The 100 Day Hustle Link Up

Well, I’ve found a great link up that I just had to join! Kelsey Sews is hosting the 100 Day Hustle. As of yesterday there were a mere 100 days left in 2012…what would you like to finish by New Year’s? For me, here’s my list (I wrote it out in church this morning but, shhh…don’t tell anyone!)

1. Put together my kaleidoscope blocks and send them to Fabric Engineer (where I won quilting!)
2. Finish the Eagle Quilt.
3. Surprise Quilt #1 – obviously I can’t say more…it’s a surprise!
4. Baby quilt #1
5. Baby quilt #2
6. Baby quilt #3 (these are gifts so I’ll show them after I send them.)
7. Quilt for my great-niece who missed having a baby quilt because she was born too close to my miscarriage and I wasn’t up to it.
8. Vase pot holder for my mom…I’ll explain later.
9. Memorial quilt (for a dear friend who lost a son.)
10.1st Tardis Quilt
11. Yellow Fish
12. Jamestown Landing (to flimsy stage)
13. Three shirts for my husband (the fabrics recently came to light while we were rolling bolts!)
14. Three snap happy wallets.
15. Wicked Blog Hop wall hanging

Ok, there’s my list. It’s long, it’s ambitious and it may not all get done but, hey, that’s what a challenge is for, right, to provide motivation! I hope you’ll think about sewing along. I’ll add the button as soon as I figure out why my widgets aren’t working. Some days I love WordPress and somedays…well, if you can’t say something nice, right?

Happy quilting!

5 responses to “The 100 Day Hustle Link Up

  1. Looks like plenty of projects to keep you busy between now and Christmas! Nothing wrong with an ambitious list – hopefully it just means more motivation to get things crossed off!

  2. A great list to be sure!

  3. Great list – good luck with it. I am hoping the hustle will keep me accountable too!

  4. Great projects!! Can’t wait to see the kaleidoscope quilt – I love those! Thanks for joining in 🙂

  5. That’s quite the list. Good luck!

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