Sewing room rehab…. in tiny bites!

Soooo….my daughter has taken the lead in really helping get the main areas of the house tidied. Many bags of clutter have exited stage left and there’s been a lot of, “Do we really need this?”

The last week of so, I’ve been laid up with random foot/leg pain but now that it’s resolving, I’m starting on what is easily the worst room in the house…my sewing room.

My lovely friend, Jennifer, always reminds me about the importance of eating one bite of the elephant at a time. So last night I started with a very tiny transformation.

Today I tackled a full box of scraps. My Accuquilt got a good workout and proved once again what a fun tool out is!

I cut and sorted into:

2.5″ strips

3. 5″ half-square triangles


Scrap triangles

Bits for improve crazy piecing which will be sorted by color

And pieces for a scrappy flannel quilt (a pattern I’ve made a bunch of times before and I think I have all the blocks I need for one made!) Here’s a little photo gallery of my progress!

Now, just for full disclosure, here’s a gallery of the state of things when I started. This is going to be a long project but I’m excited to see tiny bites out of this elephant. And, I’m excited to share my progress. I’ll post these up on Instagram, too. If you’re working on an elephant of your own, feel free to tag me @pbstrand and let’s cheer one another on. #quiltroommakeover, #onebiteatatime

Happy quilting… and cleaning!


5 responses to “Sewing room rehab…. in tiny bites!

  1. Oh Beth, I’m glad I’m not the only one whose room looks like this! After knee surgery early this year, I’m having trouble getting motivated. Unfortunately, I keep adding to my stash which doesn’t help! Keep posting & maybe I’ll get inspired.

  2. Thanks for sharing the unvarnished truth! My rooms look the same. My stuff spilled out into the adjacent bedrooms. It is so daunting. I love the saying “eat the elephant one bite at a time!” I that makes it feel so much less overwhelming and I don’t have to stop sewing. 🙂

  3. Hi Beth! You are doing a great job. I have a chair in my sewing room. It’s pink and comfy with a matching hassock. At least that’s to the best of my recollection. It started out hosting layered quilts waiting to be quilted. Then some fabric arrived that I didn’t know what to do with, and some recently finished blocks for the monthly challenge. Now . . . well, there are oodles of “stuff” on it. I should take a picture and officially declare that I will clean it off. {{Hugs}} You are inspiring me! ~smile~ Roseanne

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