My Happy Place!


First, before we talk about my happy place, let’s give credit where credit is due…Marian at Seams to be Sew puts a TON of work into organizing this row along and she is just the best to work with!  And Northcott, well, let’s just say that they are the best, too!  Every designer in the hop got to choose fabric to put in their row…which might have been the hardest part of the process because, oh my, there was some amazing stuff! And even more sponsors came on board to make this a fun and prize-filled event! I have the awesome opportunity for one reader to win an inspired LED sewing machine light!  (I’m thinking I really need one of these!  You will need to pay shipping if you win…but still, imagine having all that clear light under your needle!) You can enter here.

You can also enter to win an EQ8 here!  If you’ve never played with quilting software, well, let’s just say it is almost as fun as sewing!  I’m telling you, we have such awesome sponsors and I’m so grateful for their support of this hop!



Now, I must admit that I sometimes feel out of my depth with all the amazing designs that come out of this hop.  I’m really a piecer and I cannot fuse to save my life!  (I also can’t grow zuchini…go figure!)  And I’m a novice designer so I tend to do things that a beginner can do.

As for my happy place, I was awash in too many ideas!  I had a landscape in mind which was why I choose the fabrics I did.  Think water and clouds.  My ideas just wouldn’t jell and finally I came around to another idea of something that always makes me happy…the furbabies!  Going clockwise, let me introduce you to Milo, Griffie, Gizmo, Zoe, Jack and Winnie (shhh…don’t tell Winnie you saw her…she’s an expert hidy-cat.)


So, what else makes me happy?  Books, of course!  Ever since I was little, books were where I went to find a happy place.  I spent hours reading and re-reading my favorites and wishing I could slip away into Green Gables (surely Marilla and Anne would take me in?), solve mysteries with Freddie and Flossie (I was blonde, too, would they really notice?) or slip into the garret with Jo March where we would scribble away at the novels that would bring us fame and, more importantly, our names on the spines of books!  My love of books never diminished and so I decided to blend the two in my row.


This is my row…books & cats!  It’s simple with straight-forward piecing.  However, it’s very versatile and I’ll look forward to showing you what I made with it next week.  If you’d like to download the instructions, you can get them here.

I really hope you like my little row, it’s simple but quick and fun and great way to use up fun fabric bits.  My fabric from Northcott is the background (9020-10 with the beautiful textured look) and Northcott’s Naturescape blue (the beautiful watery blue)and, co-incidentally, the grey cat is made from leftovers from last year’s Northcott fabrics that I used in my Silver Bells row.

The rowing crew for today are

Words & Stitches | True Blue Quilts | Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse
Meanderings Along Lizard Creek | Creativeblonde

And our full list of wonderful sponsors for today are

Electric Quilt
Michael Miller Fabrics
Hoffman Fabrics
Anita Goodesign
Kimberbell Designs

Please be sure to visit our sponsors and let them know you enjoyed the row hop!  I’ll see you back here in a week with my show and tell quilt…it’s already basted and ready to quilt!

Happy quilting!





64 responses to “My Happy Place!

  1. Such a cute row! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your row is just way too cute! Thank you.

  3. Really nice row! The cats double as book-ends lol.

  4. love your row, will enjoy making this

  5. I think your row would be my happy place, too. Books and cats are the best!

  6. I love your row!! Books and libraries are a must in my family!!

  7. Furbabies and books sounds like a purrfectly delightful happy place.

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  9. There’s nothing in the guidelines or rules for the row along that says you have to be a designer, you just need to be able to perhaps put a pattern together and you do that beautifully Beth. I’m happy we have a “beginner designer” in the row along, it can help new quilters in particular because you keep that in mind when your writing your patterns. It is always fun to visit your blog and see what you’re up to… Thank you for participating again and having fun with us. I hope you’ll come along next year to. 🙂 Hugs

  10. Very pretty thanks for sharing and the great giveaway. I love my 2 cats and reading also. Just bought my third Kindle, I read Alot.

  11. Books and cats are a wonderful combinations and make a beautiful row. I love this, Beth! I can’t wait to see what you made with it…I’m sure it’s amazing like you. xo

  12. Rosalind Gutierrez

    Those kitty pics are too cute. Great idea to combine kitty blocks and books.

  13. I love this row and it really does show your amazing personality in the row. You are so very talented.

  14. Love your books and cats row! I love piecing as well.

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  16. Love ANYTHING with cats as I have three feline roommate who make life more interesting.

