I’m Falling for You Blog Hop

How much do I love blog hops? A whole big lot! Not only do I get a big shot of inspiration from the other bloggers but I also get a shot of panic-induced sew-jo!

I was mulling over a bunch of ideas when suddenly I remembered the Canada panel. I actually wasn’t sure if I bought it so I searched my email before I searched my sewing room. And once I knew I had bought it, the sewing fairies helped lead me right to it! I paired it with a newsprint neutral from the Canadian anniversary print and added a bundle of red fabric I purchased at a quilter’s yard sale organized by Pioneer Quilts. This was, of course, pre-covid.

My Accuquilt was the star of this show with those many, many 2.5″ squares and triangles. Honestly, without it, I’d probably not have tackled that border (remember, deadline looming…) Thanks to technology and some dumb luck (seriously, I didn’t measure the panel before I started on blocks) I was able to turn this top out on a rainy weekend! So, with that lead-in, here’s my Falling for You project!

Honestly, who wouldn’t fall for that handsome Mountie?

Pieced maple leaves!

All it took for my scrappy leaves was a combo of squares, 1/2-square triangles and one quick stem! Next week, I’ll try to add a step by step tutorial.

In the meantime, hop over and give Joan at MooseStashQuilting.com some huge kudos for cat-herding and rounding up so many talented quilters!

I’m proud to be in the daily lineup with these great people..

Thursday September 23

Karrins Crazy World

Words and Stitches

Patchouli Moon Studio

Karen’s Korner

That Fabric Feeling


Fall has started here with a rainy weekend and cooler nights. Last night, however, was perfect river weather and we took advantage of ladies night to go kayaking. I didn’t really ever picture myself hanging out on the river discussing the Great British Bake Off on a Tuesday night but life is full of little surprises!

Here’s hoping there’s something unexpectedly pleasant in your week that makes you feel as contented as the grand-cat looks in this picture!

Happy quilting!


18 responses to “I’m Falling for You Blog Hop

  1. Great quilt! I use my die cutting machines whenever I can too. I love the array of red fabrics. Thank you for sharing your quilt top.

  2. Awesome project! I love that your reds go perfectly with the panel. Those maple leaves are amazing!

  3. Your Canada quilt is beautiful!

  4. That quilt is perfect! The Mountie and maple leaves just make it!

  5. I wouldn’t have known that was a panel the way you perfectly transitioned it into your blocks. Great project!

  6. The leaves around the panel make this incredibly beautiful…love the colors! Panels can sometimes be difficult to work into a project, but you totally did this right. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful quilt! I love the colors and your use of the panel! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Wow Beth, you nailed this project! It is absolutely spectacular. I’m so jealous of you being able to kayak with friends. How fun is that!

  9. Hi Beth! What a perfect use for that Canadian panel. The printed fabrics you chose as well as the reds go just perfectly! Kayaking and discussing the Great British Bake Off sounds like fun to me. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Beautiful quilt. The force was with you – so glad you found the pattern and all.

  11. What pretty maple leaves, and whole quilt.

  12. I really like your Canada quilt! And a kayak outing on the river sounds like a perfect evening to me. Happy fall!

  13. He is definitly a looker and worth making a quilt around. Love your leaves.

  14. Love your Canadian maple leaves … perfect match for the panel! Well done!

  15. Oh your quilt is fabulous! Love the reds you used. So nice to see the river and the bridge in the distance. I miss Portland.

  16. Who could resist those red maples?

  17. Beth this quilt just stole my Canadian heart! It is just beautiful and a perfect way to use a panel. You definitely have fall down pat with the Mountie in his red serge and those perfect maple leaves!

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