PQ 13.5

More late night photos…. update in the morning! Sunflowers, approx 58×58

But, we all know that daylight changes things!

Rhythem & Repetition was the prompt this week and with the Ukraine on my (and everyone else’s mind) this week, I decided to try my hand at a Sunflower Quilt. This block is a variation of a block I used for my Sunshine blog hop but I upsized it to a 16″ block and changed the corner. I’m not sure I’m quite happy with the corner yet but that is the beauty of a one-week challenge. I don’t have time to overthink it, it’s just a “grab an idea and go” situation! If I’d known when I started that this would end up with 1050 pieces, I might not have taken it on but it sort of took on a life of it’s own. The biggest trick I have up my sleeve is my Accuquilt. Between using it to cut all the squares and triangles and the strips for subcutting the rectangles, I saved a whole bunch of time! It was a gift from my daughter and I am so glad to have it! I have to admit that the power supply issue is ongoing (I’m on my third one but I’m hoping they’ll get that resolved soon.)

So, having spent the week in the sewing room, I need to spend today catching up on the rest of life’s mundanities…laundry, cleaning, cooking…well, making salads in a jar for this week and a pot of soup. And, of course, more quilting!

Happy quilting!


7 responses to “PQ 13.5

  1. Gorgeous…love the pattern, the colors…my mother’s favorite flower

  2. this is incredible! So beautiful!

  3. could you do a pieced flying geese for a triangle of yellow? hmm, the yellow might not point in the right direction. . . But i think the quilt looks great!

  4. 1050 pieces?! I’m amazed!!!

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