New Year’s Thoughts

Oh, I am late again and there was so much that has happened that I think I’ll go easier on the words and heavier on the photos! I had two weeks off over winter break and had a lovely time with my girls, my cats and the granddog and grandcat. Holidays have been a little low energy the last couple of years so I pushed myself to step my game up a little including making matching flannel jammy pants for each girl and their boyfriend and wearing my Santa hat for my one run to an actual shop.

December brought its share of sorrow as our dear Chet passed peacefully from this world on the 14th. His had been a long battle bravely fought. Here he is with the string quilt I made him.

Another family tradition was revived this year on a much smaller scale and we held a Gingerbread Party with just our little bubble. Six houses, much candy and a lot of laughter (and calories.)

The struggle continues and the tiny tidies in the sewing room resumed with this tiny attempt. I remain convinced that everything that gets pitched or re-homed makes space that will eventually make a huge difference in my sewing area! (Eternal optimism…that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!)

There’s been a bit of long-arming going on and I received my idler rail which I plan to install later this week. This was a gift from my friend Kathie to my friend Jennifer so I got the added blessing of being in on the gifting!

My hopefully last column of additions to the scrap vortex top are in progress. I’m not sure if this one shrinks in the bin or what but every time I take it out, it seems like I need to add a little more to get it to the right size! I refer to this as the “cat vomit” quilt as I need something sturdy that can go in and out of the wash. Four cats vs one of me means lots of laundry…lol.

My big excitement of the moment is that Project Quilting is up and running! It’s not too late to join in for this year! I’ve already started my challenge quilt for this week and, like last year, my twin goals are 1) use what I have and 2) make larger quilts (lap/throw size.) I’m hoping some of these may end up as donor quilts but we’ll see. My first challenge quilt last year was promptly claimed by a daughter.

We have had some tough news on the kitty front and, I’ll be honest, when I was joking about not replenishing the herd as attrition occurred…well I wasn’t expecting this. Poor Jack is failing quickly from a mystery autoimmune something and my poor little Gizmo has just been suddenly diagnosed with a severe cardiac issue. If life has taught us anything these last few years, it’s that nothing is certain and I’ll just keep loving these little fur babies while they are here.

In the meantime, may your day be filled with friends, furbabies and fabric…what could be better?

Happy quilting!


One response to “New Year’s Thoughts

  1. I’m very late reading the blogs I follow. I want to say that I’m happy for your holiday break. You accomplished a lot. That quilt you made for Chet is beautiful. He’s with the angels smiling down on all his friends. It’s really hard to loose a furbaby and it doubles when two are ill. since I’m commenting with the month of January almost behind us, I do hope the new year is treating you well.

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