“The Fiddler” Strikes a Lovely Note

Two young adults meet by chance (or is it fate?) during the midst of a storm. Both are struggling to balance the desires of their hearts with the expectations of their parents. Despite their obvious differences (he’s Amish, she’s not) there is an immediate connection between these two seeking souls.
Amelia Devries is a concert violinist, perfectly poised to reach the greatest heights in her career…but unsure if that is what she wants. Michael Hostetler longs for peace in his family but isn’t sure he can commit the rest of his life to living Plain.
Beverly Lewis does a lovely bit of writing in “The Fiddler” and keeps her characters real and her story well-paced. This is not a “love at first sight, sweep you off your feet” story, in fact, the love story is really secondary to the decisions and self-awareness that both Amelia and Michael must gain to decide which life is right for each of them and how to best pursue it. For me, this was a “read through in one sitting” book. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the glimpse into Amish life, and the realistic struggles of the characters. Just like the characters, there were times I wasn’t sure what the right choice was for them and so the ending was quite delightful.
Another thing I enjoyed about this book it that you could share it with a reading friend from middle school on up. I think women of all ages will enjoy this finely crafted story about finding your own right way to live.
This book was provided to me by Bethany House for this review.

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