Project Quilting 13.1


Since it’s after 3 am, I’m going to post this picture and update in the morning when I’ve got decent light. For my 13.1 challenge of “All the Colors” I made a 65×65 eight- pointed star with a flying geese border using the color wheel as my inspiration.

But more on that in the morning!

OK, I’ve had a modicum of sleep – thanks, kitty crew, for the wake up call. Actually, I’m just wired to wake up when it’s light out.

So, here’s a better picture…

I’m afraid this is going to be a “foster fail” quilt situation. I often start these thinking, “Oh, maybe I’ll donate this one….” Nope, this one’s staying because I’m really happy with it!

I even did a color wheel binding with leftover bits from the binding bin. I keep my leftover bits of binding in a bin in little rolls and then I use them for scrappy bindings like this one. Ppl

Now we’re on an “off” week for Project Quilting so I’m laying down a personal challenge to myself to cross off a UFO (or two….) this week.

What’s on your list this week?

Happy quilting!


5 responses to “Project Quilting 13.1

  1. I love it!! I hope you are sleeping in!!

  2. wonderful!!!!

  3. An incredible quilt and beautiful finish! love it!

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