Join Me for a Bite (well, virtually!)

The tradition in our family is a heart-shaped dinner for Valentines Day.  Only this year, conflicting schedules pushed dinner back to Sunday.  I can’t really invite everyone for dinner but I thought I’d give you virtual tour of the dinner I’d serve you if you came for Valentine’s.


There’s salad, of course, with heart-shaped pieces of red pepper.  Sarah also managed to cut the carrots so that they were heart-shaped but they didn’t get in the picture (shy carrots.)


Corn bread, gluten-free from a new recipe I cobbled together off several from the internet.


Killer meat loaf, my husband’s boss gave us the recipe and it is fabulous!  There are two because we have the gluten and non-gluten versions.  Out of the picture, there is also a turkey version for me.


The final heart-shaped item is gluten-free chocolate cake.  Oh, and there were garlic mashed potatoes, too, but you have to shape those yourself if you want a heart!

I also took a “bite” out of my next finish last night.  We girls watched Once Upon a Time and I made the binding for my Kaleidoscope Quilt.  Today is no school and no daycare kids for me so I’m planning to do what Flylady calls a “15 minute day.”  That’s where you set your timer for 15 minutes and tackle one task for 15 minutes straight.  When the timer rings, you head to the next task.  After three sessions, you get 15 minutes to play or rest then back to your projects.  I figure my play and rest time will be sewing and with any luck I’ll have the house in some semblance of order for the week and time to scallop and attach my binding!

Happy quilting! Oh, and eating, I guess I should say that after all those food pictures!

3 responses to “Join Me for a Bite (well, virtually!)

  1. Are you willing to share you killer meatloaf recipe? Both of them!!! 🙂

  2. So nice that you were able to do a gluten free dessert. Everything looks delicious.

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