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Merry Christmas

From my hectic home to yours…. Merry Christmas…

Just a wee bit of progress…

Oh, the holidays…I do love them but the whole 2-job, grading time, busy bees at the chocolate shop, trying to squeeze the season into the margins…and find time to quilt! (I’m not complaining here, really, because I love my crazy, busy life. ) It took me all week to get the last clue for Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt. I’m take the slow approach this year and really focusing on increasing my accuracy. Even after 35 years, there’s room to improve.

I made a dozen triangle units and then moved on to this week’s clue and made….wait for it…..2/3 of one set. Whew! That’s kinda hard to admit. But it’s ok. As the week goes on, I’ll try to steal more time to work on these while figuring out where the tree lights are and when to put them up.

In the meantime, I’m busy enjoying seeing everyone’s progress and sewing vicariously. Here’s a few pictures from our tree adventure on Saturday.

Hopefully, when it comes time for next week’s link up, the tree will be decorated and the gifts under it.

Happy quilting!


Good Fortune and More Houston Memories

Ok, I wasn’t gonna do it… I’m the queen of UFOs…. but it’s a Bonnie Hunter mystery! I had to scrounge every piece of orange I had around but I think I will be OK. (I added one whole piece of orange in Houston… sigh. ) I may still consider switching orange for something else but we’ll see. )

The first clue was easy little four patches. I decided to simply do a dozen at a time.

Now, part two of Houston… this was the most amazing array of quilts! I’ve tried to make sure each one has its attribution card.

I’ll add more later… there are even more beautiful quilts to share but now I’m going to quilt!

Happy quilting,


Houston Memories!

Oh my goodness…. Houston! Where do I even start? The people, first of all… the amazing group from Just Wanna Quilt took me in like we’d been rooming together for years. Judy, Carol, Jeanette and Allyson were terrific roommates and Elizabeth Townsend Gard and the rest of the booth crew were so fun to hang out with!

I met amazing people like Leah Day, Jenny from Missouri Star and Sarah from Social Justice Sewing League.

And I was adopted by a group of quilters from the UK and Texas for the Saturday evening event.

And the quilts….oh my. Some of the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen. Each photo should have a matching photo with the maker’s information. These are some of my favorites. This will be part one…. more adventure memories to follow.

Pick a Pumpkin Blog Hop!

Carla, at Creatin’ in the Sticks put together a fun pumpkin hop just in time for all the lovely fall colors.  It’s been a beautiful fall here in the Pacific Northwest with leaves scurrying across sunlit streets as I drive to work in the morning and occasionally that beautiful shade of fall blue sky with white clouds scudding quickly accross that just makes fall one of the most beautiful times of the year.  So, I’ve been working hard on my UFO’s and I had a little pumpkin just waiting to be a finished.  I was inspired by Bonnie Hunter’s string pumpkins when I was watching her Quilt Cam.  I thought about doing an entire quilt of pumpkins but realized that there will have to be a LOT more orange in my stash before I can attempt it.  No, seriously, I came up with about three orange strips in my 2″ strip bin…there may be serious shopping ahead!

So, I made a little pumpkin pillow to go with my recently finished “BOO!” top!


And, speaking of shopping…this quilter is going to…wait for it…Houston!  For the Quilt Festival!  To meet up with a bunch of the Just Wanna Quilt Quilting Army!  OK, I am officially excited!  (Except when I’m officially nervous! lol) There will be many, many photos coming so keep watching.  In the meantime, go and visit the super talented group of quilters that have fun pumpkin projects to share!

Happy quilting!



Monday, November 5th
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Peek A Who Blog Hop

It’s been one of the hops I look forward to ever year…the Halloween Hop from Marian at Seams to be Sew.  I don’t know if people realize how much work goes into putting on a hop but Marian is the soul of graciousness and so fun!  And, of course, special thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop and Timeless Treasures for their generous sponsorship.  So, my Halloween quilt….about four years ago, I won a fun basket of Halloween fabrics at the door prize drawing at my quilt guild.


And, of course, with all the fun, spooky fabric…I needed to make a quilt!  Perfect for the Halloween hop, right?  Let’s just start with cutting everything into 2″ strips and start there.

I had been working on a combination of stars and squares and thought I’d just whip this up for Halloween.  Well, I realized I would miss the deadline so I decided to make an alternate Halloween piece.  The next year, I was sure I’d get finished but, well…not so much.

Last year, I put year 2 together with my progress and this year…it’s a flimsy!!!


