Fairy Tales and Fabric


I’m sorry to have been MIA for so long. Life has been, well, sorrowful and there is much updating to be done but…not today! Today is about Fairy Tales and the marvelous blog hop put together by the wonderful Joan of Moosestach Quilting!

I have loved fairy tales my whole life. I was raised on a steady diet of Disney, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Anderson’s Fairy Tales. I remember checking a certain fairy tale book out of the library so often that my mom bought me my own copy. How I yearned for a fairy godmother to come and wave a wand over my life. (Who am I kidding, I’d still be up for a good wand-waving figure in a tutu!)

So, I decided to spin you a little quilter’s fairy tale to go with my project….ready?

Once upon a time, in a far away sewing room, a quilter looked at her stash in dismay. “Enough!” she exclaimed and began to pick up this piece and that. At first, the pieces were excited. “It’s our turn,” they thought, eager to begin their journey to Quiltdom. Instead, the quilter looked at them doubtfully. Then she picked up the two pieces of purple dragon and fairy tale fabric and put them in a plastic bag. Then she wrote on the bag.

The dragons, princes and princesses looked at one another in dismay. “I am pretty sure this isn’t how you get to Quiltdom,” one of the princesses said sadly. The rest shook their heads.

After some time in the darkness of a big paper bag, they found themselve dumped in the sunlight onto a fabric covered table. Very quickly, a woman with snow white hair picked them up and traded with some paper money. She smiled at the dragons and tiny royalty. “This would be really cute,” she said, “maybe a baby quilt.” The fabric creatures smiled. Perhaps they were really on their way to Quiltdom!

But time passed and the white-haired woman did nothing with them. She picked them up occasionally then put them back. Then, one day, they heard her talking to the cat. “I have that fairy tale fabric,” she said to the cat.
“It would be perfect for the blog hop.”

The dragons looked at one another hopefully. “Maybe,” sighed one of the princesses to her horse.

Then, it began! There was the snipping of scissors and the whirring of the sewing machine! A warm iron left them all feeling warm and loved and other fabrics began sidling up to them. “Where are you from?” asked a green swirl. “I was in a thrift store.”

“Quilters’ yard sale,” said one of the dragons. White fabric began to encircle them. “I was on sale…big discount!” She bragged. “I heard her call one of her friends and say I was 60% off!”

As the fabrics chattered and cheered, the quilter created simple blocks. “Falling charms,” they heard her murmur. Before long they were all out on the floor and she was moving them this way and that.

Soon they were back under the needle listening the excited hum of the sewing machine. Then they were all together and the white-haired woman was shaking out the new quilt top! “Yes!” sang the dragons and princes and princesses and the horses! “We’re a top!”

The sewing machine sighed….”Not so fast,” she said. “You don’t have borders yet.” When she saw their smiles fade she put on her best smile and said, “Don’t worry. You’ll be keeping someone warm and cozy before too long!” Everyone smiled and cheered. The sewing machine looked at the white-haired quilter. “Not another UFO, you hear me?”

The woman laughed. “Ok,” she said, “I promise to finish it.”

“Like I haven’t heard that before,” said the sewing machine. Together they laughed, looking at the newest in a long line of UFOs. “I plan to finish all of them,” said the quilter. As if that wasn’t the biggest fairy tale of them all!

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And, speaking of enchanting, how’s this adorable picture of the grand-cat?

Happy quilting!


17 responses to “Fairy Tales and Fabric

  1. Love the story and the top. I hope they don’t languish too long as a UFO. When you are done with the wand-waving figure in a tutu can you send her my way?

  2. Julia Schweri

    Your story was wonderful and your quilt top looks great! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Beth, I think this is a fairy tale we can ALL relate to – especially me! LOL Thanks so much for sharing this and with those beautiful, cheerful colors in this quilt, finishing is an absolute must!! Thanks for sharing today! Give the grandkitty a pat on the head for me!

  4. What a great story! I was chuckling within the first couple of sentences. The quilt top is cute. I wish you much luck with the FMQ part which is not my favorite part of quilting, too. Picking patterns and fabric is far more fun.

  5. Cute story and I like your top. We all have UFO’s and I certainly have my share of them!

  6. Oh Beth, that was so sweet of you to write a fairy tale about all of us! LOL!!!! You have really made my day today. I saw myself in the story when you mentioned a 60% off sale! What a bright and cheery quilt. I love the prints you found! Thanks for being a part of this hop! You rock!

  7. LOL! Perfect fairy tale for us quilters!! xx

  8. This is a perfect fairy tale about fabric and quilters. You got it so right! I love the colors and fabrics in your quilt and I’m really glad you shared it with us. I hope life brings you some sunshine, sweet lady! xo

  9. Awww, what a great story. You had me smiling throughout. Thank you for that. So funny, but so true. Your quilt has a lot to say! Thanks for the wonderfully fun post and sharing your quilt story.

  10. Beth your fairy tale is one we all can relate to. Thank you for I surely needed the giggles today. Your quilt top is so sweet and will bring joy to a child “one day”. Hope it doesn’t languish in the to be quilted pile too long as it’s just too darn cut to not be used.

  11. I do suppose for a lot of us, finishing all our UFOs is a fairy tale. LOL That is such an adorable fairy tale you put together. And your quilt top is adorable with all of those vibrant fairy tale fabrics. Thanks for sharing! -Andrea

  12. I relate to this fairy tale, and my sewing machine and fabric probably say the same things! Thanks so much for sharing! Lovely quilt by the way!

  13. Carol Kussart

    Wonderful story and lovely quilt!

  14. Great quilt. Cute fabrics and story.

  15. Love the quilt! Your story sounds very, very familiar to me. ;o)

  16. Hi Beth! Oh, you missed your calling, my friend. What a captivating tale that I just had to read aloud to my bestie. Love everything about this quilt top – especially the green swirls and the dragons and princes and princesses. No more UFOs, said the sewing machine. You promised to get this one quilted and complete, and I for one cannot wait to see where it ends up. {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. You have had enough sorrow for now – in my opinion – so I’ll hold you close in prayer for things to look up. ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. Great fairy tale and great quilt top. I hope things are soon looking up for you.

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