PQ 13.6 – Flying Geese

The last prompt for Project Quilting Season 13 was Flying Geese and I can tell you that ideas flew around my heaId like crazy! There were literally flocks of ideas but they didn’t colalesce until Wednesday and the serious sewing started on Thursday. I was inspired by a quilt I saw on a Fons & Porter page while I was googling flying geese. I loved the idea of “super sizing” my geese…they are finished at 12×6″. While I was pulling fabric, I made a whole bunch of false starts until I remembered a stack of fat quarters that had been stocking stuffers from my youngest and my husband. I will admit that I’m a bit of a fabric snob and these “big box’ cottons were a tad on the thin and papery side so I had shelved them together and thought I would put them all together in a quilt. That way, the fabric should shrink at a similar rate and wear about the same. I’m delighted with how this came out and even managed to get a photo in the last dregs of daylight! This measures 64×64” and contains 50 flying geese units. Fun fact, if you are using fat quarters, you can get all the pieces for three geese (centers and sides) out of each fat quarter. I pressed and layered them up and then sewed pairs of geese. By reversing the placement, you can use two geese to make a chevron. I would love to try this again and play more with the color placement but I’d need more than a week!

Fresh off the long-arm machine and unbound but I wanted that daylight shot!
OK, maybe dusk is a more apt description but still….;

The leftover binding bin came into play again this week and I put three together to bind the quilt

Milo is tired from supervising! And, a pile of quilts is great for napping.

So, thank you so much to the whole Project Quilting Team! I feel like a winner every challenge because I have done something new and pushed my comfort zone out just a bit.

Happy ‘Quilting,


4 responses to “PQ 13.6 – Flying Geese

  1. this is beautiful! THANK YOU for joining in the PQ fun again this year!

  2. Great use of that fabric stack! While I tend to shrink patterns, I am quite fond of your supersized geese. I found myself wishing you had posted a cutting table photo so that I could see your method of using FQs for multiple geese. Bonus points (in my book) for using scrap binding! :o))

  3. The supersized geese are perfect. I also love the chevron design.

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