze that held our kites aloft!


Updated photo


It’s late and I’ll try to post a better photo tomorrow.  I think I might add more quilting to make the  string stand out better.
I like my little quilt,  though,  and I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to play along with project quilting!  My kitty advisor,  however,  is ready for bed!


Happy quilting!

6 responses to “Project Quilting – Monkey Wrench and Flying Geese

  1. That is such a cute idea and the quilting i perfect for it.

  2. Great use of the blocks into your original design! And perfect quilt motif to give it an airy/breezy effect!

  3. I love your story and love your quilt – great idea!!

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  5. I think it’s perfect! Remember that high in the windy sky (which you did beautifully!) you can barely see the string! …just the tails! I love it!!

  6. what a sweet quilt! I adore what you’ve done here!

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