Wonderful World of Color

Oh my goodness, this is a first…I was sure my day was Thursday and then I got sidelined by a migraine and like the White Rabbit… I’M LATE! My apologies, my friends ans especially to our fearless leader!

I love bright colors and have been playing with them a lot lately. Here are a few

But the quilt I’m sharing for our hop has all the colors…. here’s my scrap vortex quilt aka the cat vomit quilt (long story, more later.)

Proof once more that all the colors really do go with all the other colors!

Again, my apologies for the mix up!

Please visit the other bloggers and hop over to moosestashquilting.com and show some love for our fearless leader, Joan!

Happy quilting!


15 responses to “Wonderful World of Color

  1. Love the cat vomit! So many fun scraps!

  2. No need for apologies. We are just happy to hear you are OK! You have made some beautiful quilts. That Sunflower quilt is not only gorgeous, but so appropriate for the tribute to Ukraine right now. Not that, that was even on anyone’s radar when you made it, I’m sure. Cat Vomit just cracks me up. The quilt is an explosion of fabulous color! Thanks for playing along with us!

  3. Lots of great projects with lots of great colours. And that last one, not just so many colours but SO many different fabrics – wow!
    I definitely will be coming back to hear more about this cat vomit story 😀

  4. Your scrap vortex quilt is amazing! The cat vomit story sounds, uh, interesting lol.

  5. lynn bourgeois

    So glad you made it. Your quilts are beautiful. I love scrappy, and yours is amazing. Thanks for sharing all your beauties with us.

  6. I love the cat vomit quilt.

  7. A beauty of a quilt. I love the name, Cat Vomit. I’m so curious.

  8. Cat vomit! I am totally understanding of this title, both for how a quilt has so many colors together and for the outpourings of a feline. We recently housed my daughter’s cat as we went on vacation and she ate too much food and left the contents of her stomach on my rug. But really, your quilt is awesome. I love that your version keeps the rectangular shapes of the pieces. I can’t imagine how many wonderful pieces are in the quilt nor the number of creative hours that went into making such a great quilt. Great job, no matter what day it is!

  9. Love all of your colorful quilts but the story behind the beautiful Cat Vomit quilt should be very interesting.

  10. Scrap vortex is so intricate and beautiful. All of those colorful pieces, must have taken a long time to complete.

  11. I’m glad I didn’t miss this one – the scrap vortex quilt is amazing! Fun to see your other colorful quilts, too!

  12. Love a good scrappy quilt and cats vomit is amazing.

  13. Great projects! Thanks for sharing. (I too want to know more about the cat vomit quilt.)

  14. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I agree totally – all the colors go with all the colors! Great quilt!

  15. Beth your vortex/cat vomit quilt is perfect for this hop. Thank you for sharing.

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