Stitching Sunshine (with cats)

Today’s my day on the Stitching Sunshine blog hop and I’m seriously in need of some brightness. I’m not going to lie, Father’s Day was rough and our wedding anniversary is Saturday so lots sorrow going on here. And the perfect way to combat it…. with some stitching!

I don’t create alone, though. I have a full staff of furry design assistants.

They make sure cutting is safe and accurate…
Ensure mandatory rest breaks are taken.
And supervise their dog-brother (although I see them shaking their heads about him. )

Despite their help, I managed to piece this little quilt. The sunflower center was a free block on line at and the free- form letters were from the book “Word Play” quilts.

Photographing it was another thing all together…

And after many choruses of, “Griff, get off the quilt for just a minute” there is this…

My plan is to scallop the edges and bind it in white to make it look like a postage stamp.

Special thanks to Carla at Creatin in the Sticks for putting this together and herding her own set of Cats….I mean bloggers! Be sure to visit her blog for a terrific giveaway.

And, just in case anyone had any doubts, my nephew sent me this crazy cat lady mug…Milo approved!

Here’s the full line up for today!

Wednesday, June 24th


Podunk Pretties

Homespun Hannah’s Blog
Ridge Top Quilts
Words & Stitches
Storied Quilts
Ms P Designs USA
selina quilts

Happy quilting!


31 responses to “Stitching Sunshine (with cats)

  1. What a nice little quilt, the scalloped edges sound like it will be the perfect fit. It congers up memories of playing on the beach 🙂

  2. Your quilt is charming, and your idea for finishing it off sounds great!

  3. I have never tried the free form words, you have a knack for it!

  4. Pamela Jean Richards

    LOVE your fur babies — I get too much help as well! Your wall hanging is beautiful — I may have to do this so I can put it in my sewing room in Florida!

  5. What a great project for the Hop!! I like your scallop idea. That’s going to make is SEW cute!

  6. Carol Kussart

    Love your project! So appropriate!

  7. I love your choice of colors, the blue really drew me in. Hope to see its finish.

  8. What a beautiful piece of sunshine and your fur babies are such great assistants. Lucky you! I love how they help you with photos, sewing, and keeping your couch warm. Gotta love those little babies! I’m sure Father’s Day was tough and your anniversary with be even harder. I’ll be thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. Thanks for sharing your rays of sunshine!

  9. That is really cute. Obviously, the kitties have done a thorough investigation before approval.

  10. Such a beautiful quilt. Making it look like a postage stamp is a great idea.

  11. Super cute, Beth! Love seeing your design assistants hard at work!

  12. Hi Beth! Oh, I love all the photos and all the ‘help’ you are given in your projects. Griff just cracks me up – get off for just a minute. HAHA! Nice job. ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. What a fun and fur baby approved quilt! I have to laugh at your predicament…I have the same inspectors around here and they are very busy when the camera comes out. Just why is that???? LOL!!

  14. What a great quilt! Makes me want to seas the day! Looks like Griff is not only inspecting it, he’s taking possession of it! LOL Thanks for brightening my day!

  15. I love your support team. Your quilt is almost as wonderful as your team. It is a great quilt and the scalloped edge sounds like a terrific idea.

  16. Really nice quilt. ‘Love that sun. Scalloped edges will be really pretty for it.

  17. Adorable quilt. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Awww, your assistants are joyful! Love this quilt and the edges will be perfect. I love the suspense of seeing it complete. I can just picture it as you describe.
    Let those assistants give you lots of love through these rough times. I can’t imagine what you are going through and pray for a little comfort for you from those furry family assistants.

  19. This is a cute quilt! I love the idea of scalloped edges with white trim! Hopefully your assistants permit you to finish it! 🙂

  20. Cats and dog approved? Perfect for some sunny inspiration for all of us out here. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see the finish with scalloped edges? Sending a hug. I’m sure these are sad, lonely anniversaries to experience.

  21. Maryellen McAuliffe

    Fun quilt and post.

  22. thatfabricfeelingcom

    Crazy cat lady maybe…and so talented too. Your furry assistants are great additions but clearly you are the one with the real sense of humor in that house!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful project and what a clever idea to make it look like a postage stamp. I love adding words to quilts and perhaps I’ll have to do that with my next scrappy creation. thanks for the smiles and inspiration.

  23. Absolutely love your quilt. It would be perfect in my granddaughter’s home. They recently moved to Florida and she love turquoise/aqua/teal,

  24. What a fun quilt! I’m happy to see that your assistants approve as well.

  25. Cute quilt and I like your furry assistants.

  26. Cool project Beth, love the idea of the scalloped edges.

  27. You’ve created a happy sunny project which your fur babies approve of. Thank you for adding some extra joy to my day 🙂

  28. I use “Good Grief” all the time and when I saw your “Griff….” I immediately thought I’d say, “Good Grief, Griff. …” Your quilt is perfect for this Sunshiny hop. Your days ahead will be a bit better…you bring sunshine to others with your quilting.

  29. Fun quilt and I am so glad you had your assistants to help you along. They are wonderful too. Made me smile.

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