Another Tiny Tidy and a Finish…

Today felt like a bad Monday wrapped in a Wednesday suit but that is what cats and sewing rooms are for… to lift the spirits!

Fuzz therapy first!

I soaked in some fuzz therapy and chatted with a couple friends and then I went upstairs to load the back of a quilt on the frame and look around for a tiny tidy. I settled on this box of notions… turns out I didn’t need most of them! I also began pulling the final section of my scrap vortex off the bulletin board and onto the design wall. That top only needs one more row….I just need to lay it out to see if that’s horizontal or vertical! Best part of cleaning that box was finding the funny little tweezer- looking tool…. its called a bodkin and I’d been looking for it! Well, thinking of looking for it, anyway!

So, a finish I think I missed was this one!

Finishing at about 72×72, this giant star will be raffled by the Elks for their charity efforts. My friend, Jennifer, provided the fabrics for the top and I did the sewing.

Another top I finished was this one but, Ack… that blue piece sticking out of the upper right… that’s been removed and replaced and this one is heading for the longarm. I bought the panel on a trip to Phil’s high school réunion and my friend Margot gifted me the greens so it’s full of good memories. For the border, I cut 2.5″ strips and sub cut them into 5.5″ and 3.5″ strips. I paired them up and alternated then to get that watery look. I have to say, I’m pretty excited.

That’s all four me tonight. A tiny step forward but a step nonetheless!

Happy quilting!


One response to “Another Tiny Tidy and a Finish…

  1. Hi Beth! I did not know that tool was called a bodkin. I have one somewhere, and have used it for feeding/pulling elastic through a waistband. Hmm. I wonder where it might be?! Now you’ve got me thinking about thinking about it. HAHA! Wow – that giant star is gorgeous. I love the colors and fabrics you used. I bet they will get a good price for it in the auction. Your quilt top turned out just lovely and those borders really do give the watery effect! Great job. ~smile~ Roseanne

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