Things are Heating Up!

Early this week, I came home and realized it was a tad cold in the house. I check the thermostat and it was 60. I thought maybe the thermostat timer had been put off by the time change (I know I always am) and so I turned it up. Nope, nothing. That gauge didn’t change, no warm air was forthcoming and the cats all decided that I was a lovely heat source. I texted the neighbors for a recommendation, ran the gas fireplace for long enough to take the edge off the chill and got into bed with four quilts and four cats. It was Thursday before they could come and take a look but, thankfully, they had a replacement furnace in stock and could install it the next day. Turns out that our 25 year-old furnace was not just failing but had become unsafe and had to be disconnected. I can’t complain about getting 25 years out of it, though, and the service company was great!

In other news, I’m continuing with my tiny tidies. This one was more of a “micro tidy.” I had this small pile of miscellaneous stuff on my table. Maybe five minutes of my time but what a difference. I also decided to start on a box of scraps that need taming.

My daughter thought that her co-workers had hit a saturation point with scrub caps a while ago but just asked if I would make some more as people were asking for them. I finished these three and then I have a group of special request ones to do, too.

These are the three I finished today…

These are all from a free pattern and youtube tutorial by Rob Appel. And, while they are a great stash buster by using up about 1/2-yard each, the key seems to be to not replenish faster than you use the fabric. (I’m still struggling with this concept as evidenced by the new Tula line that arrived today!!!)

In other home front news, the armoire was finally adopted and look at the difference it makes in the living room!

It’s hard to believe how much that one change opens the space up.

Because I took today off for the furnace, I’m planning to work on Monday but then I’ll be off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving break. My friend Jennifer and I are planning a post-Thanksgiving sew-a-thon and I have a long list of pre-Christmas sewing I’d like to get done. There’s a quintet of Christmas pajama pants that need cutting and sewing, a stocking or two that need stitching and of course a zillion quilts I want to work on!

So what’s on your holiday weekend agenda? Whatever it is, I hope you’ll be warm and safe.

Happy quilting,


2 responses to “Things are Heating Up!

  1. Great job, Beth! I’m sorry you had to get a new furnace but you wouldn’t want and couldn’t ignore an unsafe one. Enjoy your sew-a-thon with your friend and Happy Happy Thanksgiving. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Sounds like you had quite the adventure with that furnace, but I’m glad it got replaced before the “unsafe” part caused more havoc. Your caps are amazing and I’m sure they are appreciated!

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