Inspectress Gadget

“I’m a gadget girl, in a gadget world…life in plastic…” oops, wrong song but wasn’t Barbie one of the original gadget girls? Can you even begin to list all the Barbie gadgets? I mostly remember my Barbie RV from the 70’s…I felt like the Queen of the Road!

Speaking of Queens, Queen Carol is the Swiss Army Knife of quilters….designer, quilter, and cat herder extraordinaire…I mean blog hop host! Huge hugs to her for putting this all together so I can talk about my favorite gadget.

Before that, though, I wanted to share a little story my mom told about my grandmother. My grandmother was a gadget girl, too and she was apparently fond of mail order gadgets. My mom always had a chuckle about the one she ordered that was like a mini wringer-washer that was supposed to shell peas. The theory was that you put one end of the pea in and turn the crank to pop the peas out of the shell. Unfortunately, the result was mushed peas!

I must have inherited some of my grandma’s love of gadgets because my quilting room is bursting with different gadgets. In several decades of quilting, I’ve seen a lot of gadgets come and go but there are a couple of recent additions that just keep me doing the quilters’ happy dance!

First, there’s my my Accuquilt Cutter….oh, my goodness! I have to admit, at first I thought, “Why do I need that? I can rotary cut.” My oh my, I have never regretted that purchase (birthday gift from the daughters) or any of the dies I’ve added over the years. I love my scrappy quilts and this makes it so much faster to work with all my bits and pieces. Here’s a quick overview of some of the quilts I’ve made thanks to my quick and accurrate acuquult. So many more pieced borders have made it into what I make because the cutter makes it fun and easy.


My other favorite tool is a bit bigger and bulkier but I do love, love, love my Qu’nique 21 Pro long arm machine! I’m a novice but I love being able to put a quilt on the frame and stretch my quilting skills.

My most recent finish was this heron quilt. I’m trying to push my skills to the improve on every quilt that I work on. I worked on quilting a water effect and then a “feathery” look on the bird himself. Honestly, I get a little intimidated quilting on something that is so pretty…I’m always worried I’ll mess it up. The long arm dominates the space in my quilting room (well, ok, maybe the fabric has it almost beat) but I love my big gadget and I’m glad I jumped in to get it. I quilted on my domestic machine for decades and loved that, too, but I love the speed and increased accuracy of my Longarm!

Now, there are so many great gadgets out there and great quilters using them…be sure to hop on over to each of them and see what cool things you didn’t know you really couldn’t do without! Oh and be sure to hop over the Just Let Me Quilt site and enter the cool giveaway that Carol has for us, too!

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23 responses to “Inspectress Gadget

  1. I love your song and your projects!

  2. What a fun read. I had to laugh at you talking about your grandma’s pea gadget. My mom was the queen of television shopping. We cleaned out more “stuff” when she passed. I think the dented Twinkie maker was the best. LOL!! You have definitely made good use of your gadgets! I love how your long-arming is looking.

  3. Fabulous works of art with your favorite gadgets! I just had a feeling that smooshed peas were at the end of that Gramma story. LOL. The things we fall for at times. It’s had to choose a single (or just a few) favorite gadgets when in reality, when we need a specific one for a job, right then that one is a favorite. Even that ole dreaded seam ripper. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  4. Of course we love our long arm machines!!

  5. oh my what wonderful quilts you have there. I love all the colors and they are such fun. thanks for sharing and inspiring

  6. Your heron quilt has major appeal for me, living beside the ocean where these majestic birds spend a lot of time. Thanks for sharing your gadgets and quilts today.

  7. I totally cracked up at your description of me. “Swiss Army Knife of Quilters” is too funny but is a great description for you, too! I have an Accuquilt cutter that I have used a few times over the years, but you win that gadget use. You’ve created so many beautiful quilts and your longarm quilting looks amazing…love that Heron! Thanks for sharing, Beth!

  8. Thanks for sharing your gadgets today. Your quilts are all wonderful. I think the giant star is my favorite!!

  9. Your grandma’s gadget made me laugh. I love my Accuquilt cutter too! Your Heron quilt is gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful quilts and quilting! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Beautiful quilts! I love my accuquilt cutter as well. No more wonky triangles.

  12. Love your story about the peas. Fun post with so much quilty eye candy and your quilting is dreamy.

  13. Looks like great gadgets you have. Hoping Santa thinks I needs these gadgets.

  14. I don’t have either of those gadgets, but I can see how handy they would be!

  15. So many pretty quilts and gadgets. Must look into getting those gadgets.

  16. I have not been able to force myself into the die cutting machines yet. Thanks for sharing how much you are enjoying yours. Maybe one day soon I will get one,

  17. You have beautiful quilts! I like my die cutting machine too (Crafter’s Edge Crossover II) but generally use it for applique. I need to get into cutting shapes for piecing as well. Thanks for sharing all those lovelies!

  18. Your quilts are beautiful!!! And your quilting is great! Thanks for giving us a mini quilt show! 🙂

  19. Your heroin quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing your gadgets.

  20. Loved your Gma story. That happens with gadgets sometimes; some work and some don’t. Your gadgets are worth their weight in gold, for sure.

  21. So many beautiful quilts!! Thanks for sharing all that lovely inspiration with us! xx

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