It’s a Garden Party Row Along!

Marian at Seams to be Sew has put in the hours putting together this row along! I’m sure it feels like herding cats but she does it with so much kindness and grace! I hope you’ve been following along… there have been so many lovely rows!

Themes are chosen waaaaay in advance and I had no idea how appropriate this would be to my life. Before Covid, I was working two jobs… one 40 hours a week and one 20. Add travel time and, well, you do what you must but, really, I was exhausted. Since my part- time gig was closed, I took the opportunity to try to bring our little veggie garden back. My husband built me the raised beds years ago. I started with a half- flat of heirloom tomatoes and a couple of cucumbers and a red pepper. And, I gave a zucchini a whole box to itself and it grew! Holy guacamole, I grew zucchini! Now, before you bust a gut laughing, I must tell you that we never had luck with zucchini. So this was pretty cool. It was also lovely that a single butterfly would visit almost every time I worked in the yard.

When it came to my row, I decided that every garden needs a picket fence. I like a pieced row and wanted to have some flowers peeking through.

Northcott generously allows the designers to pick fabrics from their collections and these were mine…

9000-100 white

23094-99 green

9040-38 Dublin Blue (funny story, that’s not the actual number…I mixed up the code and got a lovely orange which I’m working into the show and tell piece. I promptly sourced the Dublin Blue which may be my current go-to love for background!)

DP23285-52 Floral

Another funny, I was so excited to use my new Accuquilt Go Electric that I may have cut all my 2.5″ white pieces before I remembered that I needed 1.5″ pieces, too. Let’s just pretend those parts of the fence just need a touch up!

My row is 12×30 finished. If you need a longer fence, just leave off the end pieces and add a few more pickets! The pattern is here.

There are wonderful prizes but I’m having some trouble with the codes so hop over to Marian’s place to enter. (You can find more details at Seams to be Sew.)

Please be sure to visit all the designers and download your row patterns. There’s so much talent in this group that you wouldn’t want to miss one!

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Bumbleberry Stitches

 Charlie’s Daughter

Seams To Be Sew

 The Quilting Room with Mel
Words & Stitches

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’re safe, healthy and that things are blooming in your life.

Happy quilting,


29 responses to “It’s a Garden Party Row Along!

  1. Great idea and the perfect filler row for a full quilt.

  2. What a perfect addition. Every garden needs a fence. Here it’s to keep the bunnies from eating everything in sight. LOL!! Thanks for a great row.

  3. I love your row! Thank you!

  4. Wonderful addition to the row along.

  5. Bernadette Izod

    Love the picket fence, a garden isn’t complete without one. Thank yiu so much for yiur design.

  6. I love your picket fence! Thank you.

  7. Just what the garden needs, all those dreams of a little house with a lovely garden, and the all important ‘white picket fence’. Thank you for your row!

  8. Thank you for sharing this block. Every garden needs a fence!

  9. Sweet row. Always nice to have a fence in the garden! Thanks for sharing

  10. White picket fences are so lovely and so is your block.

  11. Elizabeth Balcom

    Very Nice. Thanks
    Elizabet, Silverdale WA

  12. Sweet! Thanks.

  13. Like Elizabeth said, a great filler row, but also a cool border row, doncha think… I love that you join us for the row along each year Beth, it wouldn’t be a row along without you in it. Thank you so much for joining once again this year especially for someone working two jobs… Love ya!!

  14. Thank you for the picket fence. I think they are so pretty around the garden or the yard. May God Bless you and hope this next year will be a little easier

  15. Thank you for the beautiful row!

  16. Thank you for the lovely picket fence – a great addition to any garden! Thanks for sharing.

  17. I’m really enjoying this Garden Party Row Along. So many great ideas

  18. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Thank you, Beth, for the picket fence! Your real garden looks great! Congrats on the zuchinni!

  19. Love your pickett fence. Thank you so much

  20. You’re right, every garden needs a fence. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Perfect. I t can keep all those other lovely blocks together.

  22. Cute fence block, I can see this used in a variety of quilts!

  23. Thanks for the picket fence row! Every garden needs some white picket fence.

  24. Rochelle Summers

    This is such a nice picket fence. I also love that new blue…so bright and cheery. And so many ways to dress up the fence! Thank you for the pattern and to the wonderful sponsors for the prizes and to Marian for never failing to put together a wonder row along.

  25. Kim Kingston-Durgin

    Wonderful pattern. Your right, every garden needs a fence. Zucchini are a hit and miss thing for me also. If I can get the plants beyond the sprouting stage they usually do ok, but always they end up with mildew and bugs!!! Arrrrg!!!

  26. Love the fence! thanks!

  27. I loved that you told the funny stories about making this – keeping it real, just like in my sewing area! LOL Thank you for a great idea.

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