It’s a Guy Thing

Sometimes, I think blog hops save my (questionable) sanity and keep me grounded! They’re certainly a great way to push yourself to try something new or take a project off the back burner. Or, in this case, get hustling on a project that “needed doin'”!

I had a slightly different take on this when Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt announced this hop. But life got, well, life-y (I’ll explain a little at the end.)

Now, I’ve been blessed to have some terrific guys in my life and have made some fun guy quilts but the most recent need for a guy quilt for for a little guy! My friends just had a little boy and I had a wonderful fabric that was waiting to carry some special thoughts to a little one. Aren’t these animals adorable? I’m usually pretty anti-fussing cutting because, well, all the wasted fabric but this one had to be done!

I spent a bit of time deciding on a block. After all, I know I’ve shown about 479 sawtooth quilts and you might like a little variation. I still wanted to showcase the print, though, and the two colors of the nursery so I choose an Economy Block. There are lots of free tutorials of this block online. Mine are 8″ finished and I used a variety of cutting methods, my ruler, my accuquilt and my Bonnie Hunter triangle ruler.

However, when I put this together and stepped back I had to laugh….because the secondary pattern creates a star similar to a Sawtooth! I guess I really have a “type” only it’s a block and not a guy!

This still needs a border and I’m thinking of a float in the green and a outer border in the animals….what do you think?

There was another “guy” quilt in my spring. I was gifted a box of fabric and in it was about a 1/2-yard of a Marvel fabric. I knew a soon-to-be graduate who was a BIG Marvel fan….I decided it was Fate with a captial F and got busy.

This one, of course, is a Sawtooth Star and I will tell you that I used up every last scrap of the Marvel fabric.

Here’s a little close up of the fabric….

Everything I used was something I had on hand and then I tossed it on my Grace 21 Pro and looped away! It was well-received and I was glad to see it go to a loving home.

I’m sew grateful to Carol for organizing this (and galvanizing me.) I needed a creative shot in the arm (or kick in the, well, you know…)

Please visit all the bloggers and see what these lovely, creative people have to show. I’m going to post the list here and continue a little after so you can hop away if you don’t want to hang around for the non-quilty update.

Thanks for hopping by!

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Food for Thought

So, if you’re still with me, a little bit about life right now. On the happy side, our youngest turned 22 today! I’m so proud of this kiddo and so is her big sister! I’m so grateful to have these two in my world. I know every mom thinks they are the luckiest but I really am one lucky lady!

The Spring was pretty rough at our house. Our friend Tony who was the “token dad” in the mom’s group became ill and passed away just before Memorial Day. My girls had picked up his nieces’ nickname for him and called him “Auntie Tony” because his experience as a single dad of girls had given him a broader range of topics than a lot of guys his age. He could talk plumbing and prom dresses and was always there to stand in the gap in our neighborhood whether it was talking me through my first sink repair or killing a giant spider for my daughter when we were out of town. He and his wife shared an anniversary date with Phil and I (they had it first) and when I got to know her, I gained a lovely quilting buddy. He was a good man who adored his wife and kids and will be missed by so many of us.

The following day, we said goodbye to our senior boy, Griffie. Griff had turned 18 earlier in the month. He made it clear to us that it was his time and he was ready to say goodbye. He spent his final evening cuddled up with his girl out in the cul de sac where the neighbors sat around the fire pit.

The next day, I took flowers up to Phil’s grave and while I was kneeling down to arrange them, I had the most comforting picture of him in my mind, standing behind me, holding Griffie and smiling.

Less than a week later, another friend received the terrible news of her huband’s sudden death.

Let’s just say that there is a lot of sad to go around. Widowhood is a sucky club that no one wants to join but the price of loving someone for years is one of you will go on ahead and the other will have to go forward. I’m thankful for memories of love and laughter that I carry forward with me. And, of course, all the people who make my life a warmer and less lonely place.

