The Cat Vomit Quilt – Explained

So, I promised an explaination about the Cat Vomit Quilt and so….to make a long story long…

Once upon a time, I told my husband that I had heard, on good authority, that you can’t be a crazy cat lady if you had a husband. That was when we started calling ourselves the crazy cat couple. And, with one thing and another, we wound up outnumbered in our sleeping arrangements with five cats sharing the bed with us. (Griff often declined to sleep with us but Jack, Zoe, Winnie, Milo and Gizmo loved to snuggle up with us. Sharing your room with multiple cats leads to some serious laundry issues. I don’t know if you have cats but mine seem to have a rare talent for hairballs and upset stomachs…usually right after laundry day!

So there was a need for a utility quilt. Something that could go in and out of the washing machine on a weekly (at least) basis. Enter the blog post for the Scrap Vortex Quilt over at Crazy Mom Quilts! I love, love, love playing with scraps and the idea of tossing all my wee bits of scraps into a fun utility quilt lit a fire in my heart. A word of advice, do take Amanda’s advice and cut your blocks into regular-sized units. I decided to keep just improving it and it did get me into a few sticky situations!

I kept thinking that the quilt was big enough and we had several auditions like this one..

Jack modeling the CVQ

I kept thinking I had it almost big enough like in this photo. My plan was to add a to the width after this round but I managed to put the next row on the wrong end. With one thing and another this quilt got pushed to the side and then, when I picked up it again, it still wasn’t big enough!!!

I added a few more blocks and, when it wasn’t big enough yet, I decided to add a navy border and piano keys made from the 2″ strip drawer. Then, I needed a backing. I cobbled together six different flannels to get enough width and still only had about four inches on each side to spare! Somewhere along the way, it occurred to me that flannel on the back of all of those seams might make for a very heavy quilt. And, by the way, adding another 11 inches to all sides of an already big quilt makes a VERY BIG QUILT!

I think I realized I might be in a little bit of trouble when I got the quilt on the frame and it took over most of my 12-foot frame. It looked big spread out on my porch stairs but it looked REALLY big when I put it on my bed!

Suddenly, my queen-sized bed looked much smaller and, in order to accommodate the quilt, I had to fold the end like this…

Yes, you could totally go right up and over the pillows with this one! I had a very real concern that my “wash and wear” utility quilt was not going to fit in my washer and dryer but, courtesy of the cats, we’ve tested that theory already. It did take three cycles in the dryer but the Cat Vomit Quilt is freshly washed and dried and is ready to conitnue it’s sworn duty to protect other well-loved quilts on my bed and to serve as the first line of defense against kitties with a hairball agenda! And as an added bonus, there’s very little chance of me ever being cold at night again!

So, there it is…the Cat Vomit Quilt explained! I hope you’ll come back soon as I’m starting a new quilt with fabric from a new line and a new designer! I’m so excited!

Happy quilting (no matter what size your quilt ends up!)


3 responses to “The Cat Vomit Quilt – Explained

  1. This blog made a lot of sense to me 😺. We only have 3 furry babies but we added a long hair dog. He weighs 60 lb. My husband doesn’t move much when sleeping and he becomes hot. So the cats love to

  2. Cont.. At night they love to snuggle with him for the heat. We limit the time on the bed for the dog. No matter 3-5min after we vacuum hair+fur, especially dog fur is everywhere. And people don’t think we try to have a nice home. There’s no smell. Many have said that which makes me proud.

  3. aww, too funny about the title! I find little piles of treasures in my studio once in a while, or the dog who had diarrhea and splatted around my table in several spots! SUCH lovely surprises!

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