“Call the Nurse” Evokes an Earlier, Simpler Time


“Call the Nurse,” a memoir by Mary J. MacLeod is a gentle and touching story of life on a remote Scottish Island in the early 70’s. Although MacLeod’s patients were generally of the two-legged variety, this book reminds me of James Herriott in all the best ways. MacLeod and her family left the hustle and bustle of big-city living to work as the local nurse on Papavray. Her position as an outsider who has privileged access to the lives of the locals gives her story a depth that would never exist without the contrast between life as she’s always known it and life in this small community.
The stories are a blend of touching, humorous and sometimes bizarre accounts of the cases, the hardships, and the terrific sense of community that existed in the remote islands. You’ll find an enchanting cast of characters in “Call the Nurse,” some fascinating cases, and an overwhelming love that the author cherishes for both the place and the people. My only warning about this book is that you may decide you’d like to run off to a remote island yourself!
This book was provided to me by Arcade Publishing and is currently schedule for release in April, 2013. The opinions in this review are entirely my own.

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