Welcome to Area 51!

I am, as you may know, a self-crowned queen of UFOs and I have the piles of quilt tops, blocks, partially pieced tops, quilts that just need a binding, a sleeve or small thing that will back up my claim. So, of course when Joan at MooseStashQuilting.com announced a UFO blog hop…well, who could resist? Certainly not me…especially when I have such a stack of good options! The question of which UFO to finish was easy, though.

Last year, my niece was nominated for her first Emmy for casting the animated show, “Baby Shark.” We were, to say the least, super, super excited! And then, in a late-night phone chat helping a friend shop for fabric…there is was! Baby Shark fabric! It was meant to be! I mean, how many times is there going to be fabric tied to a super special life event for one of my favorite people?

So, I started a big-star quilt with the idea of a fishy-border. My plan was to have it ready for her birthday but, well, a combination of things kept me from finishing. What stops your progress on a quilt? I’ve noticed that I can stutter to a stop on a project for a lot of reasons: not being able to see the next thing, worrying that it won’t come out as well as I imagined it, and the biggest reason of all – another new project comes along (AKA “Oh look, a squirrel!”)

But, this hop came along and that was tops on my UFO’s to finish list. Funny story, I also finished it a week early because I thought the hop was last week!

So, here’s to Baby Shark and my wonderful, talented niece who cast it!

I was able to ship it to my niece and she loved it! And, there’s a UFO off my list…now if I could just convice Carla to do this once a month for the next oh, ten years, I could make a dent in my list…LOL! Big thanks to Joan for a much needed kick of excitement and encouragement!

Be sure to hop over and see the other bloggers and then come back in a couple of weeks….I’m going to see if I can get a UFO from a previous hop finished and off my list, too!

Happy quilting!


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15 responses to “Welcome to Area 51!

  1. That was exciting news about your niece and a wonderful quilt created for her too! Nicely done Beth and I agree we need a UFO blog hop at least one or 2 times a year to help us finish up the other blog hops we join in, lol!!! I see a lot of people who get the top done, but not quilted or make a few blocks and then stuff happens and they don’t finish, so we sure need more “Get er Done” Blog Hops for sure!!!

  2. Carol Kussart

    I LOVE the star with the baby shark fabric. Congrats to your niece on her Emmy nomination–wow, how special!! I agree with more hops for UFO finishes–would help us all, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is just the cutest quilt. I’m sure your niece was jumping for joy or should I say swimming for joy! LOL!! That fabric is so darn cute. Your right about why we get side tracked and why so many things become UFO’s. I agree with more hops dealing with our never ending stacks of UFOs… and PIGS. I haven’t even looked at my tote of those crazy things yet. hahahaha

  4. Congrats on getting that done! How fun your niece was nominated for an Emmy! I have yet to see baby shark…but I know one day I will when there are grands about!

  5. Beautiful quilt, congratulations on getting it finished. I will have to check out Baby Shark. I love the colors in the quilt!

  6. Great finish with Baby Shark! And how fun to send it to your niece! 🙂

  7. Now that was sure serendipitous. What a lovely quilt to finish and what a wonderful way to commemorate a great moment for her.

  8. Area 51, you crack me up. I think every blog hop could be a chance to figure out a UFO finish if you’re creative enough. Those themes are quite loose. LOL Next month you could be stitching a binding on a trip…
    Love your baby shark quilt and the story of why you made it. Congrats on your finish!

  9. Area 51, yes I have heard about that. Your quilt is really pretty and those colors are so calming. The sharks are a nice touch too.

  10. I totally agree with you about having a motivation by a blog hop or something to get me and those creative souls like us to finish those half done projects. Your shark quilt is so special for your niece. I love the design and the border fish as well as the shark fabric is just perfect for the project. Hooray for the finish.

  11. I love your baby shark quilt the fishie border really sets it off.

  12. Beth your quilt is a perfect celebration of your niece’s success. Congrats to her on the recognition and to you for the finish! I use Quilting Gail’s PHD challenge to help me finish my UFOs., but there are still too many in the ToBeQuilted bins. 😉

  13. lynn bourgeois

    Beth I love your quilt, and having a zillion UFO’s is a lifestyle. There are many of us. The creative urge to start another idea is difficult if not impossible to deny. Never deny those creative urges, let the squirrels have their day!

  14. How awesome for your niece! And such a great quilt for her. It turned out fantastic!

  15. Congratulations on your quilt finish! It’s gorgeous and I bet your niece loves it!! You are definitely not alone with your pile of UFOs!!

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