Who’s Haunting Your Sewing Room?

The other day, I was chatting with the neighbor and, I kid you not, we saw a weird light flickering in my sewing room! It looked appropriately ghostly for the season but I knew right away that it was my little touch lamp. Sometimes it gets a mind of it’s own or, more likely a cat sleeping nearby with a tail twitching but it gave my sewing room a very cool sort of mad scientist vibe! Which is, of course, just the right vibe for the Gremlins, Goblins, and Ghouls, Oh My blog hop hosted by the lovely Joan at Moostash Quilting!

When I was trying to think of which project would be perfect for the hop and I decided that a certain witchy lady was ready to escape from the mad sewing-tist’s UFO pile and head for the long arm machine. I decided to try Leah Day’s pumpkin vine quilting and I had a lot of fun putting pumpkins on this one.

Doesn’t she have a great face? I believe the panel was called something like the “Queen of Ween.”

And her she is in all her glory! Now, I just need to get her bound. I love finishing off UFO’s…not in the least beacuse that’s one less UFO haunting my space!

Tomorrow, I take a better photo and repost but I’m pretty excited to have this pretty lady nearly done…and to have one less UFO haunting my sewing room!

And here she is in a little better photo…I was a bit late getting home but I think the gloom suits her…

Speaking of haunting and spooky, check out this guy I ran across at a local print shop!

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Have a happy day!


20 responses to “Who’s Haunting Your Sewing Room?

  1. Gorgeous quilt. The fabrics and colors are so Halloween ready.

  2. OK, that picture of you with the spooky guy behind you made me giggle – Love it. Your quilting is amazing, I needed this for my pumpkin quilt. I definitely need to try this Leah Day pumpkin quilting pattern – thanks for sharing it. Such a great way to use a panel! Congrats on an almost-finished UFO!

  3. That panel is amazing, as is what you’ve done with it! Beautiful quilt!

  4. I love your pumpkin quilting!!

  5. inflorescencedesigns7f538ce9d0

    I have used that quilting technique before, and it was so much fun to do and the results are even better. I love that your quilting thread was lighter than the background fabric. It looks amazing!

  6. Love that witchy quilt and the quilting you did! I must try that design. I also like the pattern of the borders around the panel. Very cool! Not sure I would like being in that shop with that creepy creature, but I know someone who would take it home with her if she could. Hee, hee!

  7. Great panel and the pumpkin quilting looks great.

  8. Love the picture of that spooky guy behind you! Congratulations on getting your witchy lady almost finished!

  9. The pumpkin quilting looks great! As long as I didn’t meet that guy coming around the corner, he’s kinda fun – haha!

  10. Love that panel and quilting! Hooray for another UFO off the list.

  11. What a great looking quilt and love the quilting you did on it!

  12. This is gorgeous, the design, the background, the stitching, top quality. You rock!

  13. Oooo, Beth, such a spooky but beautiful quilt…love it! Flickering lights was a perfect setting for making this quilt. Love that pic of you and your frightening friend. Thanks for sharing your Halloween fun!

  14. I love your pumpkin quilting! What a fun quilt! You don’t look one bit frightened by that scary guy! LOL

  15. What you have done with this panel is awesome, a whole crop of pumpkins. Yeah!

  16. Great quilt! She definitely must be the Queen of Halloween! The werewolf behind you looks hungry!

  17. Nice finish! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Great job with the panel, Beth! Don’t you just love finishing a UFO?! Thanks for sharing.

  19. The Queen is fantastic! The quilting turned out great!

  20. First of all, I love the photo of the London Bridge. Oh, are you lucky! But for the spookiness, I love your “framing” of the panel and your lovely free motion designs turned out great. Super pumpkins. What a great way to practice those free motion movements onto such a great wall hanging.

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