Hmmm….What’s Wrong With This Picture?

So, I was working away on my baby quilt project for July. I’d busily made four-patches and then headed on to 1/2-square triangles. Unfortunately, I must have been somewhere else when I was cutting because my blocks ended up like this


Slight size difference.  I guess my mind was saying “2-inch strips” but my hands went right to 2.5″.  These two simply won’t play well together.  However, I am a quilter and there’s always a world of possibility in mistakes.  I already have a plan…stay tuned for an update!  Oh, and I realized that I haven’t done my block count since March…I’m actually planning to go back through my posts for a count.

Does this kind of thing ever happen to you?


One response to “Hmmm….What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. Oh dear, did that so recently! I need 2.5″ finish and cut that, instead! And it was from a fat quarter, 4 strips of it. That about finished off the available fabric. But I cut what I could from the rest of the quarter and pieced my “wrong” strips together and re-cut them, making the best of it.
    As for yours, it’s pretty simple to cut down 4-patches if you still want to use them!

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