Houston Memories!

Oh my goodness…. Houston! Where do I even start? The people, first of all… the amazing group from Just Wanna Quilt took me in like we’d been rooming together for years. Judy, Carol, Jeanette and Allyson were terrific roommates and Elizabeth Townsend Gard and the rest of the booth crew were so fun to hang out with!

I met amazing people like Leah Day, Jenny from Missouri Star and Sarah from Social Justice Sewing League.

And I was adopted by a group of quilters from the UK and Texas for the Saturday evening event.

And the quilts….oh my. Some of the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen. Each photo should have a matching photo with the maker’s information. These are some of my favorites. This will be part one…. more adventure memories to follow.

One response to “Houston Memories!

  1. These quilts are amazing. I can’t imagine finishing any of them. Thank you for including the write-ups. It must have been wonderful to attend. quiltyladyrr@gmail.com

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