Time in a Bottle… it’s my day!

I had so many ideas for this blog hop! I love the look of hourglass blocks and they’re so fun to piece and so quick to stitch when I cut them with the accuquilt…bonus, no dog ears to trim! I had been making the 16-patches out of the leftovers from the string border on the Cat Vomit Quilt (still waiting to show you that when it’s quilted.) It occurred to me that if I sewed my piano key strips (2″ strips from the scrap bin) into sets of four, the leftover bits could be sub cut into a row of four squares. Four strips sewn together gave me sixteen patch blocks! And, to my amazement…the 2″ strip bin actually started to diminish! So, I decided to throw together some hourglass blocks and a quilt start was born! Now, I didn’t quilt this because I have decided that I’d like to make it quite a bit bigger. This section is 48×48 and, if I make four of these, I’ll have a nice queen-sized quilt. This is just the kind of scrappy quilt I love seeing on a bed. Bonus, if you can’t sleep, you can spend hours looking at all the different prints!

Of course, I noticed after I took the picture that I had managed to put one hourglass block in the wrong position but it will be an easy fix with the seam ripper. If you’re not ripping occasionally, you’re not actually sewing, right?

I’m excited to be sharing this day with these great bloggers…

March 17
Ms P Designs USA
Quilt Schmilt
That Fabric Feeling
Quilted Delights
Words & Stitches
Selina Quilts

Big thanks to Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt for pulling this together!

Now, I’m off to start my Project Quilting Challenge…wish me luck!

Happy quilting!


22 responses to “Time in a Bottle… it’s my day!

  1. I love your scrappy quilt! And yes, so much easier using Accuquilt! I really like how your placement gives it that on point look as well xx

  2. A lovely scrappy quilt! My scraps keep multiplying even when I try to use them up, good luck using yours up.

  3. What a fun way to come up with a scrappy quilt. Why is it that we never see problems with our quilting projects until we take a photo. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to go back and rippit! Eye roll here! LOL!! Thanks once again for the inspiration. I have a scrap bin that might just be calling my name now. 🙂

  4. Love all the scrappy goodness. And I have done the same thing. I stare at the quilt on the design wall and think all is good. It’s not till after I take a photo then I see the “oops” and have to start ripping.

  5. Okay if you hadn’t mentioned the wrong placed block I would never have seen it. I had to actually search to find it, lol! I love the scrappy look of your quilt.

  6. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I love the scrappy look of this quilt. The hourglass blocks alternated with the 16-patch is great and such a wonderful way to use your scraps. Don’t you just hate it when you are finished and THEN find a boo-boo?! I can definitely relate! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Love the scrappy quilt, very cheerful

  8. Well my head is left spinning! When you said a mistake, of course I went looking, and looking, and looking. Well I still haven’t found it, but it doesn’t matter one iota. The quilt is a winner. Top marks for creativity from Levi and me.

  9. And a scrappy star is born! I love your combination of hourglass and 16-patch blocks.

  10. Great scrappy quilt! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I felt like I was playing “Where’s Waldo” looking for the block that would need to be ripped out. It was hard! It all blends so nicely and looks amazing, so I would never have seen it if you hadn’t mentioned it. Of course, we always notice the boo-boos after it’s all together. One time I noticed a wrong way block AFTER I quilted it. Ugh! Thanks for sharing this beauty, Beth!

  12. Beautiful quilt!!! It’ll be lovely once you add in the other sections and quilt it! Thank you for sharing!

  13. What an awesome scrappy quilt. I love taking pictures after I put something together. I always seem to find something that needs to be fixed. Why I can’t see it on the design wall to begin with I don’t know.

  14. Happy St. Patty’s Day. Love your scrap top. Great use of all those squares! And the setting blue blocks are wonderful with it. Good luck to get that queen size.

  15. I love this scrappy quilt well done

  16. Beth this is just the happiest scrap quilt. Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing this; Queen sized and finished.

  17. inflorescencedesigns7f538ce9d0

    Totally been there with the seam ripper. Just yesterday I had to take a square out of the very middle of the quilt top. You quilt top is beautiful. I love the 16 patch squares. I love quilts that use little squares. Your hourglass blocks add a nice balance. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Fantastic quilt! I agree with the others–if you hadn’t said anything about the misplaced hourglass, no one would ever see it! Great use of scraps!

  19. Gorgeous, Beth! I love using scraps and this one is so cool. It’s always good to take a picture as we go. It helps us to really “see” the quilt. It will be so great as a large quilt. Inspired!!!

  20. Oh yes – a beautiful use for the hourglass block! Scrappy quilts are so much fun – and I like your solution for sleepless nights!

  21. Such a lovely quilt. I looked but I don’t see the problem piece. I just love it,

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