Show and Tell…a finished one!


I’m so excited to show you my row project! If you have books and cats, you need somewhere to put them…

A quilty kitty bookcase. Suitable for hanging on your wall or cuddling on your couch.

(Daughter not included. )  This is the first time I’ve finished my show and tell effort and I’m so excited to have it done!  (OK, full disclosure…I need to finish hand-sewing down the sleeve.) I tried the wavy organic lines on the quilting and, while I love how it looks, I have to say that I couldn’t get my walking foot to not threaten puckers so I did them free-hand which was kind of stressful.  If there’s interest, I’ll be happy to post directions but, in a nutshell, I just raided my scrap strip drawers and made random sizes…books were 7″, 8″, 10″ or as small at 6″ finished with enough background to create a 12.5″ unifinished book.  I added another 2.5″ book to the original row and the quilt finished around 40″x50″.  2.5″ brown strips between the rows made shelves and I think I used just about every inch of the lovely Northcott fabric I used for the background!

There’s a giveaway today, too, from the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop!  (A $25.00 gift certificate!)  We just couldn’t have had all this fun without Marian at Seams to be Sew and be sure to check out her blog for more fun things coming up!  And many, many thanks to our sponsors…you all are the bestest!

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You can enter here.   But don’t wait too long!

Be sure to visit the other designers…everyone has been such fun on this hop.  I can hardly wait to see what next year brings!

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And that’s everything for now!  But come back soon, there’s lots more quilty fun coming up!

Happy quilting,


55 responses to “Show and Tell…a finished one!

  1. Your row was so sweet and your finished quilt is just beautiful. Glad you were part of Marian’s a row Along!

  2. You said daughter not included, but what about the cat? That tummy SOOOO needs to be rubbed!!!!

  3. What a lovely quilt, Beth. Thank you for sharing your finished project with us.

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Beautiful finish…and daughter!! Great job. Cute kitty too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aw that turned out so cute! My granddaughters would love something like that. I might have to see what I can do. ;^)

  6. Your quilt is just wonderful; I love how you varied each row!

  7. I love how your quilt finished! I generally have a cat on my lap of next to me and I’m sure she’d love to snuggle on this quilt.

  8. Really lovely way to finish up this blog hop. Love the way you used your row and varied it. Thanks. 🙂

  9. Tummy rub! Sorry, couldn’t resist. A great snuggly finish indeed.

  10. Great quilt!

  11. Love how you used your row and your daughter looks great all snuggled in.

  12. Anita L Jackson

    Great use of scraps!

  13. I love the quilt. Very nice.

  14. Look your cats and quilts quilt! Definitely want to make one.

  15. Just gorgeous!

  16. That finished up beautifully. Your daughter looks so cute snuggled up in it too.

  17. Rosalind Gutierrez

    Your kitty & books on a shelf is a winner. Very clever & thanks for the guide.

  18. Very cute! My daughter in law would love this! Thanks for sharing your quilt with us.

  19. Love the use of your row for this quilt

  20. I love this. It’s wonderful!

  21. That’s a beautiful quilt! I love the finished project.

  22. Such a wonderful row. Thanks for sharing.

  23. That looks like one spoiled cat 😉 Love the quilt.

  24. Great finish! Both daughter and kitty look quite comfortable

  25. Love that kitty book quilt-

  26. I love your “happy place”. Thanks so much for sharing

  27. What a cute quilt and the cutest model. Love your row.

  28. Love your finish. Books and cats are two of my loves. Since I can’t have real cats because of family allergies, a quilt with them is perfect. Wouldn’t this make a cute baby quilt! Since my oldest granddaughter is getting married in 3 weeks, I have been thinking of starting to make baby quilts:)

  29. Great finish! This has been a great hop! Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone.

  30. Great quilt. From the looks of that picture, I don’t think your daughter is going to let go of that quilt!


  32. Great finish! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Cute quilt, daughter and cat! Thanks for sharing

  34. Your quilt is so sweet, especially with that cutie wrapped up in it. I love how it looks with that quilting!

  35. Very cute quilt! And such a sweet looking daughter. Karen

  36. You know, I don’t know WHY you can’t include the daughter . . . She and the quilt look so perfect together that it would be a real shame to separate them!!! Lovely quilt; lovely daughter…

  37. Elizabeth Balcom

    Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing
    Elizabeth, Silverdale, WA

  38. Love how your row has turned into a very coooool Throw! Your Daughter looks so comfy!! Thank you for your Pattern the other day…I want to make for my daughter..& now I see your Throw…WOW!! Want to make the Throw for Christmas surprise! 🙂

  39. A fun finish!

  40. Love your books and cats!! I need to make this for my daughter who adores both books and her cat – she would LOVE it!

  41. Ok, the cat on the ironing board is just to cute, I’m amazed you got that picture. Love how your quilt turned out, it’s absolutely adorable and so fun that you can change the books and cats around in the pattern so that each row is just slightly different. So clever Beth. Thanks for showing your project today. Hugs

  42. Oh it is so cute! That cat pic is cute too.

  43. Great quilt! My cat loving friend would love this! Thanks!

  44. I love your quilt! I a cat lover and a book reader. Thanks for sharing.

  45. thedarlingdogwood

    This row repeated makes an awesome quilt! Great idea!

  46. A great idea to sew up a bookcase. Thank you for the idea.

  47. Pingback: Show and Tell Day For The My Happy Place Row Along…

  48. Wonderful bookcase !! Cute daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  49. what a beautiful quilt and a beautiful daughter!

  50. Love your kitty bookcase quilt!

  51. Oh, SO SO SO cute!! Love it. Thanks!

  52. Maryellen McAuliffe

    So cute! Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Your cats and books quilt is so wonderful. I like the scrap design and the colors you’ve used. Your model is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Love the cat on the ironing board, too!

  54. Love your kitty bookshelf! and your kitty

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