Born to be Wild (and Pink!)

I love, love, love blog hops! For many reasons, first is the inspiration of seeing what everyone else is making…so fun! Second is the pressure to finish something that I may or may not have tried. Third…well, playing with friends and fabric, of course! I’ve been trying to finish some UFOs along the way and I had one quilt jump to mind when I heard about this hop. And, I appreciate so much all the work that goes into these! Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt is wonderful at pulling all of us together with a great theme!

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for pink and one of my favorite animals is a FLAMINGO! I would love to see these in the wild someday. So far, I’ve seen them in wild animal parks, zoos and, of course, the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. There’s just something so whimsical about them that they always make me smile.

Years ago, I made a little attic windows quilt for a class sample featuring my favorited feathered pink cuties. I was never quite happy with it, though. The wide pink outer border didn’t quite do it for me. It languished on a shelf until I rediscovered it recently. I began fabric auditions and found this one. Hmmm….not quite the same but maybe….

Obviously, the wide pink border had to go. I trimmed it down to a 2 inch border and I carefully cut my strips so that the fabric would all run the right direction and began borders.

Wildlife of another sort provided me with support and supervision.

Such a helpful kitty!

This turned out to be just what the doctor ordered for this little quilt!

Now my little quilt top looks ready for a wild flamingo party! On a side note, we’ve had super nice weather for a few days and today it rained buckets! I was lucky to get this little break to take my photo. The sky was stunning, though.

Please check out all the other bloggers on the hop! I’m off to an early (for me) bed and possibly a bath. Oh, but I have to tell you, last night I crawled into bed after negotiating my way around Milo (the big guy) and barely got into bed when the crew swarmed me! First Griff who wanted me for his personal heating pad, Jack to curl up next to me under the covers and Winnie who wanted to be petted and sleep on my hips. Talk about a cuddle puddle! Gizmo had his spot at the top of the pillow staked out but it was like being at the center of a feeding frenzy!

Seriously, though, Mr. Griff seems to be feeling his age a bit and his arthritis is getting worse so I gave him a bath the other night. To say he was not amused is a bit of an understatement! I did dig out a favorite soft jacket and added it to the other side of the bed on the pillows so he and Gizmo don’t have to fight anymore, though, which seems to have improved his mood.

There are so many great bloggers to visit! I hope we’ll inspire you to go a little wild with a quilt soon!

Happy quilting,


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21 responses to “Born to be Wild (and Pink!)

  1. Your flamingo quilt is fun! The second flamingo fabric makes the perfect border.

  2. Julia Schweri

    It is always great to finish a UFO. What a great little flamingo quilt.

  3. Cindy Pieters

    I love the addition of the flamingo fabric! One less UFO as an added bonus.

  4. Carol Kussart

    You did the right thing with the flamingo quilt. It looks MUCH better with the change in borders! Those kitties must keep you on your toes! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am so fascinated at the variety we have seen in this bloghop. Your quilt turned out beautiful and you got to take it out of your UFO pile. What a plus. The quilt looked good with the wide pink border but it looks even better after you trimmed it down and put the larger print on the outer border.

  6. I love your flamingo party and have a thing for those pink birds, too. You pulled that quilt together with a few changes to make it look wildly beautiful. Nice job! It’s amazing what we do to accommodate the wild critters who live with us. No cats at my house, but my dogs rule the bed! Thank you for sharing your fun quilt!

  7. What a fabulous finish. The two different color flamingo prints work perfect together with the bright and cheery sashings you have around the windows. What a fun fun quiltie you have now. I love your gang of fur babies!

  8. so fun to finish a UFO. this is wonderful. i love the flamingo party. so fun I used to have to give our kitten (13 years ago) a bath twice a week because my husband was so allergic to cats. Then life happened and I forgot the bath. And we realized my husband was having no problems. Found out that Russian Blue’s were non allergenic. Who would have guessed. Also found out why humans are allergic to cats. So interesitng.

  9. That’s so great that you finished something already started. Blog hops can inspire that. The flamingo quilt looks great.

  10. Pretty flamingos quilt. Finishing a UFO is always great.

  11. Hi Beth! I love the term cuddle puddle! How cute – I love how they are so helpful and supportive. Great finish to your UFO and now you get to check off that as a finish, too. Win/win all the way around. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Love the attic windows with your flamingos! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I’ve made two flamingo quilts, but yours makes me want to make another!

  14. thatfabricfeelingcom

    Great quilt finish. You’ve got a whole menagerie keeping you company there. That photo of the storm clouds is lovely too.

  15. Excellent change-up for the flamingo quilt! I don’t know how you can sleep with so many fuzzy companions, LOL. My dog used to hop on the bed for a good-night snuggle, but he’d hop down when the lights went out. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Isn’t it a great feeling when a UFO gets finished. Your rethinking of the border made an amazing difference. Congrats on the finish. I sleep with 2 dogs who feel the need to share my pillow or make me their pillow. What we do for our pets!

  17. I wouldn’t mind seeing all those flamingos outside my window – well done!

  18. Love the flamingo quilt and the birds, too! I saw a flock of them in a marshy field in Cuba years ago and will confess to spending almost 2 hours watching them. Intriguing birds for sure.

  19. What a beautiful quilt! Love the flamingos…oh and all the kitties 🙂 xx

  20. Congrats on finding the perfect UFO for the Hop!! Your plan for finishing the top worked out well. Happy quilting!

  21. I like the new border addition. It fits perfect.

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