My Favourite Quilt Block Blog Hop

Welcome to the “My Favorite Quilt Block” blog hop hosted by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks!

I, as you may know, have a very favourite block that I never get tired of….Sawtooth Stars.

I’ve made tons of these. Usually with a novelty print in the center. But this time I decided to try all one color star.

This is a throw for a recently wedded couple I know. I love how strong the graphic is with these solid stars. In fact, I’m planning my next one already! I found that I could get the star pieces for three blocks out of one fat quarter. I had every hope of having this quilted and bound but life has imposed in a rather big and scary way (more on that later but prayers, good thoughts, healing thoughts, etc. to my husband would be appreciated.)

So, off to the rest of the hop… please visit all the talented quilters!

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Tuesday, September 10th
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Friday, September 13th

46 responses to “My Favourite Quilt Block Blog Hop

  1. Great quilt, I like sawtooth stars too. Healing thoughts for your husband

  2. Really pretty. I also love sawtooth stars blocks.

  3. Really pretty. I also love sawtooth stars blocks.

  4. Sawtooth Stars are so versatile. Yours are beautiful! Love those reds.

  5. Lovely quilt! I like star blocks!

  6. Hi Beth! I agree with you on your love of sawtooth stars. I would have to say they are my favorite block as well. At least until I see someone present a different block that I love! HAHA! I will certainly add your husband to my prayers. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. I really like the sawtooth stars too, but have only made one piece that contained one of them lol. Your quilt is lovely. Best of luck to your husband.

  8. Hugs and prayers for you and your husband. Bless your heart, you are amazing to have your sawtooth stars quilt for us to see. Love it. That is a great block, I agree.

  9. Stars are my favorite blocks, too! Prayers being said for your husband

  10. Sawtooth stars were my favorite up til (i’ll post my favorite tomorrow). I love the throw one color stars pop so well. I will include your hubby in my prayers the best to you both.


    Love the solid colors. Prayers for your husband and you.

  12. You made a beautiful quilt out of those Sawtooth Stars…love it! Prayers and positive thoughts for hubby. xo

  13. Love the colors and very pretty. Prayers for your hubby and family coming your way.

  14. I never get tired of Sawtooth Stars either. I love your fabrics and colors. Total #CreativeGoodness

  15. Pretty colors!

  16. The quilt is so beautiful

  17. Sawtooth Star is one of my favorite blocks, too. Pretty quilt. Nice background fabric. Thanks for sharing … 🙂 Pat

  18. This is a beautiful block and quilt! I pray your husband is ok. We’ve had our own scares this summer.

  19. It will be a lovely finish and your background fabric is interesting. I hope I don’t miss the finish.


  21. Rosalind me Gutierrez

    Love the Star quilt.

  22. Star blocks are my favorite as well! I am wondering how many we will see on this hop 😁. I love the colors you used.

    I hope your husband feels better soon, life definitely has a way of messing with our plans doesn’t it?

  23. Sending you prayers and strength for you and your husband. Give the health providers clarity in their mission and give you peace and warm thoughts of healing.

  24. Sawtooth Stars – another great versatile block! Love yours!

  25. Your project is lovely. All the best to your husband.

  26. Love stars as well – so versatile & a great way to use up smaller bits & pieces! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  27. What a great block! It is also one of my favorites because it is so versatile. Love the colors you chose for your project. The bright colors against that background really pop!

  28. Wonderful quilt, but life does take over in ways we would prefer it didn’t. Prayers for you and your husband.

  29. Love the classic sawtooth star and really like your background fabric.

  30. Sawtooth Stars are always so eye-catching and classic! I will add your sweet husband to my prayers…be strong!

  31. Very very nice I have 3 baby quilts to do be for summer and this is a cool idea..

  32. Gorgeous quilt. I love the graphic print in the background. Sending my best for your husband! Hugs to all of you.

  33. Lovely! Sawtooth Stars are among my favorites too! Best wishes to both you and your husband.

  34. Love the sawtooth star. It’s one of my favourites. Hope your husband is doing better. 😄 Carol

  35. A favorite of mine, too, and really easy to make them, either scrappy or one-color. And fun no matter how it’s colored. Your piece looks great! Best wishes for your husband, whatever it is he needs.

  36. Your saw tooth stars are beautiful. Praying for your husband (and you too)!!

  37. Love your quilt! The stars seem so cheerful!

  38. I can never have enough of stars! It’s a can’t fail block! Thanks for showing your latest star project and prayers for God to show up in your situation!

  39. Thanks for sharing in the Hop! You’ve got a great quilt in the making. Best of luck for a full and speedy recovery for your DH!!

  40. Saw tooth Star is a very good block–Thanks for sharing your ideas and Get Well to your husband.

  41. Oh, lovely stars!! I love how you used all the same colors… thanks for sharing! xx

  42. Love the stars! And I’m hoping that your husband’s health issues are resolved soon.

  43. THose stars really pop with that muted background!

  44. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I love saw-tooth stars as well, Beth! Prayers for your husband’s health issues that they will resolve soon. And prayers for you as you support him.

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