  17. It’s a very sweet row. I love cats and books.

  18. What a cute row! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Love your row!

  20. Thanks so much for being a part of the Row-Along! I love the books and kitties – two of my favorite things!! I can’t believe you’re a beginner at designing!!! You did a surpurb job!!! Thanks again! Love it!!

  21. Very nice row. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Elizabeth Balcom

    Great Row Beth, I love cats but alad my grandchild is alergic so quilting them with books are great. Thanks,
    Elizabeth, Silverdale, WA

  23. LOVE your Row!! Thank you for sharing pattern!! My Daughter has tons of books..and few kittie’s too…definitely want to make this for her! Hugs!! 🙂

  24. Love your row although my fur baby woof’s instead of meow’s 😉 Thank you so much for sharing!

  25. Great row for cat lovers! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Looks like you knew exactly where your Happy Place is! Your row is very nice!

  27. thedarlingdogwood

    Such a cute row! Makes me miss the bookstore with the bookstore cat in the town where I lived right after college 🙂

  28. Sweet row. Thanks for taking the time to create and generously share.

  29. Beth, that’s a GREAT row, and it suits me to a T! Thank you so much.

  30. Do all your cats get along? We fostered 2 brothers when they were 3 weeks old and decided to keep them. Then we took in my mother-in-law’s cat who is around 6 months older and him and 1 cat don’t get along. It’s been 2 years now. I love your row as I love cats and books also. Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s a tricky question. The furry calico is the undisputed queen of all she surveys and the rest are ok as long as they bow appropriately. Lol. The boys sometimes row with each other… Gizmo is rather sensitive and jealous of other kitties getting “mom” time and the biggest one is the youngest and doesn’t understand why his sibs are bugged when he launches his 20- pound self on them. 🙂 Jack can be a bully but really just feels displaced by Milo (middle child) and Griff just wants a sunny place to lay. Winnie is still learning how to be a cat and generally only comes out for petting at night. Although there have been some sightings after daylight.

  31. Fun row. Thank you.

  32. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Such a cute row – thanks for sharing!!

  33. Very cute row, thanks!

  34. Love your comfy chair and coffee fabric to go with the cats and books.

  35. I am sure your cats “help” you with your reading LOL! Thanks for sharing your pattern

  36. Love them both, cats and books, thank you!

  37. I love your happy place quilt. Thanks for sharing

  38. Love the books and cats row. I’ve wanted to do cats for a long time.

  39. Cats and books, and quilts! What could be better? Great row!

  40. I also like cats and books, so to me your row is perfect!! I’ll keep it a secret that I saw Winnie!!

  41. Beth, it was great to see all your furbabies. Thank you for introducing us to them and for the lovely pattern you are sharing.

  42. What a lovely row! My happy place includes books and cats too – me reading and a cat snuggling up with me. Thanks!

  43. I love this row! It is one that I am particularly excited to put together. Piecing is my favorite too, so this is perfect.

  44. That is a fabulous row. Cats and books – a true happy place. The only thing missing is the fireplace. 🙂

  45. I love this row and will definitely be making it. Thanks for sharing your love of books…and cats!

  46. Two of my favourites books and cats. Love meeting your crew, we have and expert disappearing cat here too.

  47. Love quilts with cats!

  48. Love your fur babies! And love your row. thanks for sharing.

  49. I’m with you all the way – you can’t beat books and cats. Thank you for a lovely row

  50. I love your row!

  51. Are you reading my mind? Cats, books, quilts are my favorite things. This is one I can hang over the door. Thank you so much! 😊

  52. That is simple and pretty too. Thanks for the block.

  53. Books and cats make me happy too. I think your row is my favorite.

  54. Thanks for sharing! I love reading, and my dog makes any place my happy place. Nice work!

  55. Love your row, Beth. Books and catalog go very well on quilts. 🙂

  56. Books and quilts are two of my favorite things…

  57. So pretty! And I also saw where you posted the finish and it is wonderful!

  58. Cats and books, what could be better?! Love your quilt, and also love seeing it all done and your daughter snuggling under it!

  59. Well, your row turned into a very nice quilt! Great for any cat lover!

  60. Your kitty is so sweet!

  61. Thank you for all the work that you and all the other designers put into the Quilt Along. It has been a wonderful adventure.

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