A Trio of Inspiration from Taunton Press

Recently, I had a chance to review a set of sewing/quilting related books from Taunton Press. I decided to group these together into one post for ease of reading. Some of the books didn’t translate well to Kindle format but they were formatted well enough for me to review. So, what fun books did I get a peek at?


First up was “Hand-Stitched Home” by Susan Beal.  This book is full of fun projects focusing on using Pendleton Wools.  If you’ve been living somewhere distant for the last hundred years or so, Pendleton Wools are a staple in the Pacific Northwest and Pendleton is still one of the oldest running mills in the Pacific Northwest.  Susan has packed this book with an impressive assortment of home sewing projects that range from table runners and draft stoppers to bags and blankets.  Even more interesting to me, though, was the history of the Pendleton Mills.  Whether you choose to make the project in the distinctive Pendleton woven designs or another wool of your choosing, you’ll find a ton of fun uses for wool in this book!


Next up is “Stitch It Simple” by Beth Sheard (with an introduction to Kaffe Fasset.) This book presents 25 simple to create projects designed to appeal to newer crafters.  Using  bright, fun colors and a modern palate, Beth presents a range of projects from aprons and table runners to totes and gift bags.  These projects have a nice range and assortment and the instructions are nicely illustrated with step-by-step directions that should lend confidence to the least experienced crafters.  I’m rather taken with the felt elephants, myself, and may have to sew up a batch.  This is a great book to start working through with a younger sewing enthusiast as many of the projects with teach new skills while achieving a quick and satisfying result.

“Stitch It Simple” is currently scheduled for a October, 2014 release.


Next up, Anna Mazur has put together all the information you need to take your bag making up to the semi-professional level.  This book is not for the casual tote bag maker but for the sewing enthusiast who wants to turn out designer-style bags that will have your friends wondering what bank you robbed to afford such a beauty!

True to the “workshop” name, this is more than merely a collection of directions for various bags.  Starting with the definitions of tools and bag types, this book is an intensive workshop in book form that will allow serious bag makers to expand and perfect their skills.  Coming from Taunton Press in October, 2014, “Handbag Workshop” will make a great holiday gift for a bag enthusiast who wants to advance their skills.

All three of these titles were provided to me by the publisher for this review.  The opinions, however are entirely my own!







One response to “A Trio of Inspiration from Taunton Press

  1. Thank you so much for your review.
    Anna Mazur

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