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The wonderful Carol at Just Let Me Quilt has put together another fun hop!  Of course, my life is always pretty much the Festival of the Last Minute and it’s here and, well, I’m very close to done! Is anyone else old enough to remember the days when women would set their hair in curlers and sometimes have to run out to the grocery with a scarf tied around the knobby evidence of their upcoming important event?  Well, my little quilt reminds me of one of those ladies in their colorful scarves.  I was just sitting down to hand-stitch the binding when I was called into work rather urgently.  So, here’s my cute little quilt with its wonder-clip accessories.


If you’ve visited before, you may know that I am a prodigious creator of UFO’s and I’m trying to whittle the list down a bit.  (When my oldest was little, I got her to promise she’d finish all my UFO’s if something happened to me but when she got older she insisted she’d been duped and would only commit to six.  That leaves me with, well, let’s not talk numbers right now.)  This little quilt was from a wonderful day I got to spend in a class with Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  The class title is “Love Shack” and, to my knowledge, it doesn’t show up in any of the Bonnie Hunter books but has an amazing combination of Bonnie’s blocks and methods (all of which you could learn from either her wonderful tutorials or her books.)

I could totally see myself making an entire quilt of the house blocks but, um, that would defeat the “I finished a UFO” concept.  However, I do have an amazing set of house blocks from an exchange years ago.

So, in other news, I’ve gotten very into a new podcast I found called, “Just Wanna Quilt.”  I’m having a blast binging on the back episodes and there is an amazing interview with Tula Pink and Mary Fons!  You can find the podcast in a variety of places but I found mine on an app called Stitcher. (No affiliation, I’m just newer to podcasts and you might be, too.)  The best thing about these podcasts is that I feel like I get to hang out with other quilters right in the middle of my ridiculously busy life.  Driving back and forth between jobs is so much more fun now!

So, that’s all for tonight.  I’m heading to bed because I have about six hours to re-charge before running back out the door.  Be sure to hop over to the other great bloggers and drop back at Carol’s place at Just Let Me Quilt to enter for a great prize!

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40 responses to “Welcome to My House!

  1. What a cute finish! I have never seen the “Love Shack” block from Bonnie. I just had to laugh at the thought of the women with scarf over their curlers. I never saw my mother-in-law out in public with curlers or hair pins, but she always had a “bonnet” – a scarf or a plastic cover for her hair when it rained. The plastic covers were folded up and were giveaways at the beauty salon or the bank often. She always had pin curls with crisscrossed bobby pins in her hair at home. Her hair was always short. Her son divorced me shortly before she got severe dementia. I saw her once after that many years later. No one in the family bother to care for her hair and it was long and stringy. It was sad. If I had known, I would have paid for it out of my own money. She was the grandmother of my children. I wouldn’t go out of the house in curlers due to those memories. You quilt is adorable and I’m glad you got another UFO off your list. It is fun and whimsical. Thanks for participating in the hop.

  2. Lol. had to laugh at the very cut and dried number of UFOs you are allowed to leave. Congrats on getting your UFO to “knobbly scarf” stage, I’m sure it will get finished from here.

  3. I was blessed with naturally curly hair, so never had to suffer with curlers in my hair…but I do have lots of UFOs. I liked your house. Come visit me on Wednesday at my house.

  4. Lol..great post, very neat piece

  5. What a colorful and fun project!

  6. I love that your daughter thinks she was “duped” into agreeing to finish your UFO’s. My daughters would just say, “heck no!” to finishing mine. LOL I love your house quilt and all the fun things going on with it. It has a happy feel to it which is something we all need around us. Thank you, Beth, for joining in the hop and sharing your adorable quilt. I hope you got at least a few hours sleep after your busy day!

  7. That is such a fun quilt, and your post had me smiling and chuckling all the way through. UFOs? Yeah, I got ’em too. I might have to talk with my daughter and see if I can get her to agree to finishing some of mine! Haha!

  8. Great post, thanks for sharing your cute quilt. I’m going to check out the podcast.

  9. Great post! I just wanna quilt is one of my favorite podcasts- love your eclectic quilt – very colorful!

  10. Cute piece even if it still has some of its curlers still in. Anything Bonnie sews together is so wonderful. You did good.

  11. Well I do remember those ladies with curlers in their hair, but I never had to do that as I have naturally curly hair, ha! I love your scrappy little house quilt, it’s darling.

  12. O dear! I need find someone that will make that very same commitment to my unfinished quilts! And make atleast one quilt from every book I own! eeeshe!

  13. Very cute quilt! Thanks for sharing it.

  14. Now that’s what I’m talking about…I love those scrappy quilts and these little houses are just perfect! I wish I had the courage to put my hair up in curlers and run to the grocery store! LOL!! I can’t but what I see there some days is just downright scary. hahahaha

  15. I love your project and yes I remember wearing those curlers, I did not go out in public with them in but my mom did quite often. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Have a great week.

  16. Sweet Houses.Will enjoy checking out the other bloggers posts as I also love houses ….

  17. The Love Shack is just too cute. I remember my mom going out with the kerchief over her rollers. I can say I never did, but that is only because my hair has always been long and I never put it in rollers. Maybe I should start now that I am a great gramma!

  18. This is such a colorful quilt! I’m going to have to search for someone to finish my UFO’s. I wonder why I always start new projects? Wonderful post!

  19. Well done. Our UFO’s are always present in the back of our minds. I wouldn’t want to do a count of mine. It may be scary. I love starting projects but I not very good at finishing them. lol

  20. I love reading your posts! I think it would be so much fun to be your friend….but I think you are full to bursting as it is 🙂
    Anyway, your quilt is joyful and wonky, full of movement and color! Thanks for your post and your sense of humor!

  21. Very cute quilt, with house and lovely blocks!
    The scrappy look is wonderful.

  22. Love Bonnie Hunter. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Your Love Shack quilt is sew cute. I love Bonnie’s patterns. Thanks for sharing in the hop … 🙂 Pat

  24. This is a fun project to make and would make a great Christmas present.

  25. Great job sticking to your guns about UFOs. I need to follow your lead. Your little quilt from the “Love Shack” class is too cute for words. Thanks for sharing the podcast info. I need something on my commute. THis might be it.

  26. What fun! And great job on finishing up your UFO- this one is really beautiful! Thanks!

  27. Ohhh yess love bonnie hunter. …Ty for sharing this I gave a bunch of these blocks done up…great idea…. happyness04431@yahoo.com

  28. Very fun! And I’m right there with you with the UFO’s…..!

  29. ufos abound here at my house too!

  30. What a cute quilt. I kinda like the look of the Wonder Cllips. 🙂 UFOs are my bain; sounds as though we have huge #s – well…at least, I have!!

  31. What a darling house quilt! I love the wonky setting. I had to laugh reading your story about the curlers and scarf. My mother used to keep her hair in curlers until 30 minutes before my dad was due home from work. What a funny wonderful memory you made me think of. Thanks!

  32. Your quilt is so bright & cheerful. I haven’t tried pieced letters yet but it is on my bucket list.

    Thank you for sharing.

  33. Cute little quilt. Love the accessories😉😉

  34. thatfabricfeelingcom

    This is lovely. What a welcoming project.

  35. Thank you for the link to Just Wanna Quilt, I’ll be listening to some podcasts now ~

  36. So so cute!! Ha, my daughter will never finish my ufos.. in fact she was annoyed that I was finishing hers 🙂 xx

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