I did get to go camping with my brother, niece and daughter. My nerves where out in full force as it was the first time I’d left home overnight since returning from my mom’s funeral…well, except for having to evacuate from the fires last fall. It was a lovely time of reading, dogs in camp chairs and listening to the river. There is something so soothing about the water going by. Well, maybe not for all of you who have been fighting floods…oh my heart goes out to those people who are losing loved ones and beloved places. But this was just the kind of respite I needed.

And I bet YOU thought those chairs were designed for humans!
The view from my tent….

We didn’t end up staying for the Sisters Quilt Show. It was going to be 100 degrees and we were due to break camp that morning. It turned out, we saw smoke coming up the valley and decided to hop home Friday night. We had all had enough fires in the last year. It wasn’t like we would have gotten a wink of sleep worrying about fire coming down the canyon anyway.

So, that’s what has been going on in my world. There are a few other things but I’ll fill you in next time. Many projects are ahead and I’m excited to share them!

Happy quilting and stay safe.


20 responses to “It’s a Guy Thing

  1. I love the baby quilt! Those animal prints are just darling and fussy cutting for economy blocks was perfect!

  2. Julia Schweri

    Your Marvel quilt is great! My guy and little girl would absolutely adore it!

  3. Your Marvel quilt is really great, and I love the little critters and how you used them in the baby quilt. Great job!

  4. Love the little guy quilt, that print is what fussy cutting is all about! Yes, the “dog in a camp chair” (ha, ha!) and view from your tent shots are definitely the balm for what has been some trying months for you. Loss means your memories of them will be heightened and burnished so they will live on in your heart!

  5. Love your quilts! I had to laugh when you mentioned how many saw tooth quilts you have shown. We all have our favorite quilt block and I feel the exact same way! LOL!! I’m so sorry to hear about all the losses for you again this year. It is so hard some days. Glad you got to enjoy a little camping in the great outdoors anyway. That is always good for my state of mind.

  6. For not liking to fussy cut, you outdid yourself with both quilts. The wild creatures and the Marvel characters needed that fussy cutting to make your quilts even more perfect. They are beautiful! Blog hops help keep me in the loop with my long time blog friends like you. It doesn’t help my sanity though…that’s long gone! LOL Thank you for sharing the sad and happy times of your life. It’s been such a hard couple years and you’ve definitely carried a heavy load of tears through it all. Thank you for showing off your manly quilts and for just being you. Hugs! xo

  7. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Your quilts are great, Beth. I’m so sorry for the losses in your life. Blog hops have definitely helped keep us all together during the past year and a half – even when we couldn’t go to our favorite quilt stores. We just have to keep hanging in there, right?

  8. Beautiful quilts! Hang in there.

  9. SEW glad that you were able to get a top AND a quilt done for the Hop in the midst of life’s ups and downs!!

  10. both your quilts are wonderful. perfect for guys. i am so sorry about all the loss you have been through. hugs and prayers

  11. Two lovely quilts. Well done.

  12. Blog hops are so great for motivation and also friendship. I am so very sorry for your loss. You have been through so much. I’m glad you have quilting as a kind of therapy and can spread the love with your talent. Talented you are – those quilts are adorable!

  13. Beth, I don’t think I realized you are so near to me, I live in Walla Walla, WA and am also very much over the fires and smoke. We’ve been lucky in the sense of not having fires closer than 20 minutes away, but it’s still not fun, especially with this blistering heatwave.

    Anyway, love the view from your tent, love the star quilts (I can never get enough personally), and I hope we can get to Sister’s Quilt Show next year!

  14. That first quilt is adorable and the fabric is amazing. That baby will be able to use it forever. Perfect.

  15. Your fabric choices are wonderful for this hop and the finished quilts are terrific.

  16. Beth it’s been a hard block of time for you and yours. I am so sorry. Your quilts are both beautiful and will be treasured forever I’m sure. How wonderful to get out camping and just enjoy the scenery and having your soul soothed and batteries recharged. Here in my part of BC we are under evacuation alert and the back country is closed to campers so I really appreciate hearing stories of being able to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

  17. Love your quilts! So sorry for the hard times you are going through.. hang in there and so glad you joined the hop xx

  18. Your quilts are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your stories of your loved ones. It made me feel good to hear your comforting experience with Phil and Griffie.

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