It’s here! And, I have to admit, sometimes I look at myself like this

When I wonder what I was thinking signing up for anything during the same week as this

Yes, our youngest one graduated yesterday and for the first time in more than 20 years, we have no kids in school. It is just weird.

Now, flowers…I love flowers… these are just a few recent pictures on my phone

I’ve been meaning to make some flower coasters for my mom who is in town for graduation.

Aren’t they so cute?

Anyway, I decided to use this tutorial and shrink it down to coaster size. When I make coasters, I make them about 4.5 inches. First I pieced my block (using 2″ squares and 1″ squares) then I added border strips of 1.5″. I used a scrap of batting and a scrap for the back… choose the back color so it works for the binding. I trimmed my front piece to 4.75″ before quilting it.

Layer and quilt then trim the batting even with the front… do not cut the backing fabric

I like to trim the backing to 5/8″ then double folded it to create a binding.

I prefer to hand stitch these down with an applique stitch but you could certainly use your machine.

And, voila, you have a flower coaster to hold your iced summer drink.

Or your coffee…flowers and coffee work, too!  Thanks for stopping in and please drop by and see Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks...she’s got a great prize up for grabs!  Thanks,  Carla, for all the fun!

Here’s the rest of the schedule

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  1. Thanks for the pix of the lovely flowers. The violet coaster is beautiful. I like the mini tutorial, too.

  2. Gorgeous flowers…both the real ones and the coasters!

  3. Lovely photos and coaster. I like the way you used the back for binding. I’ll have to remember that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very nice. A sweet flower to brighten up a table.

  5. The flower is adorable! – Such a great pattern –

  6. Beautiful flowers — the real ones and the coaster!

  7. Your coaster is perfect for your super busy week. The picture of your mom and daughter is priceless and a true treasure. Thank you for joining Where Flowers Bloom, Beth. Your post is beautiful.

  8. Congratulations on the last graduate. The coaster is so sweet and based on your mini tutorial seems like it will be pretty easy.Thanks

  9. lovely coaster! Great idea to shrink the pattern!

  10. You have such beautiful pictures of flowers in this post….it made me very happy. I am sure your mom is really happy with the cute coaster you made for her as well.

  11. Thanks for the tutorial! Your flowers are beautiful!

  12. Congrats of the youngest graduating. It will start a new chapter in your life for sure. Love the flowers…each and every one of them. Perfect coaster for the hot summer days coming up too!

  13. So many lovely flower pics and family photos. Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation! Your coaster is so sweet and beautiful…love the purple!

  14. Flowers are beautiful. Thanks for participating.

  15. So many gorgeous flowers! Fun coaster too.

  16. annalutzbrown

    Very cute would make a great mug rug too…ty for sharing…. happyness04431@yahoo.com

  17. I love your coaster/mug rug. I’ve seen tuts for the way you added the binding; I must give it a try. Beautiful flower pictures – all that’s missing is the fragrance.

  18. joymcd305716439

    How cute is that coaster!! And lots of lovely flowers, thanks for sharing! xx

  19. Pretty flowers, beautiful people and cute flower coaster/mug rug … 🙂 Pat

  20. I love mug rugs, and yours is very cute!

  21. What a cute coaster! Love how you added the binding. I really enjoyed looking at all your lovely flowers pictures.

  22. One can never have enough coasters and yours is especially pretty! Such a smart way to use the backing fabric turned to the front for binding.

  23. Sherry Stevens

    Great coaster idea for spring and summer. I am amazed that you were able to make this happen. Your pictures of flowers are lovely too.

  24. Lovely little coaster project, and so fun for the summer time drinks.

  25. What a cute coaster! Thanks for sharing. Love the flower pics, and congrats on getting all of the kids out of school!

  26. Cute mug rug. I chased the pattern for this yesterday and spent a lot of time finding a lot of other interesting ones that would make a good mug rug and then I forgot to come back here to thank you properly. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I do like how you bound the edge. I might have to give that way a try.

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  29. Brenda~Songbird Designs

    Very nice coaster! I love the colors you chose!!

  30. Congratulations to the graduate! Love all of the beautiful flowers in the garden – you did a great job shrinking them down to coaster size!

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