A Finish for the 4th

I had the whole day off from both jobs on the 4th and boy did I need it! I spent a large part of the day sewing. As I fell on Monday and jammed my knee, I was pretty thankful that I can sew with either foot! So, I finished this quilt that is heading off to my brother in California. I’m hoping he’ll like it.

This is my first official UFO for the summer. I’m hoping to finish a few more while I’m off school. Next on my list is this one.

I had to do some changes to the blocks so there was less yellow and white and more purple. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to make a second quilt to use up the other blocks that will be left over!

This morning, I added 16 more blocks to the approximately 100 I’ll need.

I’m hoping to lay the whole quilt out tomorrow and see how many more I need. I’ll post more tomorrow.

Happy quilting,


One response to “A Finish for the 4th

  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I hope your knee is doing better…no fun to fall!

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