The eyes are a paper-pieced pattern from Soma at Whims & Fancies.  The words are free-pieced a la Tonya from Word Play Quilts (a great book if you can find it.) Kudos to my inventive hubby who figured out how to photograph this while he was home alone…inventive use of binder clips for the win! (It was too sunny when I left for work and would be dark when I got home today.)   Now, I have to admit that I didn’t have a lot of Halloween fabrics when I started this but quite the collection has crept into my stash as I worked my way through the basket.  I’m thinking that there is another Halloween quilt in my future.  (I’m thinking start now for next year…or the year after…lol!)

Now, there’s a fun giveaway going on…a wonderful bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Fat Quartershop

You can click here to enter.

And, there’s more!  There’s an awesome fabric bundle from Timeless Treasures is up for grabs here.  And, on top of that, there’s a free pattern at Seams to be Sew each day of the hop!  Sew much fun!


Monday, October 22, 2018

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Thanks so much for hopping by and stay tuned…there is much fun coming up!

Happy quilting!








Show and Tell…a finished one!


I’m so excited to show you my row project! If you have books and cats, you need somewhere to put them…

A quilty kitty bookcase. Suitable for hanging on your wall or cuddling on your couch.

(Daughter not included. )  This is the first time I’ve finished my show and tell effort and I’m so excited to have it done!  (OK, full disclosure…I need to finish hand-sewing down the sleeve.) I tried the wavy organic lines on the quilting and, while I love how it looks, I have to say that I couldn’t get my walking foot to not threaten puckers so I did them free-hand which was kind of stressful.  If there’s interest, I’ll be happy to post directions but, in a nutshell, I just raided my scrap strip drawers and made random sizes…books were 7″, 8″, 10″ or as small at 6″ finished with enough background to create a 12.5″ unifinished book.  I added another 2.5″ book to the original row and the quilt finished around 40″x50″.  2.5″ brown strips between the rows made shelves and I think I used just about every inch of the lovely Northcott fabric I used for the background!

There’s a giveaway today, too, from the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop!  (A $25.00 gift certificate!)  We just couldn’t have had all this fun without Marian at Seams to be Sew and be sure to check out her blog for more fun things coming up!  And many, many thanks to our sponsors…you all are the bestest!

Displaying FQS-logo.jpg

You can enter here.   But don’t wait too long!

Be sure to visit the other designers…everyone has been such fun on this hop.  I can hardly wait to see what next year brings!

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And that’s everything for now!  But come back soon, there’s lots more quilty fun coming up!

Happy quilting,


My Happy Place!


First, before we talk about my happy place, let’s give credit where credit is due…Marian at Seams to be Sew puts a TON of work into organizing this row along and she is just the best to work with!  And Northcott, well, let’s just say that they are the best, too!  Every designer in the hop got to choose fabric to put in their row…which might have been the hardest part of the process because, oh my, there was some amazing stuff! And even more sponsors came on board to make this a fun and prize-filled event! I have the awesome opportunity for one reader to win an inspired LED sewing machine light!  (I’m thinking I really need one of these!  You will need to pay shipping if you win…but still, imagine having all that clear light under your needle!) You can enter here.

You can also enter to win an EQ8 here!  If you’ve never played with quilting software, well, let’s just say it is almost as fun as sewing!  I’m telling you, we have such awesome sponsors and I’m so grateful for their support of this hop!



Now, I must admit that I sometimes feel out of my depth with all the amazing designs that come out of this hop.  I’m really a piecer and I cannot fuse to save my life!  (I also can’t grow zuchini…go figure!)  And I’m a novice designer so I tend to do things that a beginner can do.

As for my happy place, I was awash in too many ideas!  I had a landscape in mind which was why I choose the fabrics I did.  Think water and clouds.  My ideas just wouldn’t jell and finally I came around to another idea of something that always makes me happy…the furbabies!  Going clockwise, let me introduce you to Milo, Griffie, Gizmo, Zoe, Jack and Winnie (shhh…don’t tell Winnie you saw her…she’s an expert hidy-cat.)


So, what else makes me happy?  Books, of course!  Ever since I was little, books were where I went to find a happy place.  I spent hours reading and re-reading my favorites and wishing I could slip away into Green Gables (surely Marilla and Anne would take me in?), solve mysteries with Freddie and Flossie (I was blonde, too, would they really notice?) or slip into the garret with Jo March where we would scribble away at the novels that would bring us fame and, more importantly, our names on the spines of books!  My love of books never diminished and so I decided to blend the two in my row.


