Garden Party Show and Tell

Like many of us, I like to play chicken with the heater at this time of year. Oregon has such variable weather that it can be cold and stormy and then pop right back up to mild. However, when Gizmo began taking up residence in my sweatshirt, I caved and turned the heat on.

Not a bad deal… happy kitty and the zip- front allowed me to be hands- free.

After all, I needed my jacket to return to single occupancy so I could work on my show and tell piece!

I started with one idea and then it changed and, truth be told, it’s still a work in progress. I made four of my own row and planned to alternate them with flowers. But then I saw the bird bath row over at Clever Chameleon … so very cute! I upsized it a bit just by increasing it from letter to 11×17. I also used a bit of that that rusty color I ordered by accident as the branch.

Next, I started making flowers from Stitchen’ at Home. I only got one done but you can see where I’m headed.

Speaking of where I’m headed, would you turn these bottom picket border to point up or down? There’s a wide difference of opinion over here!

I had hoped to

As you can see, this is just a start. I really did think I’d be farther along by now but there were so many great ones to choose from! However, we do keep it real over here so rather than backing out, I figured I’d show you my progress and ask for an opinion on if those bottom pickets go up or down!

Thanks to Marian at Seams to be Sew for being such a great leader and all- around lovely person!

Please hop over to the other “tellers” to see what delights they have for you!

Happy quilting,


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7 responses to “Garden Party Show and Tell

  1. Great start! It’s going to be lovely.

  2. Very honored to have my block already in your mix – thank you. Great idea to upsize it…. I like my bigger version better than the original size. The fence question is tricky… mosly I see “all pointing out” for fences all around, but “all pointing up” if they are only on the ends…. We can tell the temperature by the shape of our cat – very cold = round, very hot = very long, and everything in between. lol Big sooks.

  3. Great start Beth, I think the pickets should be pointing down (or out) iow (2nd picture the one to the right)… I will be watching to see how this finishes.

  4. Kathleen McCormick

    I love what you are doing! It is going to be fabulous!

  5. It isn’t JUST a start, it’s a GREAT start!

  6. Nice blocks so far Beth. As for the pickets, I like the second picture but the real question is what makes you happy? 😉

  7. I thought it funny that a kitty gets to have a vote on when to turn on the heat! Gave me a great giggle! I think you have a wonderful start and my vote is the 2nd picture (down or out).

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