“To Love and Cherish” Feels Like the Wrong Time Zone

Ok, first let me say that, in my opinion, historical fiction should do two things. It should tell a story and it should allow the reader to get a feel for another time period. “To Love and Cherish” does the first but falls flat in the second. The basic story is about a young woman in love who injudiciously leaves her employer to rush to find out the fate of the man she loves after a hurricane hits the resort island where he works. When she arrives and finds, to her relief, that he is alive and well, he mystifies her by his reluctance to get married to her. Not a bad story line but setting it in 1898 didn’t do a thing for it. The time period doesn’t feel consistent and characters do and say things that feel wrong for the time. The overall effect is a bit jarring. I would have liked this better if it had been set in modern day against the backdrop of Hurricane Katrina.
I enjoy and admire Tracie Peterson’s writing but I like her a lot more when she stays in current day. On the plus side, this is the kind of romance you can share with a middle or high school age friend without worrying about them reading anything more than PG. In all honesty, I can only give this one middle marks which is a pity as I was prepared to like it a lot more than that!
This book was provided to me by Bethany House for this review.

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