This is my row…books & cats!  It’s simple with straight-forward piecing.  However, it’s very versatile and I’ll look forward to showing you what I made with it next week.  If you’d like to download the instructions, you can get them here.

I really hope you like my little row, it’s simple but quick and fun and great way to use up fun fabric bits.  My fabric from Northcott is the background (9020-10 with the beautiful textured look) and Northcott’s Naturescape blue (the beautiful watery blue)and, co-incidentally, the grey cat is made from leftovers from last year’s Northcott fabrics that I used in my Silver Bells row.

The rowing crew for today are

Words & Stitches | True Blue Quilts | Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse
Meanderings Along Lizard Creek | Creativeblonde

And our full list of wonderful sponsors for today are

Electric Quilt
Michael Miller Fabrics
Hoffman Fabrics
Anita Goodesign
Kimberbell Designs

Please be sure to visit our sponsors and let them know you enjoyed the row hop!  I’ll see you back here in a week with my show and tell quilt…it’s already basted and ready to quilt!

Happy quilting!





Sew Much to Tell…

OK, I’m typing this on my lunch break from Job 1 (which is better than trying to tap it out on my phone from Job 2) and there’s so much to tell that I’m going with the Cliff’s Notes Version…because my life has been like this lately (but in a good way, too.)


This is sort of what my face looks like on the inside when I’m rushing  around like a crazy lady!

So here’s the happy dance list and there is a lot, lot, lot of happy dance!

  1.  My Happy Place Row Along!  It’s started, it’s a thing, it’s fun and free and fabulous and my day is coming!  (Schedule posted below.)  There are amazing prizes so check them out!
  2. I’m going to Houston for the Quilt Festival!  I’ll be volunteering in the Just Wanna Quilt Booth so let me know if you’re going!
  3. I’m on a podcast!  Bip over to Just Wanna Quilt and listen.  Elizabeth Townsend Gard is soooo fun to listen to!
  4. I’m losing it…in a good way!  On August 13th I stopped eating sweets and I am actually seeing some results! And that’s not as easy as it sounds when you’re a middle-aged woman with thyroid issues!  I still need to work on more veggies in my life but I cut out sweets…candy, cookies, cakes, sugary drinks…which is a major accomplishment when you spend 12-25 hours each week selling really good chocolate!  Really, chocolate was pretty much the base of my food pyramid.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Show and Tell Day

And, of course, there needs to a kitty picture just for fun…this is Milo hanging out of the ironing board…helping, of course!


Happy quilting!


Welcome to My House!


The wonderful Carol at Just Let Me Quilt has put together another fun hop!  Of course, my life is always pretty much the Festival of the Last Minute and it’s here and, well, I’m very close to done! Is anyone else old enough to remember the days when women would set their hair in curlers and sometimes have to run out to the grocery with a scarf tied around the knobby evidence of their upcoming important event?  Well, my little quilt reminds me of one of those ladies in their colorful scarves.  I was just sitting down to hand-stitch the binding when I was called into work rather urgently.  So, here’s my cute little quilt with its wonder-clip accessories.


If you’ve visited before, you may know that I am a prodigious creator of UFO’s and I’m trying to whittle the list down a bit.  (When my oldest was little, I got her to promise she’d finish all my UFO’s if something happened to me but when she got older she insisted she’d been duped and would only commit to six.  That leaves me with, well, let’s not talk numbers right now.)  This little quilt was from a wonderful day I got to spend in a class with Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  The class title is “Love Shack” and, to my knowledge, it doesn’t show up in any of the Bonnie Hunter books but has an amazing combination of Bonnie’s blocks and methods (all of which you could learn from either her wonderful tutorials or her books.)

I could totally see myself making an entire quilt of the house blocks but, um, that would defeat the “I finished a UFO” concept.  However, I do have an amazing set of house blocks from an exchange years ago.

So, in other news, I’ve gotten very into a new podcast I found called, “Just Wanna Quilt.”  I’m having a blast binging on the back episodes and there is an amazing interview with Tula Pink and Mary Fons!  You can find the podcast in a variety of places but I found mine on an app called Stitcher. (No affiliation, I’m just newer to podcasts and you might be, too.)  The best thing about these podcasts is that I feel like I get to hang out with other quilters right in the middle of my ridiculously busy life.  Driving back and forth between jobs is so much more fun now!

So, that’s all for tonight.  I’m heading to bed because I have about six hours to re-charge before running back out the door.  Be sure to hop over to the other great bloggers and drop back at Carol’s place at Just Let Me Quilt to enter for a great prize!

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