Seaside Adventure Row Along (and more elephant nibbles)

For several years, I’ve participated in the Seams to be Sew row along. Marian was such a kind person and welcomed my inexperienced self into a group of wonderful designers. She passed away in March and Melissa from The Quilting Room with Mel stepped up to lead this row along in Marian’s memory.

From my first row along, I’ve focused on pieced rows. I love piecing, it’s fast, it’s fun and, frankly, I’m an epic fail at fusing and hand applique takes a long time!

So this year’s row from me is waves. Nothing says seaside to ne more than three sounds of crashing waves. I’d love to show you a better photo but, unbelievably, I can’t find my row! I’ve put it in a safe place and I need to find it quickly for my show and tell day! Of course, if you saw my tidying post, you’ll know why I can’t find it!

These are made with the snails tail block and each block finishes at 10″ for a 30″ row.

Now, these are pretty easy if you take them step by step but be sure you have your fabric placement right before you sew…how do I know?

Not quite what I was going for…lol

I’m attaching the pdf here.

I’m grateful to Melissa for helping us keep this tradition in Marian’s memory. I’m sure all these rows would make her smile.

And, as promised in the title, here’s the tiny bit of organizing I got done today in between a broken pipe, no water, trips to the hardware store and trying to find a plumber (all of which took a good chunk out of my day. )

It may not be gasp-worthy but Max appreciated the extra floor to spread out on and it was fun to finally hang the clock my friend Margot gifted to me. And yesterday’s empty box…now half full of things to donate!

Please stop by the other designers on the hop today…I called ahead and they’re expecting you!

Clever Chameleon Quilts 

The Quilting Room with Mel

That’s all for me tonight, friends. The wind is howling, parts of my city lost power today and I’m thinking I should let my phone get a good charge, just in case!

Happy quilting!


8 responses to “Seaside Adventure Row Along (and more elephant nibbles)

  1. Thanks for the pattern! Loved the colors you used.

  2. I love your waves. so pretty. thank you for sharing.

  3. Love your waves. Thank you!!!

  4. Kim Kingston-Durgin

    I hope today is a better day and the plumber shows up. Having no water during a rain storm is the worse!! Thank you for the crashing wave block. This is a great addition to the row-a-long!

  5. Thanks love your pattern and the colors/

  6. I like your waves pattern. The colors you chose are very appropriate. One of my top five favorites this year. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the pattern of Waves. I too, will miss Marian. I have followed her for many years. I participated in her Row by Row shop hop in Florida from 2014-2018. I collected so many patterns and kits in that time. I have to make a goal to start finishing a row a week and get my 100 plus kits together. May Marian R.I.P. She will be missed. I’m sure that Marian is please with her tribute.

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